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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Michael Le Vell interview, Sophie Webster in intensive care

Next week on Coronation Street sees yet another road accident and this time it's Sophie Webster who's getting knocked down, run over and shipped to hospickle in intensive care.

Michael Le Vell, who plays Sophie's dad Kevin Webster, is interview in The Radio Times where he talks about Sophie accident. Ryan Connor's involved in Sophie's road crash, as you knew he would be.  Sophie gets knocked over after pulling Ryan back from the brink of disaster following a drunken bender. After scoring some coke and starting a fight, Ryan is a man on the edge. High on drugs, he starts to play chicken on a dual carriageway, but it’s Sophie that’s the one left badly injured. To make matters even worse, Ryan flees the scene of the accident once the ambulance arrives.

Michael tells Radio Times: “The hospital tells Kevin and Sally that Sophie has suffered a fracture to her spine and that she faces an operation. They will only know whether there is any significant nerve damage once they operate. The doctors explain that no operation is 100 per cent safe and that, because they will be working so close to Sophie’s spinal cord, that there is added risk involved. They can’t tell Kevin at that point whether or not Sophie will be able to walk again. This latest news tears Kevin’s world apart.”

“Sophie tells Kevin and Sally straight away what happened to her. She confirms that Ryan was being stupid and playing in the road. But what Sophie does not want to do is involve the police. She begs Kevin and Sally not to reveal Ryan’s identity and tells them that Ryan is her friend.

Michael also talks about whether Sophie's accident will bring Kevin and Sally even closer. Read the full interview at the Radio Times.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, not to worry - she'll be fine in no time cuz that's the best damn hospital on the planet!

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

She's in the Coronation Street Ward..probably in the same bed she was in when she fell off the roof. Of course Sally and Kevin have to get back together now..finally.
Ryan has to go..this on again off again coke head is doing my head in.

Anonymous said...

Good job Phil Collinson's going. He's just obsessed with intensive care and miscarriages. It's not long since Sophie was last in intensive care after her church fall!

Dolly Tubb said...

She'll be fine. She bounced off a church roof not so long since with nary a scratch. Quick trip to the Shrine of St Wethy of Field and she'll be off that ventilator before you can say 'cough drop'.

John M said...

I'm sure she will survive and will be out of hospital fully recovered within a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

God, the programme is going further and further down the drain. How on earth are viewers supposed to find this interesting?

David said...

Will Sophie be put in the Webster ward, where she went when she fell off the church roof, Kevin when he had the hydraulic lift accident, Sally when she had the fall in Anne Foster's house and Bill when he had the heart attack?


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