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Sunday 28 September 2014

Corrie weekly awards for Sept. 22 - 26

Blind Man's Bluff award: Todd warned Eileen she'd regret it if he left. She says "Try me" and really, I'm surprised she hasn't made him go already.

Brave little soldier award: Peter went off to face his medicine (beating) like a man.

Hands off the Records award: Sharing is one thing but lay off the vinyl!

Interference Award: Liz no sooner insisted she wanted nothing to do with Jim than Ken decided Deirdre had to persuade her to talk to Jim to lay off Peter.

Phrase of Doom award to Lloyd thinking Neil has probably given up. Why do these people never listen to me!?

To Little Too Late award: Todd apologized after Eileen told him to leave. Didn't work.

Lame Duck award: Neil's protesting on the roof and stranding Tim on his. The only thing it it accomplished was nearly getting Andrea killed.

What century are you in award: Dev actually sells unsliced bread? I don't believe it.

Lines of the week:
sean to Todd "The words 'reap' and 'sow' come to mind"
Roy "I was born the week Lord of the Flies was published" (a memorable occasion, of course! )
Todd to Kal "Is there any jobs going at the gym?" Kal "I run a very successful business. Why would I employ you?" (OW!)
Sean "Luckily, Todd, I have a very high tolerance level for idiots"
Liz to Tracy "I am so pleased I am not your mother"
Maddie, catching Kevin up "I stole a car and we kidnapped a dog" (you think she's kidding!)
Jim "If the only way I can get a visitor by blackmail, so be it"
Tim about Neil "He won't talk. I've called his mother all sorts!"
Lloyd "You just need to hang on" Andrea "REALLY? REALLY??!!"
Sean about Beth's foam pillow "That's like handing a skydiver a knotted hankie"

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Upintheattic said...

Rather than get my knickers in a knot, I read these blogs and little tid bits on FB about episodes airing..and soon to be aired. Week after week, I keep hoping that Corrie will once again be watchable, but now, I have my doubts, I don't hope any longer, and it saddens me after years and years of watching. There's a tear in my beer.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Loyal girlfriend award: Jason moved out of Eileen’s to get away from Todd (who incidentally is now becoming more than tiresome) so what does his girlfriend do, oh yes she moves him into her place. Does she have any regard for Jason’s feelings or is she just a moron?

Still holding a torch award: So judging by the face pulling from Kevin who looked more like a homeless person than Dennis did, he is still hoping to get back with Sally. They really don’t know what to do with this character do they? Raking this all up for the millionth time is just old and boring.

Warning award: How stupid is the character of Kal becoming? Using the old soap mantra of “upset so and so and you will have ME to answer to”. I was shaking in my boots – not – its amazing how such a good actor can become such a wooden character.

Dragging down award: The PTB is doing their best to turn the character of Maddar around. Now she is more efficient than the Germans. She could be OK if they could get her away from the dreadful Sophie who is dragging her down. Her “acting” was embarrassing on Friday. She needs to move away permanently with Kevin.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for her award: Just what is Kylie’s problem? She has a doting husband, two lovely kids, a mother in law on tap to babysit, a couple of jobs just a stone’s throw away, her own house and she is still mooching around feeling sorry for herself? – Boo Hoo – pass me my son’s medication. Paula Lane is a great actress but Kylie is an unlikeable skank.

Cheer up for goodness sakes award: I liked Michael Rodwell at first and thought he was going to be a chirpy upbeat character. All this down in the dumps angst with Gail talking to him like he is a 5 year old is just irksome now and my heart sinks when he appears yet again on screen. Yet another character with promise about to be ruined by the writers!

Anonymous said...

Forward thinking award: Lloyd. 'just showing an interest' in Michelles business? I don't think so. That man has plans...

Anonymous said...

Spot on Frosty - I agree with you 100% on every single comment - my dream would be for you to write for Corrie - maybe then we would have a least a small hope of watching a really good show - right now Corrie is the blahs!!!
Atlanta, Ga

Upintheattic said...

My heart is heavy with the announcement of our beloved Deirdre taking a break. My husband and I had noticed awhile back (when we watched regularly) how much weight she has lost. I don't know the reason for this "break" but you can be sure we should all say a prayer for her, just in case she is ill and keeping quiet about it.

God Speed Anne


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