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Monday 22 September 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 22 Sep

When your own mother turns her back on you, you know you're in trouble. So it is with Todd. Ever since his metamorphosis on the road home from London, his sneering, his deceit and his cheating have been all we've witnessed. Now Todd has overheard his mum speaking to Sean, saying how lovely, friendly and bright he was, but then tells Sean that she wished she had never given birth to him. Earlier, Todd tells Sean that all this ignoring of him is pathetic. Sean says, 'The words reap and sow spring to mind.'

It certainly seems so as in The Rovers Todd asks Kal if there is any work going at the gym. Kal replies, 'I run a successful business, why would I employ you?'

Todd is very ostentatious in his job search and offering to pay for his mother's drink she refuses his offer and he tells her that she'll be sorry if he did leave. ' Eileen replies, 'Try me.'

So Roy has reached the big 60 and he's not looking bad on it. Carla gives him a book token, he's going out with Mary on Saturday to hear Beethoven's 9th, and he has a moment with Kal who tells Roy about his wife who died, and says that though the pain never goes away, it gets easier to live with. Roy speaks of D'Israeli, as only Roy can and tells us of D'Israeli's advice to a young MP, 'It is better for people to wonder why you don't speak than to wonder why you do.' Politicians, take heed! Especially as it's conference season.

Jason cannot bear living in the same house as Todd and he makes the decision to move out and live with Eva, though that might have been on the cards anyway. Might this realisation on Todd's part make him change his ways, or will he continue, with no friends, annoying everyone and cheating whoever he can? Such a terrible disappointment for Eileen, who, as a single parent did her best for both her sons. Maybe Todd is jealous of Jason, who has dad Tony doing his best to compensate for all his absent years. Todd very much wanted to please Tony, but Todd's disastrous money-saving schemes have ruined any chance of that. So where and what now for Todd?

Gail and Michael - do they convince? What is troublling about their relationship is that Gail seems to be more of a mother/carer for Michael than a girlfriend. He seems as if he's a new project, now her own sons are grown. That verdict isn't necessarily a criticism, each to their own, but it all feels a bit one-sided. He tries to get out of his visit to the doctor about his heart and vanishes before the appointment, setting Gail in a spin. He turns up eventually, and it seems Michael vanished because he couldn't bear to be told he was dying. They do tell each other they love each other though...

Tim has been terrific lately - he and Sally seem to rub along quite nicely, so it's going to be a nasty shock for him and maybe for Sally too that Kevin is back - again. Sophie and Maddie tell both the adults to stop arguing at the dinner table and they do.

Peter must have been in a deadly apprehensive state, waiting for the beating that was bound to come. Though it is said that every body in prison is innocent, at least, so each prisoner will claim, it is important that we remember that Peter is innocent of killing Tina. He is guilty of many things, adultery, lying, drinking, not being dad of the year, but people do not go to prison for these crimes because they are only against the moral law, not the law courts.

Deirdre and Ken are waiting for Peter and become anxious, especially when Peter's cell-mate tells them that some people came for him. Peter does an incredible job of hiding the pain he is in. The news is out that it was Jim who was the booze supplier, so perhaps he and Todd, when Jim's sentence is served should start the persona non grata club. Peter smiles and does his best to allay their fears.
He begs them not to make a fuss as he and Jim are even now, Peter has paid the price for scuppering Jim's business. Or has he?

In the back room at The Rovers, Eileen, Deirdre and Liz have a heart to heart. Deirdre asks Liz to visit Jim to ask him to take the attack dogs off Peter. At first, she refuses, she's adamant she won't go. But later she calls round to see Deirdre and to say that she will do it.

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Anonymous said...

Jason moves in with Eva? Won't it be rather crowded in that apartment? It must have 3 bedrooms what with Leeanne, Simon and Eva all living there. Why on earth don't Eva and Jason get their own place! It never ceases to amaze me why grown up kids continue to live with their parents in their tiny little houses!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Who owns the apartment? Where does Nick live? It amazes me that Sean who must be knocking 40 still lodges with Eileen despite having two jobs.

Gail and her simpering over Michael is getting far too much air time, and from being an original good new character, is quickly becoming annoying along with looking "down in the dumps" the whole time.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I get the point that these 30 - 40 year olds live with their (surrogate) parents because inter-action has to take place in a natural way. We can see how difficult it is when characters don't live together and they are forever *just* passing by in the Street. However, how much more interesting it would be if the under-40's set up their own households, opening up all sorts of new storylines. The writers evidently haven't found a way round the logistics of people believably bumping into each other and consequently won't let the younger characters grow up, which is why Sean and Tracy apparently can't cope with running their own homes.

Ruth owen said...

Excellent idea Humpty. Maybe the writers will see this...


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