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Friday, 23 December 2011

Michelle Collins gets her Corrie contract renewed

Michelle Collins, aka Saint Stella of the Rovers in our house for the character's uncanny ability to right Weatherfield's wrongs after only being in the show five minutes, has had her contract renewed to stay on Coronation Street.

The Mirror reports today that Corrie producers "are delighted with her character and she will finalise the details of her new deal in January.

Stella's on-screen partner Karl Munro and daughter Eva Price, played by John Michie and Catherine Tyldesley, are also set to stay as the family will try to buy the Rovers Return after Christmas.

A Corrie insider said: “The viewers took to them and they’re getting rewarded.”  Not in our house, they didn't.  We've warmed to Karl and Eva but we really can't stand Stella.

A Street spokeswoman confirmed the new contract plans and said: “Everyone is really pleased.”

I'm not. Are you?

I mean, I would be pleased if Stella had been brought in gradually instead of being thrown in our faces as Leanne's mum. She then saved Leanne's life in the bookies raid and has been involved in and on screen in just about almost every single storyline that's ever been on Corrie since she first appeared. I'm fed up to the back teeth with her and I don't care if it's Christmas, yes, this is a rant. I have nothing against Michelle Collins, but by God, please, no more Stella. 
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modtl said...

Personally I love Stella. She's warm and witty and a classic Rovers Landlady in the making.

Scott Willison said...

It's sad but they're still finding their feet with her. Karl is a big asset; I love him. Eva is still a bit pointless but I can imagine her filling Rosie Webster's role as Street glamourpuss.

The writers (and Michelle Collins, who probably didn't want to just play Cindy again) are trying to do something different with Stella. She's not brassy, she's not common, she's not the usual barmaid. She's meant to be the sympathetic ear and the friend behind the bar. Unfortunately this all makes her a bit insipid, a bit samey, a bit dull. She needs a bit more fire and fight in her.

Dolly Tubb said...

She's an odd character, a bit like Clark Kent - hears of a dilemma, pops into the nearest phone box and into her Saint Stella cossie, sorts everything out, and then back home for tea before anyone notices she's gone.

It doesn't give her any depth or, well, impact really.

Now Karl I like. Even Eva is OK and growing on me.

Stella, I don't dislike her, but she is just an on-screen vacuum.

Anonymous said...

Flaming Nora, I agree. And she is getting shoved down our throats because she is Phil Collinson's mate. Lets face it, why Michelle Collins to play her? There are many other actresses out there that could do with a big break.

She is warm or nice, I just find her plain bloody annoying how she sticks her nose into everyone's business. At this rate, she will be adopting kids from Africa, donating loads of money to good causes, because Stella is so wonderful.

Get a real character behind the bar, if she is ever behind the bar of course if she isnt do gooding somewhere else. And what a nosy cow looking through Peter's shopping last night. Hopefully she gets axed when Phil eventually leaves.

Adam Rekitt said...

It makes you wonder who on earth they consult, if they can claim that the viewers "took to them".

Tvor said...

I agree with Scott and Dolly above. She *is* insipid and they need to make her a bit more sparky. She's just not interesting at all. Most definitely the weakest landlady we've ever had.

Anonymous said...

Aha Adam. I was thinking the same thing because I have certainly not took to her, however to Karl and Eva I have.

Looney Baloon said...

How do they glean how popular a character is I wonder? On most of the webboards Stella is ridiculed. Same with our Tracyluv, played by a terrible actress that most people dislike but Phil and the Gang were "very pleased" with her and her contract was renewed also!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She is popular yet producers resorted to desparate measures to run her over to make us like her, and keep having her acting like a goody goody all the time. Of course, this is the producer who goes on about Sean being a popular character (I dont Sean, but only in small doses and he isn't that great).

Humpty Dumpty said...

The Rover's landlady has got to be a gutsy queen bee. She's generally got a gob on her, whether a posh one or a common one and she strikes fear in the hearts of Weatherfield men. A cliche, of course, but that's because it works. Stella doesn't cut the above mustard and maybe it's because she's the manager and not the landlady. Perhaps it will be different if/when Stella and Karl own the business.

Anonymous said...

“The viewers took to them and they’re getting rewarded.” ~ The writers and producers of Corrie have more spin than the government of North Korea! Next, they'll be hosing down a batch of local homeless folk and propping them up outside the gates, chanting for Michelle Collins on the promise of a hot meal and a pack of fags.

Someone who is meant to be as sympathetic as Stella is, needs to have a lot of depth and life experience. If she did, then she'd keep well away from others until she'd gotten a handle on them or figured out who was friend or foe. This character will never be believable until we know more about what makes her tick; her flaws, her dreams, her miserable choices and the consequences. Otherwise, she really is just a busy-body, do-gooder and people in general hate that.

Anonymous said...

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? We're losing the hilarious Rosie and stuck with the boring annoying pesky nosey Stella. BAH. She's like a robot.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Rosie was beginning to show a genuine flair for comedy, and was playing her part true to form.
Stella, the character and the actor's portrayal, is wishy-washy and highly unremarkable.

Anonymous said...

Stella's real alter ego is going to come out soon once she finds out it was Carla that ran her down..oohhh gonna be fireworks!!


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