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Monday, 15 October 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 15 Oct

Coronation Street, Monday 15th October 2012 at 7.30pm

AUDREY BROADCASTS. With Lewis still missing (having disappeared from the Eurostar on the way home) Audrey is persuaded by the police to go on local television in a plea to find Lewis. As the Street watch her pour her heart out gossip about Lewis’s dubious past and their turbulent relationship is rife. David meanwhile shares his doubts about the true nature of Lewis’s disappearance to Nick. Nick warns him not to air these when Audrey is in ear-shot. Later however he has a visitation at the Bistro from a mysterious stranger, alerted by the recent press coverage, who claims to be able to shed some light on Lewis’ whereabouts!
RYAN HAS A SHOCK FOR MICHELLE. Ryan tells Michelle that regardless of her feelings on the subject he’s having a baby with Tracy and they’re off to see a midwife to register the pregnancy. Later at the factory Michelle is at her wits end when she catches the factory girls gossiping about the complicated relationships between the Barlows and the McDonalds. Rob steps in to stop her blowing her top as Ryan and Tracy arrive. Tracy makes Ryan apologise for all they trouble they’ve caused. He then announces his plans to prevent any further acrimony occurring. And they’re far from what Michelle would have wanted to hear.
LLOYD AND MANDY FINALLY MAKE CONTACT WITH JENNA. Lloyd and Mandy have been getting on well despite not hearing from Jenna. While they’re sharing a moment reflecting on the past Jenna finally turns up having done some thinking. Will she agree to them all going out to dinner to talk things over?
Elsewhere Seeing how quiet the salon is Nick asks Kylie if she’d like a job at the Bistro instead. As David struggles to hide his annoyance will Kylie accept? Mary gears up for a Russian theme night in honour of Emily’s birthday and Gloria’s B&B guest has a nice surprise for her.

Coronation Street, Monday 15th October 2012 at 8.30pm 

AUDREY IS CONFRONTED BY LEWIS’ PAST. Mysterious stranger Penny explains to Audrey that Lewis (or “Hugh” as he called himself to her) is a conman who she thought was her lover but ripped her off for thousands and did a runner. She spotted him on the Eurostar by chance and he fled. Audrey remains adamant that Lewis has changed and genuinely loves her. But later at Emily’s birthday bash in the café Audrey clocks Rita, Dennis and Norris questioning Gail. Sick of Norris’ probing Audrey finally admits she’s been a fool again, it looks like Lewis has scarpered once more. But as an emotional Audrey leaves she’s unaware she’s being watched from across the street.
STEVE BUILDS BRIDGES WITH TRACY AND RYAN. Steve and Michelle’s recent tiffs are forgotten when she tearfully tells him of Ryan and Tracy’s plans to move to Glasgow. Steve decides matters are now well and truly out of hand and heads to No 1 with Michelle to discuss the situation like adults. Tracy claims that all she wants is to be happy with Ryan. Steve, to Michelle’s horror, then says he thinks Ryan and Tracy should move into the flat with them. Will Michelle agree?
LLOYD’S GUTTED BY MANDY’S DECISION. Lloyd and Mandy are growing closer but the chance of any romance is ruined when Mandy gets upset realising Jenna’s not going to turn up for dinner.
Elsewhere Mary has another theme night success at the café at the expense of the Bistro and Gloria persuades Stella to go on holiday leaving her in charge of the Rovers.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

More Lewis nonsense, how boring is this character and this daft storyline and where does silly Aud get £10k to write off his debts, I thought she was broke. So tiresome, it must be nearly Panto season Nigel.

Anonymous said...

I love Lewis. His storyline is light hearted and funny. Just remember that this show isn't tailored to you and there is some characters/storyline we love and hate. But please, for my sanity, do not go on and on and on like a broken record. I got it at the first time! Ironic isn't it? You complaining about them recycling storyline when you recycle your complains!

Anonymous said...

I like Lewis too. He brings a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the Bistro. He's good at comedy moments as well. I reallllly hope he's not leaving!

~JB in Canada

Billy Niblick said...

It's the absurd Tracy Barlow storylines that bug me. How many more variations can they possibly come up with on the same basic storyline of Tracy engineering yet more cynical self-centered beyond-the-pale shenanigans?

We get the message - Tracy is nasty. The decision to bring her back from a life sentence for a murder of which she was definitively guilty on an unexplained "technicality" was the most brazenly maniplulative nonsense since Bobby Ewing's dream. Ever since, there has been a ceaseless stream of "evil Tracy" stories which are frankly tediously absurd.

Simon Cowell said...

Nobody is saying the show is "tailored" to anyone, what an absurd comment. The whole point of this blog is for our comments on Corrie, not moaning minnies that dont like others' posts.

ChiaGwen said...

Oh Frosty, what's not to love about Lewis! I hope he stays on Corrie for a long time - those Platts need someone with a bit of refinement.

Anonymous said...

I find it rather strange that some people find Audrey in bits after Lewis did a bunk on the Eurostar - light hearted and comical!!!

Anonymous said...

I like Lewis and Audrey together, I sincerely hope that this Penny woman was duped before Lewis got back with Audrey after reforming his ways.

I'm sorry but I agree with the first anonymous. Love reading these posts when there's a good discussion going on, whether we agree or not, it doesnt matter, giving reasons and suggestions etc, but there's the odd one or two that constantly recycle the same negative tripe over and over again which is what they're complaining about the program doing. Ok, that's fine, but don't be surprised if someone calls you on it now and again. And Mr Cowell, pot, kettle, black!

jackie said...

Who is "penny" in tonights corrie? What did she used to be in?

Anonymous said...

Diane off crossroads?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how the Gazette has gone down hill since Ken left the publication. The back page of the paper that Norris was reading said 'F1 Korean GP Suroising Result'. Yes, they spelt surprising as surpising, without the 'r'.

Anonymous said...

Steve invites Tracy and Ryan to live with Michelle and him!?!?!?! There are less far fetched fairytales. Next week: Ryan is locked out and so Tracy lets down her hair for him to climb up.

And by far the most boring posts on here are the ones moaning about other posts. If you don't like other contributors, then don't read what they write or start your own blog.

Anonymous said...

I felt so sorry for Aud..crying her eyes out..poor dearie. Sue N is the best.
I agree about Tracy. How about a relative of Charlie moves to the street and drives Tracy into madness..the ghost of Charlie past and all that..gaslighting storyline..I'd love to see that. Maybe they can turn the tables..have her terrified for a change.


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