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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, October 22 2012

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Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update.  
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There’s no fool like an old fool, as well Audrey knows, and she invites mystery woman Penny along to face Lewis with her as he tries to lure Audrey far, far away. With her cases packed, and Lewis ready to run, his face turns that peculiar shade of grey my dad’s used to turn when he smoked his once-a-year cigar each Christmas. Well, it was Christmas, and the cigar had been given to him by a big-wig at work. It didn’t matter that he didn’t smoke. Anyway, I digress.  When Penny turns up, she has a go at Lewis, as does Gail. Oh, and David. Oh yes, and Nick. Penny complains she’s ten thousand pounds down due to Lewis’ dodgy dealings and what does Audrey do? She only goes and pays Penny off with a cheque. Oh Audrey. Oh dear. She won’t listen to her family, she won’t listen to her head. The only sound she can hear is the cry of her heart and the sound of her oven warming up to cook a Freshco frozen meal for one, and it’s a sound she can’t abide.

So she pays Penny off, lets Lewis know he’s off the hook as far as Miss Diane from Crossroads is concerned, dusts herself down and gets on with her life. Lewis comes up smelling of roses when he gets a job in the Rovers as their new, and rather dapper, barman.  But what’s Gloria plotting in the back room of the pub? She’s overhead Audrey and Lewis’ situation, as only a landlady can, while she’s titivating the nuts and the pumps.  Next thing we know, Dr Carter’s been called in and Gloria tells Lewis she’s dying. Methinks there’s a plot afoot for Gloria to put Lewis to the test and I do believe Gail might be behind it. I could be wrong, of course but I seldom am.

Mind you, Gloria’s got more on her mind than luring Lewis into her man-trap because she thinks she’s found the mystery drinker from Lancashire Life who’s there judge for the pub of the year competition. The only thing is, she’s got the wrong bloke. Dennis overhears Gloria saying she’s got to make a good impression with mystery drinker and so he pretends he’s the one, and gets plenty of free drinks from Gloria, aiming to please. Not so pleased is the real mystery drinker who spots what’s going on. Could the game be up for Gloria and the glory taken away from Golden Glo? And by eck, for those who like to know these things (like what I do), the Rovers had a guest beer on this week.

Determined to out Tracy’s lies about her relationship with Ryan, Steve breaks up with Michelle in front of Tracy and Ryan. If only he’d told Michelle of his man-scam-plan, but no, she thinks it’s for real and treats it as such with tears and tantrums before finding a warm seat next to Rob for some comfort. Oh Steve. Oh dear. Steve thinks he’s dong great, he even convinces Ryan to do a full frontal proposal to Tracy in the Rovers so everyone can hear what’s going on. Not only does Tracy turn him down, she tells him she’s no longer pregnant although we all know that she never really was.  So while Steve was aiming to do the right thing and his actions might have had the results he was after, Michelle wants nowt to do with him now.

Over at Roy’s Rolls, Mary holds more theme nights but after the Moroccan night, Anna tells Mary she’s quitting, it’s too much hard work and she’s not sure Roy’d be happy. Oh, he won’t, he won’t.  Mary drafts in Norris to work on the French night and even opens the Croppers’ flat up to accommodate more diners. Oh Mary. Oh dear. When Roy finds out he won’t be best pleased, even if the theme nights are a financial success, it’s not what Roy’s about and he won’t want to upset the workers at the Bistro, which is what Mary’s gone and done as their takings have hit rock bottom since Mary’s theme nights have begun.

And finally this week, Lloyd and Mandy share some sub-duvet action and Jenna comes to her senses. There’s a nice little family set-up settling down for Lloyd and I like it a lot.

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ChiaGwen said...

Mandy looks more like an older sister to Lloyd - I'm not getting the vibes between them. Except maybe for Jenna this storyline has been a disappointment for me and I'm tired of it already.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, Lloyd could do so much better. Can't understand why he would want anything to do with that woman after she cheated him out of bringing up his child and spent years lying to protect the cosy life she made for herself. We're supposed to find her likeable???


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