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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hallowe'en! Sneak preview of tonight's Coronation Street

Coronation Street, Wednesday 31st October at 7.30pm

WILL TINA GO BACK ON HER WORD? Tommy’s pleased the surrogacy is in the past and assures Tina they’ll sort out a way to pay Owen his money back. But unbeknown to Tommy, Tina heads to No6 and announces that the deal’s back on. Izzy’s wary but eventually convinced that Tina’s being sincere she reveals they have to act fast as today is their last chance to implant the eggs. Meanwhile Tommy has gone to Rita to ask for a loan to pay off Owen and she’s agreed. But when he arrives at No 6 with a cheque he’s surprised to find Tina there. Is Tommy too late, has Tina gone through with the embryo transfer?
AUDREY HAS A CONFRONTATION WITH GLORIA. When Audrey discovers a dog track programme in Lewis’ jacket, Emily admits she saw Lewis and Gloria heading off together on Friday. Audrey tackles Gloria who claims she was doing her a favour. Audrey’s bemused, what does she mean?
THE WEBSTERS PRAY FOR SOPHIE’S RECOVERY. The Websters wait anxiously to hear the prognosis for Sophie. Will she regain movement in her legs?
Elsewhere Ken’s horrified to discover he’s spent the night at Wendy’s. She’s amused but how will Deirdre react, will Ken come clean about whereabouts?

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Kate said...

Oh dear, not more surrogacy stuff!

Anonymous said...

Go for it, Tina. At least YOU are doing something about the mess Tommy got you two into.

I'm tired of the storyline, but if I have to choose who I'll support, it's Tina, Gary and Izzy. Tommy might love Tina, but he's doing nothing to fix the mess HE made.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Goddamnit, just have Tina go through with it. It puts an end to the debt/surrogacy storyline. And if they really don't want Tina having a baby, just have her miscarriage or something in the "explosive" Christmas storyline. Or is The Rovers not getting blown up anymore?

Surrogacy@LWC said...

There's so much to consider when entering into a surrogacy but it seems both Tina and Izzy are going to be the winners. Tina gives Izzy and her partner the gift of a family and in doing so, solves her and Tommy's money problems. I agree with Rita - Tommy either needs to get behind her and support her decision or walk away. Why is he not appreciative of the fact that Tina is going through this for him? I predict 9 months down the line, Tina and Tommy are going to want to keep the baby! Anyone else?

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