Thursday, 9 December 2010

Corriepedia crowns Blanche Hunt as 'Greatest Character'

Corriepedia has crowned Blanche Hunt as Corrie's greatest character in the websites "Golden Fifty" countdown. In second place was Vera Duckworth. I agree with who voted for Blanche, she was one of Corrie's best characters and she is still missed to this day by viewers, as is Maggie Jones who played her.

See the rest of the top 50 here, as well as a list of the 150 who didn't quite make the list.


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous rubbish. Sian Powers at 33, Sophie Webster at 4?? I think the Sian/Sophie storyline is great, but were only lesbians voting?

The problem with these polls, like the 50 greatest Corrie moments, is that the public clearly have short memories. Len Fairclough at 82? Its very unfair on iconic characters (and moments) from the past. Choices made by a panel of experts result in much better and more interesting choices.

Natalie said...

^^ Agree with that comment so much. I mean come on, Sophie at 4 ahead of the likes of Ken and Rita?

David the Wavid said...

I'm very pleased with how the poll turned out all things considered. There were more younger voters than we anticipated and many of them had only started watching in the last year or so. An important thing to remember is that with the internet it's easy for fans of particular characters (in this case Sophie and Sian) to recruit like-minded people to raise the characters' scores. At least Sophie didn't win! If you blot her out I think we ended up with a solid top ten, and I can't see anyone objecting to Blanche winning. Anyway, I'm off to watch the live episode!

John in Cincinnati said...

Hilda Ogden should be number one!

Anonymous said...

Blanche IS the best.
And Sophie is awesome. Sian is ok... Rosie should be higher than Sian? (I didn't check the list yet so maybe she is..)

Pam-UK said...

Polls like these do not reflect reality. They often come about by youngsters new to things. For example, if you were to have a vote on best songs/groups, it's more likely to only go back about 10 years. The fact that Hilda leaving had the highest corrie viewers would suggest she should be up at the top but others should be close behind and I can't think of anybody from the last ten years who should be in the top ten.

Chewy said...

I can -
Richard Hillman
Carla Connor
Karen McDonald

Not every Corrie fan watched the same eras which is why there is a mix

Anonymous said...

None of those three should be in the top 10. It is beyond me why it should be pleasing that many poll participants had "only just started watching in the last year". That is why these polls are pointless and an insult to iconic characters.

And yes I do disagree that Blanche should be the number one character. She was an observer of others, rather than a participant in significant stories herself. And whilst her putdowns were legendary, she was far too extreme to be realistic. No-one in real life would be that acerbic and retain any friends.

The strength of Coronation Street used to be its characters. Everyone knew an Ena, an Annie, a Hilda, an Elsie, a Len, a Bet, a couple like Jack and Vera, ..... I could go on. Who knows a Richard Hillman, a Sophie Webster or a Carla Connor?

The only interesting thing about this poll is that it proves that people either have short memories or are prepared to give their opinion on subjects they know little about.

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