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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday October 19

Has  supposed reformed conman Lewis now made lovelorn Audrey the victim of a new double scam?

Daughter Gail, who has never approved of the ex gigolo (played by master smoothie Nigel Havers, currently sporting an alarmingly orange fake 'holiday' tan) seems  to think so. 

Shefears that Lewis  is in cahoots with his supposedly dumped ex love Penny ( played by Sue Hanson aka Miss Diane from Crossroads) who turned up on the Street and whom Audrey paid off with a cheque for the £10,000 Lewis had  apparently conned out  of he years ago.  

 After reappearing contrite to Audrey after disappearing on their holiday, Lewis, still professing his love, tried to persuade  Audrey  to up sticks, leave her friends and family and runaway with him. He was, he explained, dodging Penny ( played by Miss Diane of Crossroads)  whom he had seen on the train and  feared would shop him to the police.

Audrey had her bags packed and had said her coded goodbyes to  her family but had a change of heart and invited Penny to a showdown with Lewis. Penny allowed herself to be paid off with Audrey's hard earned savings. 

However  Audrey defiantly stood by her man, saying she had missed him, preferred life with him rather than not, saying: "I paid Penny so I could stay with my man and family."

Afterwards, a  horrified Gail muttered:"I will not stand back  and watch my mother being humiliated again, I'm onto him."

 Was Penny's story true? Was Lewis telling the truth or double crossing? Havers, who always looks a little shifty anyway, seemed to be playing it straight with no  obvious clues that the character may be playing a double game.

 But Lewis has a history of conning money out of besotted women of a  certain age. We will have to see.. There won't be much left of dear old Audrey's heart to break ( nor or her savings) if this is the case..

Meanwhile Lloyd and ex love Mandy became closer and shared a kiss.

And in a nice humorous scene which allowed Philip Lowrie to do a bit of acting - and show a spark of the character's old mischief - Dennis Tanner  pretended to be the mystery drinker  judge for the awards for Lancashire Leisure magazine,. Gloria plied him with sugary charrn, free drinks and hotpot before he happily keeled out on the floor in a drunken stupor.

 Meanwhile, Gloria was rude to the real Mystery Drinker, suggesting he could do without toilet paper in the Rovers' loos and it was left to Eva, who had guessed his identity, to save the day by turning on the charm.

Kylie, keen to better herself, and with a posh new beehive hairdo, landed herself a job working at the Bistro for brother in law Nick.

Manic Mary organised yet another (Moroccan) theme dinner evening at Roy's Rolls but Anna said she was too tired to cope with another  one on top of her day working, declaring:  "I'm knackered".

Tracy admitted to Beth that she had faked her pregnancy  just to annoy Michelle,  and received the result she wanted when Michelle was duly dumped by Steve who could not cope with the live in presence of  toxic Tracey and duped toy boy  Ryan.

All in all, quite  an eventful couple of episodes!

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Sue said...

Hi, would you be able to ask your contacts in the corrie fashion department where they bought Leanne's red dress she was wearing in this episode? My mum lived it do I'd like ti buy it her for Xmas,thanks, sue

Anonymous said...

I really hope Beth tells someone/anyone that Tracy isn't pregnant!! I can't take much more of this storyline. Maybe she'll confide in Kirk and he'll inadvertently spill it to Michelle.

~JB in Canada

Humpty Dumpty said...

How many sitcoms have been based on restaurants etc wrongly identifying the mystery eater/drinker? No, I don't know either, but it seems a very worn-out way to get a laugh, Dennis's comic drunk notwithstanding. Rita put it well when she said to Gloria: "You ridiculous woman." Quite ridiculous to get an actor of Sue Johnston's standing and give her such silly stuff. Wasted opportunity and the same applied to Robert Vaughn (Milton).

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who's been enjoying Corrie in the past few weeks? Of course there are things I'm not liking (Tracy, the surrogacy thing, the impending return of Sophie), but there's been plenty of good stuff in there too (Wendy Crozier, Lewis and Audrey, the return of Kylie). And to me the best thing is that finally the pace of things has changed. We seem to have left behind the breakneck speed and continuous miserable hyperdrama of last year and returned to a more manageable speed with a greater accent on humour. A good thing, IMO.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

I screamed at the tv but no-one heard so I'll say it here. Why doesn't someone....(Steve or Michelle) just hand Tracy a pegnancy testing stick and demand she go and pee on it. If they're in the flat then she's got no way of cheating..... Simples!!

Actually did I dream it or did Ryan and Tracy walk into the flat an episode or so back and say THEY'D been to the doctors and everything was ok??

ChiaGwen said...

Finally some scenes with Dennis that last longer than a nano-second! I laughed out loud when he keeled over soused to the gills!! Give him more comedy - please keep Lewis - I can see him, Ken and Dennis blathering on over drinks in the Rovers.

What's with Stella's hair - looks like the end of a broom baked in a hit oven!

ChiaGwen said...

um.......should be a HOT oven....

Anonymous said...

Stella's hair looks like a wig perhaps that's why it looks strange as she has lost a lot of her hair due to the illness that's going to come out soon. I agree with anonymous they should march Tracy down to the medical centre and demand a pregnancy test and or ultra sound there and then and state not leaving till it's done. Can see the mayhem that would break out - Deirdre is in cockoo land with all the baby nonsence etc - perhaps she needs a stiff drink a stiff talking to and a cigarette... Liz.


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