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Monday 22 September 2014

So, what have I missed?

Just back from my annual two weeks in the sun - all hanging baskets, linen and chianti, Sally Webster would approve - and I'm wondering what's been happening on my favourite cobbled street. I've dipped in and out of interweb updates while I've been away and I'm hoping things chez Weatherfield have picked up a bit since I left.

So what I'm after is your verdict on the Corrie action of the past two weeks? Is it worth me trawling through the recorded episodes to catch up or can you, the loyal Coronation Street Blog readers, bring me up to speed in your own inimitable fashion?

I'm agog. Has Ken finally acknowledged Hayley's death with a consoling word for Roy? Has Audrey got herself a decent storyline? Has Andrea bogged off? Has anyone questioned how Michelle is qualified to plan so much as a Tinker wedding? 

These are the burning questions that have kept me happily thousands of miles from my tellybox for the first half of September. So tell me, what's your verdict on Corrie so far this month?

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Tvor said...

I've enjoyed watching the prison story as the tension between Peter and Jim ramps up and Steve gets let down yet again. Eccles avoided certain death due to a lying little madam and it was a brief if gentle storyline (I kind of like Maddie and can easily just block Sophie out of my mind!) The builder storyline seemes to have come to an end after Todd and Tony kept sticking their oars in and making it worse. Let the women sort it out! Scary Mary may be back. Jealous Mary certainly is. Barely any Windasses or Nazirs or Tilsleys. Michael and Gail got airtime an Kylie and David are coping (or not) with life.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good holiday!

You haven't missed much.
Mardy and Sophie took Eccles because Simon thought Deirdre was going to put her to sleep after Amy Barlow lied. Amy eventually told the truth and Eccles is safe.
Neil is still stalking Andrea, Kylie took Max's pills,
Steve found out that Jim has been supplying Peter with booze
Peter is still blaming other people for his own bad decisions and Rob seems to have disappeared

Humpty Dumpty said...

Hope you had fun on your hols!

It's still summer in tvland so there's a feeling of treading water until the big stories of the autumn. I find I only like Tim and Sally now and I hope they don't ruin Tim with his new storyline involving his cousin, Howie.

Still no news of Lloyd's departure or otherwise when Craig Charles starts filming Red Dwarf in October.

Anonymous said...

Mostly terrible quality, mostly dragging on ..if you go back and watch I must warn you that these are precious hours you'll never get back so just pick up the current stuff and you'll really feel like you've never left

Anonymous said...

Disagree, I think the last few weeks has shown a marked improvement with a good blend of gentle drama, touching scenes and lots of subtle humour and one liners.

Anonymous said...

It would've been nice if there was a scene with Ken finally taking the time to offer his condolences to Roy but instead it's either the 'Platt Show' or Peter's prison drama dragging on.When does Rob get found out?I also wonder what happened to Norris,Rita and Emily?


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