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Monday, 15 October 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, October 15 2012

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It’s all going on at the Barlows’ this week. Deirdre warns Ken that while he can go back to his job at Bessie Street School, he’d better knock on the head any thoughts about showing his kimono to Wendy flamin’ Crozier.  Ken’s delighted and polishes his shoes. “Does it make you feel a bit more BA Honours wearing your brogues?” she harps at her hubby, clearly put out that Wendy flamin’ Crozier, or not, Ken’s got a life and she hasn’t.  The pair of them head off together to the Bessie Street School Autumn Fayre where Deirdre lets rip with some wonderful dialogue with Wendy flamin’ Crozier comes into view with her home-made cakes.   “I don’t do existentialism” and “Where do you stand on Manchester tarts?” she spits at WfC before gossiping with Julie about the size of WfC’s bum.  Ooh, I do love Deirdre when she’s riled.

Mind you, Deirdre’s spare time could be spent baby sitting if Tracy’s news that she’s pregnant by Ryan turns out to be true. I bet it’s not.  Steve bets it’s not too and offers Tracy a wodge of cash to have an abortion. She makes a show of tearing up the cheque and being peeved, but if she really was pregnant, she’d have taken the money and gone and had it done.  Mind you, there’s a scene when Tracy swans in to the house to tell Ken she’s with child, it’s official. But is it? Michelle and Steve fall out over Tracy’s baby news and Steve’s less than happy when he spots Rob comforting Michelle later, oh dear.  

Over at the Rovers, Gloria takes in the first B&B guest who falls for her charm and jam scones in the back room of the pub.  “Come through the flap into B and B heaven,” she croons, offering him ten kinds of breakfast cereal “and we have eggs laid locally, only two ginnels away!”. St Ella returns early from her weekend away and isn’t best pleased to find out what her mother is doing with charm and jam scones in the back room, even if he is a paying guest.  Actually he’s not. He’s a judge from Lancashire Leisure and outs himself in front of Stella who’s going by the name of Mrs Johannesburg and pretending she too is a paying guest of Mrs Price.  Anyway, the judge tells Glorious Glo that she’s got nowt to worry about and the next stage of the competition will be when a mystery drinker turns up for a pint.

Yup, it's Miss Diane from Crossroads
Speaking of mystery people turning up, Audrey returns from holiday alone. She’s lost Lewis on the Eurostar and is in a right state. The story is the talk of the wash-house being on the front page of the Gazette and Audrey’s taken aback when a mysterious blonde (not to be confused with the mystery drinker) appears saying she knows why Lewis ran off the Eurostar.  Audrey’s aback is taken further when this woman, Penny, says she knew Lewis as Hugh and he’d swindled her out of a small fortune.  And we were all taken aback to find out mysterious woman Penny is really Miss Diane from Crossroads.  Best line came from Kylie commenting on Audrey’s love life: “Con men, trannies, she dun't have much luck.” 

Speaking of Kylie, she’s over the moon when Nick asks her to work at the Bistro. David’s not happy as he wants her under his nose and under his thumb – and sometimes both at the same time – working for him at the salon. 

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Llifon said...

Loved the oldies' scene in the Rovers last night (Sunday) when they were discussing who'd they have for their dinner party guests!


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