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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Corrie weekly awards: Oct. 15 - 19

Classic Deirdre moment. "OH TRAYCEEE"

Bitten off more than you could chew award: Tracy isn't over the moon about Ryan and Steve knows her well enough to see it.

Who are you and what have you done with Ryan? Ryan no longer smokes (remember, he started that fire at No. 13) and apparently doesn't have a craving for drugs anymore either.

Ham handed plans go awry award: Steve's cunning plans are always ill thought out and always come back to bite him in the backside. Always. Breaking up with Michelle? Maybe he should have told her his plan first.

Are you new here award: Has Nick forgotten all that trouble Kyle's caused in the Bistro in the past? He hires her????

Home County award: Kirk isn't into foreign food, prefers Pizzas (Italian) and kebabs (mid-eastern).

Sarcasm for England award: Not sure who would win the gold medal here. Deirdre and Tracy for slagging off Ken or Ken for giving it to Tracy about where she's going to live with the new baby.

Deliverance award: It won't be long before Steve's his own grandpa. The factory bees sure find the intracacies of the latest genetic developments tangled.

New Best Friend award: Steve might as well talk to the pinata, nobody else listens to him.

Scam award: I knew Dennis was going to pretend to be the mystery drinker to get free drinks and getting legless! Cheeky thing!
Tracy is the queen of scammers. I didn't think she was pregnant and she admitted it to Beth

Leopards and Spots award: Has Lewis changed or has he just been playing the long game with Audrey? He was honest with Audrey when he didn't know she already know the whole story but why does he want to run away so urgently?

Lurking award: Does noboby at all really notice a car with a familiar man sat in it for hours parked right across from the salon?

Caffeine award: Mary was right. She does get tetchy with too much coffee.

Fashion shout out for Julie's rather retro look. A design classic indeed.

Lines of the week:
Ryan to Michelle "You're such a drama queen" (under the circumstances, I think she's entitled)
Ken to Tracy "When you're nice you're usually up to something"
Ken "Our daughter is having a baby with her husband's girlfriend's son! It's deeply unedifying!" Tracy "It's deeply Jerry Springer!" (you can say that again!)
Tracy "Murder and a mini-break. You'll put the travel agent to shame!"
Deirdre to Wendy "Girly catch-up ok? I don't do existential"
and "Where do you stand on Manchester Tart?"
Julie about Wendy "Look at the behind on her! She's no stranger to cake" (contradicting Wendy's earlier insistence that she prefers crackers and cheese and figs)
Ken "Tracy's going to sing whatever tune she wants, when she wants and we're all going to dance to it. And you call me long-winded!"
Kylie about Audrey "Con men, trannies, she don't have much luck."
Norris about Lewis "Now he'll be in Brittany in some back street sniffing around some widow's euros"
Gloria about Lewis "I'll bet he's a double agent with a license to thrill"

Tracy "RESULT!" (well, she was thinking it, wasn't she, when Steve asked her to move in with him and Michelle)
Steve "All my live people have been beating me with sticks to get something out of me"
Mary "Twist my head off and I think you'll find another four or five Marys lurking inside" (Now that's a horrible thought!)
Penny "Seeing him's one thing. Seeing through him's another"
Steve to Lloyd "Your last girlfriend was a bed hopping pole dancer"
Gail "This has all the earmarks of a scam!" (the thought occurred to me, too)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Worldwide Newsflash Coverage award: Now just how did Miss Diane, sorry Penny, walk straight into a Salford backwater to so easily track down the evasive Lewis Archer? Is the Weatherfield Gazette available in Lille? I am with Gail on this one- it, looks as if the slime ball is in cahoots with Penny to fleece the ever more idiotic Audrey. And where did Lewis get that nice big car, I thought he was broke? And where did Aud get the spare £10k, I thought she was broke? That back street hairdressers with more staff than customers must sure be raking it in.

You don’t say! Award: So BIG surprise Tracy is not preggars after all, just a scam to wind up Steve and Michelle. Didn’t Tracy and Ryan visit Doc Carter though? You would have thought Steve would at least have wanted a scan photo as proof without just taking Weatherfield’s biggest liar’s word for it.

Disappearing landlady award: Stella going of on her jaunts for hen nights and girls night outs all of a sudden. Is it legal for her to just leave the pub in the hands of her batty old mother? Cue more silliness with the secret drinker being mistaken for Dennis,

Head band award: Love the way Mandy always has a head band to match her outfit. Now the threesome has stopped arguing perhaps they can integrate into the cast and make for some INTERESTING stories.

Corrie take note award: Emmerdale has been absolutely top notch this week. Knocking the drivel we have been served up from the Street lately into a cocked hat Bring on Stuart Blackburn!!!

Tvor said...

Probably too early for a scan. Tracy could have left Ryan out in the waiting room because of the inevitable internal exam and just made some other excuse up to the doctor or got her anti-rejection meds renewed or something. Easy enough to scam the dumbbunny "daddy".

I wondered about Lewis' car too.

Anonymous said...

Tracey didn't go to Dr. Carter. She went to some natal clinic. Yeah I'm sure she left doofus sitting in the waiting room. Thick as a brick that boy! I thought you needed at least some kind of brain to make it into a university, no?

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Who did Kylies hair? She looks totally stunning!

Mrs Barton said...

I also thought there were a lot of crackin' lines this week Tvor... apart from bloody annoying Tracey it's been a good week

Kate said...

This has been an odd week of Corrie for me - some good and some bad. Liked the stuff at Roy's, seeing some of the older cast, and love Kylie in the Bistro. But everything with Michelle & Steve etc was tiresome and predictable, not enjoyable viewing!

Bezza said...

Would have thought someone would have asked Tracey to produce a positive pegnancy test at some point

Danny-K said...

Bad culinary manners award goes to Beth for -

Tracy speaking to Beth, gives up as her stomach turns, at Beth's open agape in astonishment food-filled mouth:

"Beth, will you shut your mouth when you're eating?"

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree with Bezza about the pregnancy test. Steve at least would want to see evidence. Her refusal would confirm she was lying. Is anyone enjoying this storyline?

ChiaGwen said...

Bezza and Humpty - you forget this is Steve who willingly accepted that Amy was his child because the town liar said so - no mention of a DNA Test -EVER!

Anonymous said...

The writers have absolutely no idea what to do with Kate Ford's character (which they totally ruined to being with when she caved Charlie Stubb's head in) so they're resorting to idiotic plots like the fake pregnancy. I would think even Steve (brain dead dolt that he is) would've insisted on seeing the results of a pregnancy test. If the producers are not going to do anything other than give the viewers a reason to hit the FFWD key, they might as well pack her in and kill her off.


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