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Friday, 10 September 2010

Where have you seen Aadi's social worker before?

Long-term soap viewers might have been distracted during the Dev/Sunita saga by Ms Clucus, and in particular, wondering where they've seen her before.
Actress Jane Cunliffe has been a regular on British tv over the past couple of decades, appearing in the likes of Boon, Doctors and Silent Witness.  She's probably best known to viewers of the late lamented Brookside, as she appeared as Laura Gordon-Davies in the soap opera in the mid-eighties.  Laura was famously plunged into a coma for three months after she was electrocuted in the house she shared with her new husband Jonathan, before her life-support machine was finally turned off.
Jane's IMDB page is here.

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1 comment:

Mrs Mary Whitehouse said...

This diligent social worker should be on the Kylie Turner case. An unpleasant, thieving, lying and loose moralled low life that is going to be allowed to keep her child, that she couldnt care less about. That the street wise Becky is having the wool pulled over her eyes by this transparent creature beggars belief!

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