Thursday, 18 September 2014

Coronation Street fan of the week - Diane in Canada

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Who are you and where are you from?

I'm Diane, from across the pond in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

How long have you been watching Corrie?

I have been watching Corrie since 1999.  I rarely miss an episode, unless it is pre-empted by the Olympics or another sporting event; in which case I will watch online (thank goodness for online television). I usually eat my dinner while watching Corrie and often, that's the only time I have the television on.

Who are your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why?

That's a tough one to answer, there are so many great characters... currently I would have to choose Carla because of how her character has evolved over the years, especially when she became close with Hayley, and then her troubles with Peter. She is wickedly strong, yet we've seen her compassionate and vulnerable side.  Favorite male character would have to be Steve for his humour and how he innocently gets himself into trouble all the time.

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years?

By far I would say that the death of Hayley was the best storyline ever.  It was controversial, touching, highlighted the tender moments between Roy and Hayley, and I think her storyline touched upon most of the characters on the street.  The tram crash was of course, another powerful storyline, with the loss of Molly and Sunita and Ashley. There are many other storylines I could list; that's one of the reasons I love Corrie so much, for the cliff-hanger storylines.

And what would your fantasy Corrie storyline be?

I would love to see Becky return to the cobbles.  She would give Tracy a run for being the nasty one on the street.  I'd love to see Dev in love again; maybe something could spark between him and Kal's mother Yasmeen.  

Have you any snippets or news about meeting any of the Corrie cast, or trips to the set, etc., that you'd like to share?

I have not been fortunate enough yet to cross the pond over the the UK to visit the set, but it's definitely on my wish list!  I have however, seen a few of the cast members on tour when they came to Ottawa, including: Roy and Hayley, Paul and Eileen, and recently, Gary and Owen.  I'd love to see Carla and Michelle, or Steve and Michelle, or Liz and Jim (hint hint!).

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Anonymous said...

i thought Sunitta died in the rover's fire - killed by the evil Karl

Anonymous said...

Actually Sunita died in hospital, after Karl managed to sneak in and remove her oxygen tube,just as she regained consciousness and opened her eyes, so she knew he was murdering her. Remember?!

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