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Sunday 14 September 2014

Coronation Street weekly update, September 14 2014

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Michael gets his security tag removed this week which means he’s not under house arrest any more and can stay out longer, for say dinner or indeed breakfast with Gail.  Gail’s looking happier than she’s done in years which means it can only be a matter of time before it all goes crushingly, horribly wrong.

While Gail’s all smiles under the Platt roof, it’s less happy news for Kylie who’s unable to cope with little Max’s attention deficit disorder and the demands of baby Lily. She crashes and burns and turns to taking Max’s pills to calm her nerves. 

Rob might be looking for something to calm his nerves soon after he has to go and dig up the murder weapon he used to kill Tina. He’d buried it by a canal on a piece of land that Owen tells him he’s soon going to be digging up and working on to build new flats.    Rob gets the lead pipe out of the ground and flings it away before anyone finds out.  So far, so good for murderer Rob, a Peter languishes in prison. But it can only be a matter of time before it all goes crushingly, horribly right

The Rovers takes on the Flying Horse in a cricket match where the recipe for Betty’s Hot Pot is up for grabs as top prize.  With such a glittering prize on offer there was never any chance that the Rover would lose, but it was still a nice little diversion and some location shooting.

Lloyd and Andrea are a couple without chemistry, for this fan. So it’s enjoyable to watch Andrea’s ex, Neil try to split them up by stalking the couple everywhere they go and interrupting their most intimate moments.  Some excellent dialogue in the Rovers when Neil turned up looking for Andrea and told Todd “I’m a friend of hers, from history,” to which Todd replied: “Are you a time traveller?”

Talking of Todd, Eileen’s furious, absolutely furious with son number two when she finds out what’s gone on at Fiz and Tyrone’s house with the ceiling and dodgy building works. Tony and Jason make up but continue to exclude Todd from business and personal dealings.  However, Tony doesn’t do himself any favours when he kind of threatens Fiz not to take the matter any further with solicitors. 

And finally this week, evil little Amy lies to Tracy that Eccles has bitten her.   What a nasty little bitch.

And that was just about that for this week.

Writers this week were Jan McVerry, Mark Wadlow, John Kerr and Damon Rochefort. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Now I quite like Michael Rodwell but as usual when the PTB get a sniff that a character may be popular we get them shoe horned into almost every scene and that is becoming the case with him. There is rarely a scene with the Platts these days without him there. Would have thought they may have learned their lessons with Becky and Teenar. Dont spoil him!!!

ChiaGwen said...

Did the PTB throw a few names into a hat and pick out Andreas' thinking great chemistry with Lloyd....all must have been out on the town the night before! Norris has more chemistry with Lloyd. Truly awful pairing and she is giving Tracy a run for her money in the Cheshire grinning stakea...

Anonymous said...

I actually think Lloyd and Andrea are sweet together. They have a bit of banter and she seems much more affectionate than his previous girlfriends, which is nice. They just need to move this storyline along as its been the same thing for weeks now. Get rid of sadsack Neil and get Lloyd and Andrea having some fun together, or bring in Andreas daughter to shake things up.

Anonymous said...

God the guy is lame. Don't throw the pipe into the canal or anything bury it instead.

Anonymous said...

as stated in a previous post - can we keep Neil and get rid of Andrea??? it would be hilarious if Lloyd and Neil ended up as roomates - can you imagine the hilarity between Lloyd, Steve & Neil - could be pure gold. There isn't any magic between LLoyd and Andrea, but at least it's better than Lloyd and Jenna's mom.


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