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Monday, 29 October 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 29 October 2012

Deceptions, threats, forgiveness, betrayal, redemption - all packed into the double episode tonight.

What a star Sophie is! She can't  feel her legs, yet is keen to forgive Ryan and also to use the situation to extract from him a promise that he will never take drugs again. Having had it in the neck, more than understandably from Kevin and Sally, Sally telling him tonight that he deserves Sophie's pain and agony, Sophie is a lesson to them and us as she embodies real forgiveness. If we were to be really down on Tracy, we could put Sophie's accident down to her. Then again, as the Weatherfield witch says herself, 'I didn't tell him to go and play in the road with Sophie Webster.'

Poor Deidre though -. we must spare a thought for her. With a daughter like Tracy and  the temptress Wendy luring her ex, Ken (not that he needed much luring) back to her place. But maybe there is not that much life left in the old boy as Wendy wraps a gently snoring Ken in a blanket on the settee. Deirdre will find out where he was though and any denial fro Ken will not be believed..

In a higher deception league than Ken is of course Lewis. The writers have done well here keeping us guessing as to his true nature. Gloria makes a convincing winner of £12,500 and of course Lewis is keen to accompany her on a dinner date, but then he does believe that she is dying and it would be lacking in gallantry to turn her down or would it? Deception layers on deception! Audrey is on to him too, quizzing him about his night in Knutsford with his heartbroken friend. Further deception from Gloria as she confirms that the programme from the dogs was found in The Rovers and Lewis just popped it in his pocket. O what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive.' Except that this is not the first time for Gloria or for Lewis. Intriguing though,

Perhaps the only person genuinely happy this double episode is Mary. Nick states, ' I want you to do for us what you did for Roy.' So she has secured a job at The Bistro, which will please some viewers but dismay others. No more pop-up nights but a regular slot for her not inconsiderable skills. Kylie and Mary? Definitely from different planets.

The big story of course tonight is the surrogacy saga. So Tommy put his foot down and Tina's womb is no longer available to house the embryo of Gary and Izzy. Owen then decides that his flat is therefore no longer available to house Tina and Tommy and wants them out by the end of the week and the 5 grand returned by then too. 

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Anonymous said...

I could TRY to feel something for Deirdre if she'd stop believing and defending her devious/evil daughter.

And if Ken decides to have a fling, I say good on him!

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

I could TRY to feel something for Tina if she was half-way a decent person. She's so concerned with money that she can't even consider how terribly she's raised then dashed Izzy and Mike's hopes. What a sh**head!

Anonymous said...

Shanny said: Tommy is a selfish son of a bitch. Tina is right, it's her body, her decision. Tommy should not be using emotional blackmail by telling Tina he will leave her if she goes through with it. I would say to Tina, let Tommy leave and you pocket all the money. Men are more trouble than they are worth and Tommy has proved this tonight.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Tots amazing the way Tina and Tommy Dolt are shocked that Owen wants his five grand and his flat back - dah - did ya just expect him to shake his head and say never mind keep it?? Frosty cannot nunderstand why Gloria had to tell such a lie that she was dying to get Lewis's attention, surely that defeats the whole object as he is just being kind? Gloria is just one irritating old baggage.

Anonymous said...

At least Mary has something to do on a regular basis and perhaps that will give some direction to her insanity that will fuel some actual humour between her and Kylie? Why are Tina and Tommy worried? They can shack up with Rita and use her dosh to pay Owen back. Problem solved, right? Here's praying we see Gloria off in a cab very soon.

Humpty Dumpty said...

What a waste of Sue Johnston with Gloria proving to be a real disappointment. I say to Ken 'go for it' with anyone other than Deirdre whose character has been ruined by Tracy. Inevitably, Ken and Deirdre will get back together (in the short term, anyway)because he's a stick-in-the-mud. Would be great if Tracy was packed off to London. She used to be a character viewers loved to hate but now too dull to have any emotion about. Owen is a great example of someone you love to hate - multi-layered and interesting.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Tommy = PATHETIC!! As usual he thinks nothing through. Sitting there, bold as you like telling them all that its his decision Tina's not doing it, he's put his foot down......and then acting all surprised when Owen turfs them out and wants his money back....thick as two planks that one. He deserves a massive slap round the ear with the hand of reality!!

And Ken....what another pathetic excuse of a man. He's moaned to any woman that will listen over the years....Deidre this and Deidre that...poor old me....I'm so much better than her and my two up & two down in the back streets of Weatherfield...I'm educated I am.....For gods sake...piss or get off the pot!!

And in finally....yay for Nick taking on Mary, cant wait to see what country she's off to next.

Anonymous said...

This surrogacy story is turning me off the whole show. It's badly motivated - Izzy is capable of having a baby she's just fearful of another miscarriage so such dire measures so soon are implausible - and everyone involved is being selfish to an offputting degree. It is making me dislike characters I'd previously been fond off.

The only person emerging with any credit is Tommy and his scenes are becoming boringly repetitive. Chris Fountain is one of the best actors on the Street; he deserves better.

The worst thing is that there is no end in sight and we will have to suffer it for at least another nine months. If it carries on like this I may have to give up on Corrie.

Anonymous said...

I hope to god that the new producer has a good look at the show and wipes ojt some of the wastes of space. Tommy and Tina and pleasing to the eye but are the most miserable pair the cobbles has ever seen. They agree to the surrogacy, move into Owens flat, take his money, decorate the flat (!) and then are surprised when he's a tad peeved they have pulled out. I am fed up of seeing the pair of them moping about the street. Tina had spark when she first arrived, as did Tommy to a certain extent. Now they are sucking the life out of the street and taking valuable screen time from other loved characters. I hope the producer takes a chance that in losing these two he may lose the occassional front cover of NUTS or GT but may bring back viewers who are turned off by thier over the top storylines- Micky

Kate said...

Decent episodes, minus the surrogacy and holier-than-thou Sophie. The forgiveness was far too quick! I completely agree with the Anon above that the bad 'motivation' for the surrogacy is the reason why this storyline is so unappealing - that and the fact that all of Windass/Armstrong meetings are just too cozy for me.

I think the installaion of Mary at the Bistro could be quite funny, with interactions with Kylie and perhaps a more toned-down approach to the evenings under Nick's watchful eye!

I don't understand why Roy wasn't annoyed with Anna as well though - didn't he leave her in charge?

Janice said...

Question: What is more incomprehensible than Spohie slurring her words?
Answer: Sophie lying on her with a catheter at her nose slurring her words.

I made out about one in five words.


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