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Friday, 26 October 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 26 October

Coronation Street, Friday 26th October 2012 at 7.30pm

SOPHIE IS RUSHED TO HOSPITAL. As Sophie lies unconscious and the driver of the car calls an ambulance Ryan panics and runs off. Kevin gets a call to say his daughter has been in an accident and races to the hospital where he keeps a vigil at Sophie’s bedside. Kevin’s shocked to hear that a young man was with Sophie when she was hit by the car. As he struggles to digest the news he’s hit by another blow which knocks him sideways. Sophie has suffered a spinal injury and may never walk again!
ROY RETURNS TO A CAFÉ IN CHAOS. As Beth produces another bottle of ouzo Mary struggles to control the raucous diners. Arriving back from the States early, having left Hayley to look after Sylvia who’s had a fall, he’s horrified to walk into the drunken Greek party taking place. Furious Roy orders everyone out and lets rip at Mary for turning his home in a drunken taverna. How will he react when a licensing officer then shows up claiming he has reason to believe they’ve been selling alcohol illegally?
TOMMY TRIES TO HOLD HIS TONGUE. Tommy’s quiet in the pub when Gary effusive about what he and Tina are doing for him and Izzy. Later however when he joins Gary and Owen for a game of darts Tommy can’t bare hearing any more about the surrogacy. Will he snap or succeed in keeping schtum?
Elsewhere Emily spies Gloria heading off with Lewis to the dogs and later susses that Audrey hasn’t a clue about it and Maria organises an awkward foursome night in with Jason, Marcus and Aiden.

Friday 26th October 2012 at 8.30pm

SALLY AND KEVIN MAKE A HEARTBREAKING DECISION. The doctor explains to Kevin that Sophie has a fractured spine and needs an operation. Sally arrives at the hospital and is devastated to hear that although there’s an operation that could help there’s still a possibility that their daughter could be paralysed. They stop talking as Sophie regains consciousness. Under pressure from Kevin she admits she was with Ryan who was playing chicken in the road. Back on the street a dishevelled Ryan arrives home. Though relieved Michelle demands to know how Sophie ended up being run over. As Ryan tries to explain Kevin arrives and punches him, revealing Sophie may never walk again all because he was high on drugs. As Ryan breaks down how will Michelle react? Back at the hospital Sophie is wheeled off to theatre.
MARY IS FIRMLY IN ROY’S BAD BOOKS. Mary insists that no alcohol was sold in the café but the licensing officer is unconvinced and tells Roy he’ll have to attend the council offices on Monday. Roy throws Mary out, accusing her of violating his home and his trust. Heading to the Bistro Roy apologises to Nick for any problems caused, revealing he’s been accused of illegally selling alcohol. Will Nick realise that it’s somebody close to him who is to blame for reporting Roy?
TOMMY’S EMOTIONS GET THE BETTER OF HIM. Gary apologises to Tommy for going on about the surrogacy, Tommy explains he just finds it hard to handle. Tina wants to avoid any bad feeling when the embryos are implanted on Monday and assures Tommy she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Tommy does as he’s told but it’s clear he’s still deeply uncomfortable about the situation he’s put her in.
Elsewhere Lewis has a pang of guilt after his illicit night out with Gloria and Maria and Marcus’ surprise kiss still proves to be an elephant in the room.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

KEVIN AND SALLY MAKE A HEARTBREAKING DECISION - Please turn off the life support machine and spare us this story,

Humpty Dumpty said...

Frosty: first time I've ever used this expression. LOL!

Danny-K said...

Now that Mary is barred from Roy's Rolls will Nick seize his chance and hire Mary as his Events Manager/Planner?

However, with two key staff walking out in anger, her people management skills might pose a problem for Nick, but it would give Mary a reason for remaining on the Street.

- Even fast food MacDonald's are getting in on the act LOL!

They're running specials from around the world for the next couple of weeks starting with Spanish Grande,
next week Australian BBQ,
after that Mexican Chilli & Cheese,
and the last week being Indian chicken & chutney.

No mention of bring your own alcohol though :)

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

For once I agree with Frosty........has anybody actually tallied up the number of people Kevin has 'thumped first...asked questions later?' Mind you, I'd like to thump Ryan-yan too!!

Danny-K said...

Well I've often read of posters on here being dismissive of Kevin, whilst to date I've been non-committal - until this evening!

I thought Kevin was absolutely dreadful in the hospital. A complete disconnect between the lines being spoken, the delivery of 'emotion' (there was only one, just be angry to everyone).

Thank goodness when Sally arrived at the hospital to restore faith with some well-judged acting. She finished the final scene of episode ending on a high note. The doctor was well played too.
But Kevin - OMG!?!

Everything was wrong with him, credibility, interpretation, delivery, motivation (snapping at the doctor unnecessarily). I'd even go so far as to suggest sabotage to make him look bad with poor direction and poor lines.

Surely no one acts that bad on purpose? It gives the term 'soap' a bad name.

I even toyed with a little mental exercise and replayed what I'd seen of Kevin so far, speaking Sally's emotional 'quality' closing speech to Sophie instead, and delivered by Michael Le Vell as he had been so far, it still would have be uneventful and cardboard flat - but Sally Dynevor lifted the closing moments of the scene to another level. And Sally is not one of my favoured characters!!!

What's wrong with Michael Le Vell? Is he going through some kind of off-stage crisis? I know he was in court defending himself from charges of some sort recently.

Why didn't Collinson pick up on it beforehand? He seems to have lost interest 3 months ago, the lead-in time, going by this, with his mind focussing on his new job instead of this one.

On the other hand, the actor playing Tommy did an excellent job portraying someone on the edge of losing all control of his emnotions.

A well done choccy biccy to him!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where i can get the jumper dress Michelle was wearing when Kevin came round and smaked Ryan? thanks

Anonymous said...

I find it a bit rich that Tommy is giving Tina a hard time for saving his skin of all the debt. At least she is working hard and hopefully will bring joy to another couple but being a soap will she fall pregnant or even be able to hand the baby over when it is born? Tommy is acting like a 5 year old. I want my sweets and yours too. I wish Tina has taken up Rita's offer of some money to get Kirsty off her back another terrible character come on Tyrone run away or throw her out and look after the baby yourself. Didn;t you discuss with kevin how he got the DNA test done? lets hope there wont be too many tears before bedtime. Liz.

ChiaGwen said...

OMG Frosty - I laughed till I almost peed!! Either that or a rusty surgical instrument - useless character.


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