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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Coronation Street upcoming DVD releases

There are some DVD collections that are available now for pre-order through both Amazon and These include several that are compilation sets of previously released material packaged for the 50th anniversary. Here's a list:

Up first, Coronation Street Golden Anniversary Collection. This is a 12 disc box set. Amazon describes the product as "The complete Coronation Street anthology, featuring all the pinnacle moments of life on the cobbles. The ultimate collector's box set, celebrating the past 50 years on Coronation Street, this very special box set includes the following programmes: The Stars of the Street--50 Classic Characters, the very first episode, 30 other key and ground-breaking episodes featuring familiar faces young and old, including the most memorable episode when Prince Charles was on set, six Coronation Street family albums, Corrie Controversies, eight special programmes focusing on different families and events central to the past 50 years and The Street Undressed. " This set retails for £48.99 which is about 20 pounds off the regular price and will be released on October 11.

Should you not want the whole 12 dvd set, for £11.99 you can purchase The Stars of Coronation Street - 50 Years, 50 Classic Characters which is being released separately. (It's included in the 50th Golden box set) It includes some classic episodes from the 60s through 80s like the older box sets released for the 40th anniversary had, but it also has some classic episodes from the 90s and 00s. This is to be released on October 11.

Coronation Street, A Knight's Tale is also available for pre-order at Amazon and will be released November 1. It's retailing for £11.99 as well.

Also, an HMV exclusive, The Road To Coronation Street, that wonderful Daran Little-written drama that was just aired on BBC will be released on DVD on October 4. It will go for £7.99 with free UK delivery.


Martin Rosen said...

What does A Knights Tale consist of?

I would love to buy the 12 DVD box set, but when would I have time to watch it all ?!

John McE said...

I for one will not bother to buy this rip-off set. Most of it is the cheap;y made (and very recent)themed compilations, then we've got 30 special episodes including... THE FIRST EPISODE!!! - Gosh, none of that have that in our collections, now do we? What's the betting that the "Ena and Elsie fight" episode, the "Ken, Deirdre, Mike love triangle" episode, "Bette & Alex's wedding" etc. etc. will all be included once again.

I hope it sells as poorly as it deserves to, and then maybe they'll let Network continue their excellent work in releasing whole episodes in boxed sets - and is it too much to hope that they might release a "complete 1961" box set to begin with.... 'cos if ITV aren't prepared to show it from the very beginning now in this, the 50th anniversary year, then it looks like we'll never be able to watch it. Packed full of characters we still know and love after all these years, and it gathers dust on the shelf, in preference to this garbage. What a crying shame!

Anonymous said...

agree with the above comment, there are so many other episodes I would like to see! Such as the death of Edna Gee/warehouse fire, the aftermath of that is included in the 70's boxset from network.
I can't believe Network haven't done a 1990's and 2000's boxset for the 50th Anniversary.

John McE said...

Probably because ITV wouldn't let them, thinking they'd make more money off the 50th Anniversary by releasing a set themselves.

Unknown said...

If you are going to buy one of the sets, then you may wish to save a fiver !

(I haven't tried it yet, but it comes from a reputable source!).

David said...

It's better than nothing, and nobody's forcing you to buy it.

Chewy said...

I've got none of the other DVD sets so this one will come in handy


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