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Monday, 15 October 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 15th Oct

There's a very busy feeling tonight on The Street as two main storylines jockey for position. The Lewis story though is perhaps the one with the most interest as after all this time it comes as a bit of a shock that Lewis should vanish.To see the 'disappearance' through the eyes of the police was revelatory in that they show quite clearly that in their eyes it was not the tragedy/emergency that Audrey believes it to be.

As Audrey lists Lewis's sartorial choices we see the police reaction, which filters through to us.So Lewis was wearing a pink open-necked shirt, light grey linen trousers, brown suede loafers and possibly a pink jumper which he was wearing to take off the chill in view of the air-conditioning on the Eurostar. Penny's arrival was timely and also through her one of the best lines tonight came to us. 'He went out for a baguette five years ago.' Audrey seems unconvinced, and as Ken says, love comes with a white stick. Ken also says, in response to Audrey's claim that Lewis's disappearance was uncharacteristic, that Houdini should be his middle name. Kylie, in true Kylie form, though this time not without a touch of compassion, points out that Audrey attracts trannies and conmen which in anybody's book is too much bad luck. Excellent ending to see Lewis on the cobbles. Great cliffhanger!

You have to feel for Michelle and for Steve too - and perhaps in the fullness of time we'll feel sorry for Ryan. How the four of them will manage in Michelle's flat offers up great scenes for the writers to bring our way. Notable how Tracey has given up her job already despite the fact that these days with improved ante-natal care, many women work on until just a few weeks (days) before the birth. True to form then that Tracey will continue to ride on the back of anyone willing to put up with her.

Mary! What a wonder she is! The best line of the night must be Mary's mother's comment that when she saw her daughter in a headscarf, she looked as if she should be queuing up for beetroot.

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abbyk said...

A good pair of episodes (Tracy & Ryan not withstanding) for certain, but the lines of the night, for me, were:

Ken - I’ve got problems of my own.
Audrey - Oh dear, is your book overdue?


Beth - We should do a family tree. It’d be like a spirograph.

Is Dennis the Everyman mystery judge? Huzzah, he has something to do.

Frosty the Snowman said...

These episodes were spoilt but the absolutely AWFUL Tracy debacle with Michelle's fake crying and constant YELLING and blaming Steve like the nagging wife she seems to have become in a matter of weeks. Add to this the gormless and naive Ryan, and its time for Frosty to fast forward. Steve is also becoming irritating in this oh so tedious storyline. If ONLY this pair had gone to Glasgow.

Beth said...

I was cheering them all the way to Glasgow - if only!

Humpty Dumpty said...

What's really tedious and unrealistic about the Tracy/Ryan storyline is that by now people would be saying: 'OK, fine, you go' and call their bluff.

Dilly Daydream said...

I have to agree - the Tracy/Ryan thing is really irritating me. Tracy is far too much a panto villain, it's getting right up my nose. And Steve, much as I love him, is so stupid that he is fast becoming one of my least favourite characters and I never thought I'd hear myself say that.

I mean, as if he would suggest that they all move in with him & Michelle! I know he wants to keep Amy but really! I don't know how many more of those "evil looks" Tracy tries to give that I can stomach.

The other thing that really irritated me (although not sure if it was Sunday or Monday's episodes, I watched them all last night) was Gail in the Bistro with the truckers' wives - PLEASE will the writers stop trying to make her a comedy character, it don't work, it just makes her look a bit simple!

And breathe.......

Dilly Daydream said...

Oh, and one more thing... Norris!! I HATE him, evil, nasty little man. And a rubbish actor too, almost as bad as her who plays Tracey.

Bezza said...

Susan Hanson didn't look a day older than when we last saw her on Crossroads

Janice said...

Just how big is Michelle's flat? Four adults, Amy and a baby? Einstein did say space was relative.

ChiaGwen said...

Agree, Norris has become a nasty little rodent and seems to have not one shred of any redeeming qualities about him - lock him in the motorhome and start the engine (and don't forget the hose from the tailpipe).

I cheered when Ken stood up to Tracy after each of her biting comments - her and Dreary really are a vile twosome.

Anonymous said...

I've always hated Norris - he really is a vile person. I had hoped Mary would bump him off when she took him away on that vacation.

This whole thing with Tracey moving into Michelle's place is beyond idiotic. No one in real life with an ounce of common sense would agree to that!

And Steve is THE biggest idiot ever. Gawd, I'm realllly tired of him and his dumb ideas.

Hey! Norris & Tracey! Now THERE's a match made in heaven. Two evil soul-less people.

~JB in Canada


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