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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Has Lewis the Leopard Changed His Spots?

This latest turn up with Lewis is interesting. He goes missing and then a woman turns up claiming he's scammed her in the past. When he finally shows his face, he admitted it to Audrey, apparently not knowing that Penny had filled her in. Right about then, I started to wonder if the pair of them were in on it together even before Gail mentioned it at the end of the second episode.

Lewis urged Audrey to run away with him. He wouldn't stick around because he reckoned Penny would sic the police on him, I guess. It seemed just like the old days when he was trying to con her into a hotel in Greece and very nearly did it. He claimed he couldn't go through with it then because he realized he loved her. Did he? Or is he playing a long game?

It was a nice move, Audrey pulling Penny in to face Lewis/Hugh. I've always loved how they use a particular camera angle in Audrey's house with her beloved, honest and upstanding Alf looking over Lewis' shoulder into the camera when Lewis is on a particularly hot seat. The comparisons are obvious.

Should Audrey be paying off Penny? Is Penny right? Is Lewis going to take her for her cash? Is he working with Penny?  He's so smooth that you just never know. Or is it a case of the boy crying wolf? Maybe he has changed. Or maybe pigs fly.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I thought Audrey acted hastily. She didn't even bother to check the woman out by asking for her address. Having said that, I don't think Penny and Lewis are in cahoots unless I missed a clue somewhere. I rather think Lewis has tired of his spot, a bit like Dennis Tanner. He's 60 and maybe weary of the escort/gigolo life which, let's face it, is not the most secure job in the world. And he is genuinely fond of Audrey. What's interesting is that Alec Gilroy used to say Audrey had a safe billet with Alf, and now she's offering one to Lewis. They may have some wonderful autumn years ahead. Quite possible that there will be future 'Penny's' to liven up their days.

Anonymous said...

I would like to think that Audrey and Lewis will stay together. But, knowing the writers, it's highly unlikely. Too bad. I really enjoy them together.

I wouldn't have been as quick as Audrey with my chequebook though! She must have a heckuva lot of cash!

~JB in Canada

Joseph said...

Man I really hope he's changed. I really like Nigel Hav- um I really like Lewis.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Audrey and Lewis stay together..I love them together. Best couple on the street IMO.

ChiaGwen said...

Oh please writers don't let Lewis turn out to be still a rat! Audrey and Lewis are great together and Rita and Dennis need a couple their age to hang out with.

Anonymous said...

It does seem odd that Audrey would issue a cheque for 10K to a woman she's just met and without any proof that the woman had reason to say she was owed this money. However, it has been typical on Corrie to have a storyline blow in like a runaway train.

Anonymous said...

Personally every time there is a scene in Audreys house I cringe as it still winds me up that its a different house to the one that was used for years with no explanation. Just like the fact lloyd suddenly has extra rooms!- Micky

Frosty the Snowman said...

I reckon every where Lewis goes there is a trail of slime right behind him, cue various posts of "I love Lewis". "Lewis is fabulous" from our middle aged lady bloggers. Stevie Wonder could see he is a bad un through and through and is ruining the character of Audrey who he has turned into a doormat.

Tvor said...

Lewis is a great character! But this middle aged lady blogger does think he's slime anyway. The two opinions do not necessarily have to be exclusive.

Danny-K said...

"...cue various posts of "I love Lewis". "Lewis is fabulous" from our middle aged lady bloggers."

Hee hee! LOL! Brilliant. (Maybe a hint of envy too? Yes?)

- And Kudos to Tvor for stepping up to the plate - but only with a 'great' and caveats.

I thought Audrey was supposed to be a hairdresser? So why is she happy to let her man run up and down without admonishing him for his long-overdue-a-haircut hairstyle?

Or is that uncharacteristically Lewis hairstyle, meant to be a sublimely significant signpost to his motives?

And if it is a scam, how would Lewis and the, he-popped-out-for-five-years-to-find-a-bagel woman, be absolutely sure Audrey would contact her, to come in for a refund?

If you're a scammer - that's a pretty risky strategy, even for a soap :) Even allowing for Lewis's expertise in knowing how Audrey thinks.

And besides, when has Gail ever 'worked out' anything accurately? She's married some rum 'uns in her time without ever working anything out about them! A woman's intuition and Gail do not belong in the same room.

Lewis is a great fit on the Street. The Bring back Lewis campaign starts the moment he's gone. (If that's to be). I fully expect Frosty's m/aged lady bloggers to lead us all from the front! :)

ChiaGwen said...

From a not middle-aged blogger.


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