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Sunday 14 September 2014

A Reverse of Fortunes for Jason Grimshaw and David Platt.

It can't have gone unnoticed that the lives of two sets of brothers on Coronation Street have recently undergone a dramatic change of fortunes. Both the Platt household and the Grimshaw household are managed by single mothers who have both experienced serious difficulties in their lives. Both women have two sons and both women have one good one and one bad one. Of late, though they still have one good one and one bad one but the good one has become the bad one and the bad one has become the good one.

David's crimes are legion, including of late, trying very hard to wreck his brother Nick's business, by various means, including a huge unwanted consignment of olives. His main crime was trying to kill Nick in a road accident. Some may say he was justified in exacting revenge because David discovered that Nick had slept with Kylie when both were in a miserable and drunken state. But to try to kill your brother? Surely too harsh a revenge. 

Recently though, it has come to light, after Leanne challenged him, that Nick has been faking his episodes of rage, in order to gain sympathy. No doubt he did suffer brain damage after the murder attempt but Leanne rumbled him and his efforts to deceive people for his own advantage, until he cracked and confessed. 

So, the halo has fallen off Nick's head and David could be a worthy halo inheritor of late. He is a great husband to Kylie, a real source of strength for her, particularly in coping with Max, and is proving himself to be a terrific father to Max and Lily, clearly loving Max as his own. David is rational, calm, competent, loving and good fun. 

Fatherhood suits him well and gives him a purpose, a real purpose. Maybe now, David will remain the good brother. 

Jason has come of age. He is a genuinely good guy, who cares about his mum, his business and his girlfriend. Jason and Eva seem to be particularly well-suited. Deep affection is evident between the two of them and Eva has been great in supporting Jason through this terrible business of Tyrone's inadequate floorboards, his fall and his escaping the jaws of death. Eva does what she can to try to make things better for Jason. Jason did not have a clue that his brother Todd had instructed Gary to lay the unsuitable flooring. Jason yearns to be a trusted and dependable business owner, doing everything he can to achieve a good reputation ands build his business on good work and dependability. 

In the past Jason has been a bit of a ladies man, a bit flakey, a bit irresponsible, and has always been in the shadows of bright, academically gifted, refined spoken Todd - in short, Eileen's Golden boy.
But things change and so do people. It seems that Todd's life in London has changed him for the worse - and that very much so. He has what I would say is a veneer of self-confidence and is quick to put people down, in the hearing of others. He is quick, he is sharp, but he uses these characteristics, to  do nobody any good, especially himself, who is deeply unpopular. His arrogance and his apparent belief in his own superiority, does him no all. Nor does his treatment of the men he uses and abuses. He cheated on Marcus and was plain cruel to Sean. He also instructed Gary to lay the floorboards that were not suitable, in a bid to save a few quid. Todd is now in a lonely position. He craves the approval of Tony and now has anything but. He messed up a work opportunity too with Steve, who gave him a chance and he sneers at the inhabitants of Weatherfield, where, frankly, poor Todd is pretty friendless. - even his own mother can barely look at him.  

So, Jason inherits the halo from Todd and life looks bleak for Todd. Who would have predicted such a double turn around?    

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Anonymous said...

I would like to say in David's defense,he did not try to kill Nick,it was an accident pure and simple.I would also like to add to'Golden Boy'a' Nick's list of crimes,forcing his mother to choose between her sons after hiding behind her her when she found out and blackmailing David to do a DNA test on Lily or else he'll report him to the police.

Anonymous said...

Also, the olives were down to Lewis not David.

Anonymous said...

not too happy with either David or Todd in the recent episodes - the news item about Jack Shepard making "hot dog jokes" about the animal shelter on fire were pure evil and he needs to go - Corrie Street will suffer a loss of viewer interest as a result of this fiasco. And rightfully so. I was just beginning to like the "new" David - not anymore!!!!!
Todd is despicable - wish he was more like the character of the movie namesake singing Pharell Williams "Happy" - not so!!!he is despicable and needs to leave the show. Kylie is going on maternity leave so why don't they just write him out of the show and let Gail retain ownership of her house. Gail & Michael are great together and perhaps, with the arrival of his son it may get interesting.
On a side note maybe that is the house that the Nazirs will move into, but obviously there are not enough bedrooms for everybody, in fact, there isn't a house on the street that have enough bedrooms. Just more Corrie forget about what you know and just go with it. Like the expanding bedroom walls, the hidden parking lot and the ladder to the loft in Tyrone's.?? Corrie needs a continuation editor or at least someone with good sense that knows that Roy wouldn't babysit Hope & Ruby - he doesn't have a clue about taking care of young children. What about Dev's children??? Where are they all the time??

Ruth owen said...

So they were, the olives, Anon. It was all intended to spite Gail as Lewis got his revenge on her for splitting up him and Audrey.

Ruth owen said...

I had not heard Anon p, about his cruel jibe concerning the dogs' home. I love dogs and have one of my own. Only an insensitive unthinking person.would make such a bad taste 'joke' It's heartbreaking and has nothing funny about it

Humpty Dumpty said...

The younger members of the cast trip themselves up eg Helen Flanagan, Chris Fountain and now Jack P Shepard. The trouble with this last actor is that he has grown up in the soap and is rather removed from reality. He further tweeted that offended people should lighten up. Isn't there someone in Corrie PR who can teach the virtues of keeping your mouth zipped?

Anonymous said...

to Ruth Owen, Jack P Shepard sent a comment via twitter that he had numerous jokes about hot dogs after hearing about the fire at the Manchester dog home - there is an article about his comments on Digital Spy. He was forced to delete his post and issue a formal apology, but in my mind it was too little, too late. If Corrie wants to keep it's family image then he needs to go and very quickly. They did the same to the actor who played Tommy Duckworth. Kylie is pregnant and will be leaving soon, so just send the two of them packing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 13:47, I wholeheartedly agree with you comments! Jack is 26 years old and should know better. He showed what a complete jerk he is with his insensitive and ignorant remarks. Good reason to get rid of the little creep. He is completely typecast so good luck finding employment elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I think some people here need to get a sense of proportion. Yes what Shepherd said was crass and insensitive but there have been actors on Corrie who have said and done far worse

BSteinhouse said...

I agree with Anon 18:01....Send Jack Shepherd packing just for that comment? That would be so out of proportion to the deed that I can't understand how it's even a suggestion.

Relax, people. Tasteless jokes: they're everyone and we've all done them. Maybe not to our mass following on Twitter, but that's just a difference in degree and effect.

Besides, David is one of show's best characters and Jack is one of its more underrated actors!


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