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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Corrie weekly awards, October 22 - 25

David's 'death at 20 paces stare' is back!

Protest too much award: Michelle and Rob keep insisting that they are nothing more than old friends. Soap Law. You know the drill.

Worst Idea Ever award: Pretend-dumping your girlfriend and not telling her the plan? Talk about getting bitten in the backside.

Convenient Retcon award: Did we know Norris had gourmet restaurant service in his past? Me neither.

Worst Acting Ever: Ryan high. Sophie frantic. Ryan scared. I could hardly stand to watch.

Welcome Home award: Roy arrived home early into the middle of what was probably getting close to a classic Greek orgy judging from the raucous guests in the cafe.

Game Plan award: I knew something was up when Doc Carter didn't suggest Gloria go to ER when she pretended she was ill to get him to the pub, and he left the pub grinning. If she was really dying, he'd look a bit more sober, wouldn't he? And would he "confirm" it to her in the back room of the pub? And Lewis the Con man believed it all? 

Cliche dialogue alert: "Why can't I feel my legs?"

My little angel award: Michelle can't have her precious Ryan blaming himself so let's blame Tracy shall we?

Fashion Fugly award: God, that stripey thing of Michelle's was ugly!

Lines of the week:
David "I gave you a ten thousand pound note - oh no, that was my gran" and about Lewis "He's more double cross than Double-Oh-Seven"
Norris "Mary has morphed into Gordon Ramsay, only ruder"
Steve "Forgot me razor" Tracy "Can't just use your tongue?"
Gail "What you call charming, I call Slimy!"
Tracy about Ryan "He has to learn that life's a bitch. And if I hadn't let him down, somebody else would have done" (Oh well that's all right then!)
Mary about Norris "The discipline of steel that's needed in a dynamic restaurant was sadly lacking. If he hadn't hung up his apron, I'd have hung it up for him"
Kylie about Mary "She's a smug, demented fruitcake"
Deirdre to Ken "How would you like it if every time you wanted to 'spend a penny' I yanked your chain?"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Night at the dogs award: why would Lewis let Audrey down who he is supposed to be in love with, so soon after she bailed him out with Penny, for a night at the dogs with a dog? Ghastly Gloria who he barely knows? Very strange indeed.

Mr Angry award: Kevin is really a pointless pain in the proverbial. I am sick of that screwed up little face with the constant shouting about something or other coming out of the mouth. He looked like a hobo on Friday.

Suddenly remembered son award: All this constant wailing and angst from Michelle about R’Ryan when he wasn’t mentioned for 3 years and he wasn’t given a second thought when she was supposed to be cruising the Caribbean with Kieran. A little too over the top too late love.

Classy Lady award: Dreary blowing smoke rings in the street. I cannot understand how Deirdre has become so rough, Blanche was never like that. You cannot really blame Ken for showing interest elsewhere.

Multi Tasker award: Mary managed to decide to do a theme night at a moment’s notice, get in all the food, fancy dress, decorate the whole café in a Greek theme in less than two hours and cook all the food and wait tables, including those upstairs, all on her own . A true marvel.

Rachel said...

Agree re: Ryan's acting - I did wonder if they'd put him and Tracy together so their bad acting wouldn't affect the other actors! Surely they can send him off to acting lessons as they did with Chesney & Jason.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The awfulness of the acting recently hasn't been so stark because the class actors haven't been around to show them up. Welcome back, Chris Gascoyne and the rest of the Peter Barlow ensemble.

I agree about the way Deirdre's character is going. Her only contact with the world now is the immediate family and it's becoming a bore. It's odd that so many of the residents don't have friends which they could mention now and again. When new characters are needed, it could be one of these friends and their introduction would feel more natural.

ElephantMemory said...

Of course Norris has a background in catering.
He was a drinks waiter in "A Bit of a Do".
(And as camp as Chloe).

Anonymous said...

Didn't Norris play a Spanish waiter once who put the moves on Mavis? Maybe my memory is slipping.


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