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Friday 26 September 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Fri 26 Sep

Friday 26th September
NEIL TAKES HIS DELUSIONS TO NEW HEIGHTS. When Neil overhears Lloyd talking to Michelle about her wedding planning business he’s shattered, thinking Lloyd is talking about marrying Andrea. Using Tim’s ladder (and leaving Tim stuck on the roof of No.4) Neil climbs onto the roof of the Rovers, insisting he’ll only speak to Andrea. Stranded Tim’s forced to watch on as Neil tells Andrea he’ll only agree to come down if she breaks off her engagement to Lloyd and returns to him. Incensed, Andrea climbs up the ladder and begs him to stop messing about. But when she slips and is left clinging to the guttering, it looks like Neil’s stunt could have very serious consequences?
JASON GETS A SHOCK WHEN HE VISITS EVA. Eva takes pity on homeless Todd and invites him to stay at her flat. How will Jason react?
MICHAEL FACES A TESTING TIME. A nervous Michael heads to the doctors.
ELSEWHERE Maddie’s taken aback when Carla pays her some wages and offers to make her a
permanent fixture at the factory. Will Maddie accept? Beth plans the wedding of her dreams.

Friday 26th September
ANDREA’S LIFE HANGS IN THE BALANCE. As Andrea hangs from the side of the Rovers a petrified Neil reaches out to her. Lloyd desperately tries to grab hold of her from an upstairs window but he can’t reach and the onlookers gasp as a tired Andrea loses her hold. Will Neil pull her to safety in time?
KYLIE ESCAPES THE DOMESTICITY OF NO.8. When Kylie bumps into a short-staffed Nick outside the Bistro she offers her services. David’s furious to find her working and demands she comes home. Will Kylie agree? Meanwhile when Eva asks Kylie if she’s had any more of Max’s pills she’s shocked by her confession.
THINGS ARE LOOKING UP FOR TODD. Jason’s livid to find that Eva has invited Todd to stay and storms out of the flat, saying he can’t stay while Todd’s there.
ELSEWHERE Michael’s referred to a genetics clinic for tests to determine if he has a heart  condition. Tim’s embarrassed as it’s left to Kevin to help him down from the roof. As Sally takes Tim in her arms
Sophie’s notices Kevin looking wistful and later asks him if he still has feelings for Sally.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm glad they're getting their money out of the ladder. This must be the third time a person has been stranded on the roof: Karl and Stella, and I think Jason, too.

Zagg said...

So let me get this straight. Jason moves out of Eileen's to get away from Todd, then moves into Eva's. So Eva invites Todd to stay with her so that Jason is now once again living with the person he tried to move way from.
What the hell? Are they purposely making Eva the biggest moron on the planet? She feels sorry for Todd. Shouldn't her love for Jason trump that? How ridiculous is this situation? Ugh...writers...PLEASE!!!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Have to agree Zag. Eva has completely ridden roughshod over her boyfriend's feelings, showed him zero loyality and invited one of the most hated characters to pitch up to the flat that is owned by Leanne I think. Eva is indeed a moron and is becoming another annoying character.


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