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Monday, 29 October 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Coronation Street, Mon 29 Oct

Coronation Street, Monday 29th October 2012 at 7.30pm

TROUBLED TOMMY RESORTS TO DESPERATE MEASURES. As the day of the embryo transfer arrives Tommy’s still beating himself up over what Tina’s about to do. Tina tries to cheer him up by discussing the job interview he’s got later, while Tommy promises he’ll be back in time to take her to the clinic. In turmoil Tommy pours his heart out to Rita, telling her how unhappy he is at the idea of Tina renting out her womb to pay off his debts, certain it makes him like his Dad. Rita advises him to do something about it. As Izzy and Gary wait nervously at the fertility clinic will Tommy be able to do anything to change Tina’s mind?
SOPHIE UNDERGOES SURGERY. Sophie comes round after her operation and is frightened when she can’t feel her legs. Has the op been a success? Devastated to hear what Sophie is going through Ryan calls at the Websters but Sally gives him short shrift, blaming him for Sophie’s accident. But back at the hospital Sally and Kevin are stunned when Sophie tells them she wants to see Ryan. Will they agree? 
NICK FORCES A CONFESSION. Mary’s contrite as she and Roy head to their interview with the Licensing Enforcement Officer. They’re lucky just to receive a warning and when they head back to the street the culprit confesses to reporting them. How will Roy react, will Mary be forgiven?
Elsewhere when Gloria wins big on the horses Lewis is thrilled, telling her she deserves some good luck. Ken and Deirdre are rocked by news of Sophie’s accident. Ken clearly blames Tracy for her part in it but Deirdre defends her daughter. After a row Ken heads to his Governors’ meeting where Wendy offers to lend her ear.

Monday 29th October 2012 at 8.30pm

TINA AND TOMMY FACE A TOUGH DECISION. At the clinic Izzy tries to call a missing Tina but gives up when the doctor announces they’ve missed their slot. The embryos will still be viable for another 24 hours so it’s imperative that their surrogate attends tomorrow. Tommy meanwhile has stopped the car and explains to Tina how he just can’t cope with the idea of the surrogacy and if she goes ahead with it he’ll leave her. As Tina takes this in a devastated Gary and Izzy tell Anna and Owen about Tina’s no show. But when Tina arrives at the house apologizing for letting them down earlier will their spirits be lifted or dashed? Will Tina go through with her surrogacy plans despite Tommy’s ultimatum?
SOPHIE MAKES HER PEACE WITH RYAN. At Sophie’s request Ryan visits her in hospital. Sophie tells him that she’s lied to the police to protect him but makes Ryan swear he’ll give up drugs forever. Struggling with guilt Ryan’s emotional as he explains how desperately sorry he is. But will Sally and Kevin be as forgiving as Sophie?
KEN SEEKS SANCTUARY WITH WENDY. After the governors meeting Wendy suggests they go back to hers for supper. He considers this before making his excuses to Deirdre. Wendy’s keen to prove that she’s a good listener and encourages Ken to off load his woes. But when a tipsy Ken falls asleep in his chair Wendy doesn’t wake him. As she watches him have Wendy’s feelings for Ken been rekindled?
Elsewhere Nick steps in to mend Mary’s friendship with Roy. Gloria insists on taking Lewis out to dinner. Lewis feels obliged but will he lie to Audrey again?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Bill Roache is 80 and maybe within the next couple of years, he might think of easing up. Ken could either be just referred to but not seen much, or he could eventually take off with another woman. I wonder if the break-down in the their marriage is leading up to that - the very slow burn and an explosive exit.

Danny-K said...

"Sophie comes round after her operation and is frightened when she can’t feel her legs."

Most of the documentaries I've seen of paralysed patients, when told to wiggle their toes, have the sensation of thinking they have done, even when their body is incapable of doing so.

Amputees of arms also report this phenomenon of thinking they can 'feel' their fingers.

Would someone in Sophie's predicament be more likely to complain of 'numbness' rather than the more dramatic sounding "I can't feel my legs"?

Artistic license, Soaps and B movies . . .

Reminds me of the clip from a film of Ronald Reagan's during a documentary recounting his life's achievements where he wakes up in hospital after having his legs amputated and still lying prone screams: "Arrghh where's the rest of me?"

Anonymous said...

Blimey, that Wendy's in there quick!! Will Ken never learn?
If Tommy leaves Tina she could forget the surrogacy anyway as the debt is his, not hers. Or does she really just want to help Izzy and Gary? How much will they end up having to pay Owen for the flat if they back out now? - NN


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