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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 12 March

Coronation Street, WEDNESDAY 12TH MARCH 2014

CARLA AGONISES OVER HER PREGNANCY SCARE Having clocked Steph going to work, Peter slips round to Tina’s and they head straight for the bedroom. Tina suggests that since they love each other they should tell Carla the truth but Peter’s horrified and angered when Tina admits she told Steph about their affair. Meanwhile Carla is shocked to find out her step-dad George has died and can’t face doing a pregnancy test.
TONY DOES HIMSELF NO FAVOURS WITH STEVE Worried about his mum, Steve warns Tony not to mess her around but Steves irked when Tony dismisses him.
OWEN AND GARY BIDE THEIR TIME Phelan continues to wind up Gary and Owen, forcing Gary to dig a grave for a dead pigeon and making Owen wash his car.
ELSEWHERE Maddie makes a show of waving at Sally outside the factory, Steve warns Lloyd not to rush things with Andrea as he may get hurt and Roy dismisses Fiz’s suggestion of various fund-raising ideas in memory of Hayley.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Another silly soap 'warning' - dont mess with my mum - yeah right what is overweight middle aged smoker Steve going to do exactly against a fit bloke like Tony? Frankly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Ho hum. Can't get excited about any of these plot points... more of the same, no? Oh I forgot! It's a Wednesday episode. Usually, nothing happens on Wednesdays as these are FILLER episodes.... :-(

Barrie.T said...

We are now only 2 weeks behind UK transmission in Australia. It's such a shock to be watching corrie and thinking "oh i just read about that on this blog" it seems unreal.

Anonymous said...

cue theme from "jaws"

Newfy Pearl said...

Steve might not be much of a fighter...but he loves his mom...and he has taken a beating before in defense of someone he loves.

Anonymous said...

Why won't Fiz just give Roy some space? I'm surprised she hasn't pushed her way into his flat and started throwing all of Hayley's things out. What is her problem?! These are NOT her decisions to make.

Newfy Pearl said...

A bit soon for a fundraiser in Hayley's name is it not?

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