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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Corrie weekly awards - October 8 - 10

Be Careful What You Wish For: Tracy, in her mid 30s, thought taking up with a 20 year old was a good idea (for whatever her motives were), now he's acting like a 20 year old and all over her all the time and it's clearly wearing thin.

Competitive award: The Bistro is offering breakfast even though the Cafe only did the one night (so far).

Stupidity award: Ken phoned Wendy on the land line. A number that will show up on the phone bill. Yet he does have a mobile.

Pants on Fire: Ken lies like a rug but he got busted this time.
Gloria making Bed and Breakfast reservations behind Stella's back, reckoning it's a mystery judge. 

Double act award: Tracy and Deirdre verbally taking chunks out of Ken.

Green eyed monster award: Michelle is jealous that Ryan gets on better with Sally but Sally's trying to do her bit to talk Ryan round, much to her credit.

Pack Rat award: Wendy kept the cufflinks she had made for Ken in 1990.

Voice of Experience award: Sally may be a lot of things but she's a fairly good mum and is talking a lot of sense. Michelle could do worse than to listen to her.

Nobel Peace award: Sally's mediations worked. Ryan and Michelle made up, but Tracy isn't finished with them yet.

Leopards and Spots award: Rita says Dennis has changed from years ago and Ken could have as well. Both men only recently had other women that they let down.

Stick your nose in your own business award: Brian needs to keep out of Ken and Deirdre's marriage.

Passive Aggressive award: Gold star: Even if Deirdre didn't take Rita's advice on board, Ken huffing and puffing and sulking quietly would have driven her mad if she'd not given in and let him stay on the board.

Desperate measures award: Tracy thought she might be losing the battle so she fired the nuclear bomb. Pregnant? Can't be. Steve wasn't involved!

Lines of the week:
Mary "There's no room for sentiment in business"
Rita "I haven't overtaken anything in over 50 years"
Mary "The only tough cookies in that restaurant are on the menu" and "It *is* a war. And come next week it will be the Cold War" (re: Russian night)
Brian "I'm being embroiled against me will"
Deidre to Ken "I want to know where you've been...and who with" (echoing the words she said to him 20 years ago! Nice touch!)
Ken "There's nothing going on!" Tracy "right, because if I hear otherwise, you're going to wish you'd sailed away on that other trollop's barge!"
Gloria "Tragic accident on the Rotterdam ferry. She was trying to fit her mates into a group photo. You can guess the rest"
Deirdre "We've agreed all sorts of things over the years but you don't seem particularly bound by any of them"
Tracy "Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda, Dad, the last words of a fool"
Deirdre "I just rumbled you before you had a chance to show her your kimono!"
Michelle "Me son's turned his back on me and become the plaything of the friendly neighbourhood psycho"
Kylie "I'm about as much use in here as an afro comb in Norris's washbag!"
Tracy "D'you mind? I'm not a piece of playdough"
And the line of the week came from Emily "Will that man NEVER learn?!"

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Llifon said...

Great lines this week. Loved Emily's line and Kylie about the afro brush! :)

Frosty the Snowman said...

Sudden favourite popular colleague award: The whole of the Underworld workforce despised Sally, for her better than they are attitude and her behaviour with Frank Foster. Suddenly just because Michelle has a bit of a barney with her over a personal issue, they all decide to walk out to support her PLEASE! These walk outs are becoming totally pathetic in these credit crunch times when hundreds of people in the North would bite their hands off for those jobs.

More nonsense award: Gloria booking people in for bed and breakfast in the tiny Rovers backstreet pub, Is this drivel supposed to be “classic Corrie comedy”? It isn’t and Sue Johnson would be better spreading her acting talents elsewhere. Every time her nylon wig comes on screen she irritates Frosty,

Dynamic businessman (not) award: Just because Mary did a one off while owner Roy is on holiday why did the Bistro suddenly start giving away free breakfasts? Can’t see the logic behind it, and for goodness sakes Nick cut those apron strings, you are becoming really sad.

Harridan award: So kind of Dreary to concede to allow Ken to keep his job. What does this chain smoking old baggage bring to the marriage, apart from her murdering free loading daughter that is. Dreary needs to be toned down a bit or she will become a thoroughly dislikeable character which would be a pity – oh and clamp that wobbling head down, it nearly took off into orbit the other day.

Drama Queen award: Maria and Marcus had a kiss – that’s all it was, they are both acting like they consummated the relationship with a night of non stop sex. Get a grip and put things in perspective the pair of ya!

Anonymous said...

:-D GREAT awards this week as usual! Good stuff!

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Lost the plot..Gail walking back and forth - 2 feet either way- carrying a sign and yelling about the 'Bistro's Breakfast'. It was this character having a nervous breakdown..why do they have her acting like such a loon?

Anonymous said...

I think the actress (Anne)might have a movement disorder so your comment about a 'wobbly' head is not kind there Frosty.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Loved Deidre's kimono line and Emily's line about summed it up.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the question about Gail's ... erm ... sanity? What in hell have they done to her lately?

She had improved "somewhat" from the conniving, interfering mother, but holy cow, now she's just lost her marbles! Giving her comedy would've been a good idea, but to make her look like she's slipped a cog? Over the top. Maybe the writers think this is what happens to menopausal women?

~JB in Canada

Kate said...

Just catching up... A few thoughts. It has been very nice to see more of the older members of the cast - particularly Ken and Deirdre. Also enjoyed Kylie although I find David's 'laziness' not entirely in character. Wasn't he just about a year ago saying they should move out of Gail's, and trying to get a better job himself? Finally I found the whole Mary vs Nick (incl Gail) business tiresome and silly, laying claim to one type of cuisine and serving at one time of day or the other. They're 2 entirely different places! Giving Mary more screentime was a good idea (in my opinion) but it didn't have to be coupled with the ridiculous scenes in the Bistro.


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