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Sunday 21 September 2014

Corrie weekly awards for September 15 - 19

Wrong end of the stick award: Simon thinks Eccles' neck is on the line when it was really the washing machine.

Pants on Fire award: Kylie lied to the doctor about Max's meds.

Asking for Trouble award: Luke was pretty careless to leave the back door to the garage office open, even when he's in situ. He's under a car, anyone can come in and rob the place.

Family Matters award: Some really nice stuff between Steve and Jim. Reality, Reconciliation, Betrayal.

Fashion "Whoah" award: Steph and Katy were looking mighty fine, I have to say. And Julie looked really nice in her pink and florals.

Spot on award: Sean reckons Tony's being a bit dangerous is why Liz was attracted to him. She hopes not. She's wrong and Sean's right.

Red Flag to a Bull award: Peter has provoked Jim with a bit of blackmail.

Not a Date (but it is) award: Julie asked Dev out. Just as a friend. Maybe.

Sucker punch award: Steve looked like he'd been kicked in the gut to find out what Jim'd been doing.

Lines of the week:
Mary about Andrea "Look at her twirling her hair. I bet you find that cute?" Lloyd "Yeah, I do" Mary "two years down the road, you may find yourself fighting the urge to break her fingers!" (Scary Mary returns?)
Mary to Eva about Jason "He looks at you like a devoted puppy pining for his liver and bacon puppy treats. Enjoy it while you can."... "She shines so much brighter with her flaxen hair and big cow eyes" (Julie?)
Jim to Peter "Here he is, the living dead"
Jim "Six lifers on my wing." Steve "Tracy Barlow on my street" Jim "Fair play to you. You win"
Sophie "I can be scary too. Sometimes"
Sean "Eyup it's all going off in here tonight. Might as well break open the popcorn"
Tracy re Deirdre "She wouldn't be this upset if I went missing" Anna "no, she'd celebrate"
Eva "If you want something done properly..." Eileen "Don't send a bloke!"
Kylie "Who wants to know about the past any road. It's best left there" (she might want to remember that)
Sally "I'm not asking for mousetraps! What would people think?" (Ah good, you never let me down, Sal, with that snobbery)
Sally "I sweep this every night. You could eat your dinner off it" Tim "That's what the mice said"
Julie "When my friend Ruth emigrated to Brisbane, I told her she should change her name to S'truth!" (well, *I* laughed...)
Steve to Jim "I'll tell you this and I'll tell you no more, DADDY, You and me are dead in the water"
Michael to Gail "You're not the only thing that makes me heart skip a beat"

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Anonymous said...

Another very good week of episodes. Gentle drama, with some very touching scenes, peppered with lots of funny one liners and subtle comedy. Heck even found myself warming to Tracey, Michelle and Maddie!

If Corrie can keep this up, I feel positive that it's turning the corner and getting out of the doldrums it's been in since Hayley's passing.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Overkill award: I quite liked Michael Rodwell at first but he is now getting far too much air time in my opinion. Most of the two episodes on Friday were dedicated to him “looking sad”. Has he moved into Gail’s tardis now? Along with the four other adults including Nick if he is still there and two young kids – he seems to be in all the Platt mealtime scenes including the breakfast ones.

Simpering award: Oh Gail stop it, you are a late middle aged woman not a teenager, stop this silly voice and eye blinking, its becoming unintentionally hilarious

Dragging on award: As much as I liked Peter and Chris G portrays him very well, all this prison business is now going on for too long. Why would he tell tales to Tracy and antagonise Jim and upset the apple cart anyway? It doesn’t make any sense.

Strange child award: Simon is becoming a very odd little boy indeed – why does he fling his arms around people’s waists all the time like a 5 year old? He did it to Maddar the other day.

From Sinner to Saint Award; Well hasn’t Maddah turned into a little saint, she and the dreadful Sophie and her high pitched whining make Frosty fast forward. Of course she will turn out to be an absolute asset to Carla and faktray and will probably end up being her next partner that they don’t know how they managed without!

Invisible dog award: It’s ridiculous to think you can keep a dog in a house and nobody would notice - er they wee, poo and bark.

Best actor of the week award: Eccles.

John McE said...

What I find unbelievable is that Simon, the child prodigy that could navigate his way around the world at about 5, and who doesn't like Amy at all (but then who does?) couldn't string enough words together at 11 to say that Amy shut her hand in the door, especially when his beloved dog's life was at risk.

Mary's jealousy of Julie looks like it should be very funny.

Anonymous said...

Awkward stage - Simon - can he please grow up? The constant storylines for him should have been written for a 5 year old. Stop it already! Plus, there's no way he's Peter's kid..just throwing it out there.

Ma Mite said...

Simon is looking more and more like a young Michael Jackson as the year's pass - not the result of Peter and blonde Lucy - another baby swap story perhaps!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Lucy passed Simon off as Peter's kid, but time will out. Whatever the outcome, he's staying put I hope but with Peter leaving and Leanne dumping Simon here and there, I'm thinking he'd be better off living with Ken and Deidre.

Tvor said...

You can hear the tone of Simon's voice dropping and it's going to break before long, yet he's still crayoning cards instead of gluing his face to a smart phone, game console or the like. At his age, Chesney already had a girlfriend (Kayleigh Morton)

Anonymous said...

All kids are different, stop going by the stereotypical idea that they are burying their faces into phones or wanting partners. Hell at my young age I never did that and never thought much of it.

No wonder they grow up so fast and want to rush their lives away.

Anonymous said...

TVOR, I agree with your comments completely! What I find particularly odd about Simon that he doesn't appear to have any friends whatsoever. Why does he need to have babysitters are there no after school activities he could participate in? He lives in that tiny little apartment with a woman who isn't even his mother who moves from man to man at the drop of a hat. Like someone else suggested he would be better off living with Ken and Diedre after they kick Tracy and Rob out.


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