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Monday 15 September 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 15 September

There was such tragic news at the weekend that it really wouldn't do for there to be further bad canine related news on our favourite street. Unfortunately though, Simon overhears a conversation between Deirdre and Tracy. He thinks they are talking about getting rid of Eccles, when actually they are talking about the washing machine, that is almost dead. Simon dashes out of Deirdre's when he hears this.  Luckily, Sophie and Maddie are passing and see Simon looking brokenhearted. A plan is made to sneak Eccles, the little dog threatened by Tracy Barlow last week, with being put down for the savage attack which drew no blood whatsoever and barely a mark, on Tracy's mini me, Amy, to safety at number 4. Amy really is one who seems to be developing her mother's traits, at a frighteningly young age. She has, undeniably, a role model of the highest calibre.

Steve finally visits his dad Jim, and Jim is thrilled. He has wanted this for so long. Jim tells Steve he's missed Steve but Steve succeeds in moving the conversation away from the emotional and congratulates his dad on saving Peter and his new hero status. Of course, as yet, he knows nothing of his dad's landlord status.

Peter is back in prison after recovering in hospital and receives a visit from Jim, who tells Peter that he has had to shut up shop and that many of his customers are not happy which could spell trouble for Peter. Peter is determined to stop the drink now.

Mary has relationships on her mind. She warns Andrea who is twiddling her hair, that Lloyd finds it attractive now, but in a couple of years he will want to break her fingers. Mary tells Eva how lovely Jason is and how he adores her. She tells Eva to enjoy it while it lasts. Clearly, Julie is on her mind who, in Mary's head is supplanting her in Dev's affections. Mary describes Julie's flaxen hair and her big cow eyes so we are clear who she is talking about.

Mary also tells of her sporting prowess. 'I was champion shot- putter at school. Yasmeen is not surprised. She sees Mary lifting the kettle bells at the gym, as if they were marshmallows.

Andrea is keen to get the divorce ball rolling but Neil still feels he can win her back. He Elohim Barry White and wine, but it is Lloyd who turns up not Andrea. Lloyd, exhausted by Neil's persistence! Tries again to give up the fruitless chase. But, in an unexpected turn of events the police call at Lloyd's

Todd, for all his academic intelligence seems to incapable of employing reason and good sense to his doings. Does he really think that people will be duped by his tricks? He claims that he is trying to help, but has only succeeded in making things worse, by placing a banana in the exhaust and trying to frighten Tyrone. Todd really has pushed his luck now. 'We're done,' Jason tells him. 'Nobody wants you round here.'

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Upintheattic said...

I don't usually comment anymore...heck we rarely even watch Corrie much anymore. I would rather Todd stay, than Sophie, is that wrong? lol Also, are we to assume that Peter will either get a beating from the other inmates? they kept reminding us...does Rob somehow get some alcohol into Peter and he bleeds to death? Ughhhhh..I really didn't believe that this would drag on till the end of 2014, but obviously the blogger than wrote that, knew what they were talking about. Is it just me....or is the whole show gone crazy? NOTHING is familiar any longer, I don't get the "feel" anymore. I can't believe that after years of Corrie after dinner is gone for us. I watch it alone, and even then I spend most of the time fast fwd'g. I MISS the Corrie I used to love to bits!!

Upintheattic said...

PLease don't delete me, I'm just feeling sad because I hardly see any blogs on FB about Corrie. Anyway, hope you are all having a peaceful Monday, it's very chilly and rainy here, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.
Thank you Ruth Owen for sharing your blog.

Frosty the Snowman said...

How terminally dull are Maddie and Sophie? They are desperately trying to turn the skanky character of Maddie around, good with kids, good with dogs - yawn! The pair of them bore me to tears.

Yasmin is back with her stupid books bullying Roy, the overbearing woman.

Anonymous said...

Mary's finger breaking comment is just creepy!

David Parsnips said...

What was all that nonsense with Todd sticking a banana in Jason's exhaust all about? Just stupidity. Tyrone needs to get a memory check, not so long ago he made a mistake on Fuzz's boiler when he shouldnt have been working on it and nearly killed her. Now they are acting all Holier than Thou and turning into two pretty unpleasant and moany characters.

Anonymous said...

I'm also not a fan of Fizz and Tyronne. I find Fizz tiresome and boring and Tyronne thick as two planks. How he can possibly be a mechanic is completely unbelievable! I wouldn't miss either one of them if they left the show!

AlbertT said...

What a dull couple of episodes these were, an hour's plod through a turgid bunch of storylines none of which appear to be going anywhere that'll be worth getting to.
And honestly can Maddie get any worse? Terrible writing, terrible acting and a terrible character is not a great combination.
If she's the future of the show then god help us.

Anonymous said...

Aw Maddie... Aw, she'd dead good with kids... Aw she's dead nice to dogs... Aw she's actually really nice... BLAH BLAH BLAH!
"Books nourish the mind and you nourish their bellies..." BLAH BLAH BLAH!
"This piece of wood is well too thin..." BLAH BLAH BLAH!
"Leave Andrea alone..." Just who are we meant to sympathise with here? Andrea? Nah, can't be... can it?
"I've taken ONE tablet!" "You'd better tell David!" BLAH BLAH BLAH!
God bless Steve, that's all that's keeping me going.
Seriously though, Maddie!? SERIOUSLY!? And Sofehhh!? The new Jack and Vera I reckon...


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