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Friday, 19 October 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Fri 19 Oct

Coronation Street, Friday 19th October 2012 at 7.30pm 

LEWIS HAS A PROPOSITION FOR AUDREY. After a sleepless night Audrey’s alone in the salon when Lewis suddenly appears. As she demands to know where he’s been Lewis explains how he bumped into a woman on the Eurostar who he owes 10K so had no choice but to flee the train. He’s shocked when Audrey reveals she knows all about Penny as she came looking for him. When it sinks in that she’s here in Weatherfield Lewis decides he has to run away and he asks Audrey to go with him. Audrey eventually agrees, handing the salon master keys for David to a puzzled Kylie and Nick. Agreeing she’s been acting strangely the Platts head over to Audrey’s house. How will they react to find Lewis there and will Audrey be able to go through with her plan to leave the street.
STEVE GROWS SUSPICIOUS OF TRACY. The morning after she and Ryan have moved into the flat Tracy makes breakfast. Michelle holds her tongue as Tracy keeps calling her Granny but later explodes in front of Steve. Tracy catches the tail end of this and Steve see’s how much she’s relishing driving a wedge between him and Michelle. When he later catches Tracy showing little interest in Ryan’s conversation skills his suspicions are piqued. Watching on Beth wonders what exactly Tracy sees in Ryan. Will Tracy admit that her relationship with Ryan is all part of a plan?
LLOYD STANDS UP TO JENNA. Lloyd tries to talk to Mandy about their near kiss but Mandy closes down the conversation and suggests it’s time she moved out. Lloyd’s gutted. Meeting up with Jenna he listens to her explanation that a cosy dinner with Lloyd and her mum felt disloyal to her dad. Understanding Lloyd suggests they all meet on neutral ground instead. Will Jenna agree?
Elsewhere Mary’s shattered but when Kylie makes disparaging remarks about Roy’s Rolls she’s more determined than ever to outdo the Bistro and starts planning a Moroccan night.

Coronation Street, Friday 19th October 2012 at 8.30pm 

AUDREY PAYS A HEAVY PRICE. Taking in the suitcases a horrified Gail demands answers as Audrey confesses that she had been carried away with the idea of a fresh start with Lewis but realised it was nonsense and that running away wasn’t the answer. As a row escalates Penny arrives and clocking Lewis turns tail to call the police until Audrey begs her to stay. Penny berates Lewis who takes what she has to say on the chin. Ignoring Gail telling her to wake up and smell the coffee Audrey insists that Lewis is a changed man. Penny doesn’t care. She’s still out of pocket. Audrey’s family are stunned as she writes Penny a cheque for £10k clearing Lewis’ debts. Will Penny accept a pay off and will the Platts stand by and watch Audrey throw her hard earned catch away on Lewis?
STEVE IS DRIVEN TO A DESPERATE ACT. Now convinced that Tracy isn’t really interested in Ryan, but is simply using him as a weapon to come between him and Michelle, Steve hatches a plan. When Michelle prepares a romantic meal for him Steve turns round and tells her it’s over between them. As a shocked Michelle is left reeling how will Tracy react?
JENNA MAKES HER PEACE. Mandy and Lloyd are relieved when Jenna meets them at the café. As Jenna apologises for her behaviour will mother and daughter be reunited? Having had the chance to talk Mandy later rewards Lloyd for his part in it with a kiss. Will old passions resurface?
Elsewhere Mary throws a successful Moroccan night at Roy’s Rolls but Anna’s tired out and says there are to be no more themed nights. Rita’s hackles rise as Gloria lavishes Dennis with free drinks convinced he’s the mystery judge of the pub of the Year competition.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

I like Audreh but they are ruining her character with her behaving like a love struck doormat over this floppy haired la di la twerp. Grow a backbone love and kick him into the kerb.

Anonymous said...

I think Steve should march Tracy to the doctors with Ryan and Michelle in tow and demand a pregnancy test and scan there and then. It's a shame that the scarlet letter can't be pinned to her chest I don't like liars never have think it's time this matter is finally sorted Steve and Michelle need to have some happy time at last.


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