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Monday, 22 October 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 22 October

Monday 22nd October 2012 at 7.30pm

STEVE SOON REGREETS HIS BIG DECISION. After splitting up with Michelle Steve spends the night at Lloyd’s. Tracy’s in her element watching Michelle fret over Steve. When he calls at the flat for his stuff Michelle begs him to talk but Steve cruelly ignores her pleas leaving Michelle completely bewildered. Steve confides in Lloyd that dumping Michelle is just ruse to split up Ryan and Tracy and once that’s done he’ll get back together with Michelle. But when Steve points out to Tracy that now she’s successfully split them up she can stop playing games with Ryan, Tracy insists she loves Ryan and is carrying his child. Steve’s thwarted and when he discovers Rob has taken Michelle to the Bistro to comfort her he worries that his master plan has gone sadly awry!

AUDREY AND LEWIS FACE THEIR CRITICS. With news rife about the latest glitch in their relationship Audrey and Lewis try to front it out. Nick refuses to give Lewis his old job back and Audrey is faced with her friends clearly thinking there’s no fool like an old fool. Gail meanwhile voices her suspicion that Penny and Lewis are actually in cahoots. How will Audrey react to this and how will Lewis react to an unexpected job offer?
MARY OPENS HER CAFÉ IN THE CLOUDS. Anna finally snaps when Mary decides to transform Roy and Hayley’s flat into an upstairs dining area for her French night.
Elsewhere Mandy and Lloyd’s relationship develops.

Monday 22nd October 2012 at 8.30pm

STEVE’S PLAN HAS EXPLOSIVE RESULTS. After spotting Rob and Michelle staring into each others eyes Steve decides to crank up his plans to split Tracy and Ryan. Convincing Ryan that he should make an honest woman of Tracy and propose Steve sits back as in the Rovers Ryan goes down on one knee and asks Tracy to marry him. Ryan instantly clocks Tracy’s look of abject horror but put on the spot what will she say? As all hell breaks loose, Steve is pleased with the results but how will Michelle react when Steve tells her what he’s really been up to?
GLORIA HAS A TERRIBLE REVELATION FOR LEWIS. Lewis is working his first shift at the Rovers and enjoying himself. He’s concerned when Dr Carter arrives and Gloria quickly ushers him through to the back. Later Lewis finds her in floods of tears as she tells him the true startling reason for her returning to the bosom of her family.
KYLIE PLOTS AS MARY FLIES SOLO. As the cafes French night soars Nick sends Kylie home from the empty bistro. Later she pays a visit to the pop-up restaurant where she spies Beth dolling out cognac. After putting up with Mary bragging about her success Kylie has a sneaky idea to take the wind out of her sails for good.
Elsewhere When Gary interrupts Tina and Tommy’s romantic night in to discuss the surrogacy it becomes clear that Tommy is still finding the idea harder to take then he’s letting on.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh no back to stary eyed manical Gary Windbucket and the surrogate bey bey story, its been so nice without it!

Anonymous said...

Gloria has a terminal illness I'm guessing. I think Lewis belongs at the Bistro..he's just so upper crust (for a con man).

Loving Kylie ... lets have more of her (she's such a little witch - a mini Gail!)


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