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Monday 20 September 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, September 20 2010

This week the update comes to you before a visit to the cobbles later this week. Oh yes. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

Tto find out why the Corrie updates have been written for the internet since 1995, have a look here:

Eileen’s got needs, you know. She’s all woman, is Eileen, and all she thinks she needs is a bloke. A decent bloke, who doesn’t even need to have his own hair and teeth. Just someone to hug, that’s all she wants. And she thinks she’s found him again, in Owen this time. There she is, sorting out his books for him, tidying up his timesheets while Owen’s on the phone chatting up Liz.

As Eileen toils over Owen’s accounts, he’s getting his feet under Liz’s table and then the rest of his body parts under her duvet . Eileen finds out what’s going on behind her back and under her nose when Sean spots Liz kissing Owen up the ginnel and he reveals the torrid tale to Eileen that Owen’s servicing an old boiler and sorting out her plumbing. Eileen decides to get revenge, but how? She’s tempted to nick Owen’s petty cash box but that’s not Eileen’s style. When revenge comes, it’ll be served well cold and that Owen, he’s a nasty piece, he really is, threatening Sean this week too.

Meanwhile, Kirk does a wonderful – although some may say daft – thing for Gary Windass when Gary gets arrested for assaulting a bloke in the Rovers. With nothing to lose, Kirk tells the cops it was him who hit the bloke and not Gary, who could get into trouble back at barracks. I know Kirk’s a nice bloke, a dim bloke but nice, but I still think this was beyond the call of duty for Kirk. Anyway, the charges are dropped and Kirk’s sent home a hero.

In the Rovers, there’s more trouble with Kylie who nicks cash from the till. Then Steve finds her with her fingers in Becky’s handbag robbing more cash, and threatens to tell Becky unless Kylie and Max move out and far, far away. Kylie reacts by fluttering her eyelids and plumping up her cleavage to get round Steve but he’s not having any of it, not yet any road. And it doesn’t look like Kylie’s going anywhere, not now that Becky has told her she can stay as long as she flippin’ well wants.

At Underworld, Trevor’s the underdog now he’s started work as Carla’s office assistant. He’s useless, he really is. He can’t type, he can’t answer the phone, and when he rips through a package of newly delivered silk, Carla’s at her wits end. But what did she expect when this time last week he was working on the bins? Mind you, he is gorgeous so if she did want to chuck him out with the trash he could always come and sit on my office desk here in the weekly updates office.

There’s trouble for Natasha this week when Nick proposes and she accepts. So far, so good except that Natasha was just about to reveal that she wasn’t pregnant. At their engagement party, Gail’s jealously spills over and she suspects there’s more to Natasha than she’s let on. Oh, but there is. And so Gail logs into the medical centre computer to look up Natasha’s medical records and discovers that she isn’t pregnant after all and that she’s had an abortion. Audrey catches her in the act and warns Gail not only will she lose her job if anyone finds out, but If she confronts Nick with the news, she’ll lose her son too.

Sophie and Sian turn up this week, we see them working in a nasty kitchen then living on the nasty floor of a nasty house. It’s nasty. Sophie’s starting to feel homesick but Sian tells her if they go home they’d be made to split up and so they have a hug and the camera pans away. More of the same coming up.

And Tina and Graeme flood Rita's flat this week after they go upstairs for a bath and get distracted between bedroom and bathroom. The bath's left running and water floods downstairs into the Kabin and onto Norris' laptop, causing him to miss out on an online auction bid for an executive foot spa.

And that's just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were David Lane, Damon Rochefort, John Kerr, Julie Jones and Jan McVerry.

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Danny-K said...

"I know Kirk’s a nice bloke, a dim bloke but nice..."

- Agreed, that's his job - that's what he does. And that's why this post has reminded me of something that's been niggling me. Surely I can't be the only one astounded at the spirit of some ghost, an authoritive ghost at that, used to taking charge, a ghost used to commanding others about for their own good with such clear sighted vision, borrowing Kirk's body outside the Rover's? Kirk's dim but nice, right? But all of a sudden he acts out of character right before our eyes.

As Kirk steps outside the Rovers he instantly susses out the ruckus, what's right, and what's wrong, in ooh a split second, instantly takes command of the situation, ordering both Gary Windass and his mate Quinny to: 'run before someone sees you'. Then overruling the two soldiers who in his eyes appear to be panic-struck, he takes even more authoritive command and bellows the same instruction with such urgency the two soldiers can only fall in and take heed of his authoritive grasp of the situation. That's because two trained soldiers know that someone like Kirk has a far better grasp of tactics than they could ever hope to possess. Yeah right, that's the Kirk we all know: man of decisive action. Not.

- There's no way in hell the character of Kirk would respond in that way. Is this the way the new crew are going to run the show? Plot taking precedence over character? Why do we watch Corrie? Why do we still remember, and celebrate in commemorative shows, favourite characters years later? For the things they did, ie., plot? - or the pleasure of seeing how their characters behaved/spoke/reacted in any given situation, ie., character?

Because when plot takes precedence over character in a soap then you have murderers burning down factories and trams crashing into the street to remove unwanted characters. Yep, that's just typical of the street we all live in. Too many explosions and spectaculars just show someone is running out of ideas. I'm not convinced the upcoming tram episode is a necessarily good way to remove characters, doing it en masse/at a stroke like that is just pandering to the demands of a new management cartel. It's plot taking far too much precedence over character for my liking. When will the plot allow Kirk back into his own body? Where is Kirk's spirit, his character? Is it floating out there above soapland looking for a likely landing spot? Keep your eyes peeled - he's out there somewhere, cast adrift without a lifeline.

Anonymous said...

I, too, was shocked at Kirk's quick thinking and authoritative manner outside the pub. It was like someone had suddenly turned his brain on.
No mention in the review of his motivation for confessing to the crime he didn't commit. He didn't do it for Gary, he did it for Izzy. She was feeling guilty that Gary would be kicked out of the army just because he was sticking up for her.

On another note, that Nick Tilsley really is one of the most unpleasant men in Weatherfield. Will he never learn? And Owen is certainly starting to show his true colours, though it's all a little bit too much Charlie Stubbs Mark 2 for me.

Sea Penguin said...

Is anyone keeping count of the number of leaky ceilings/overflowing baths/burst waterbeds in upstairs flats there have been in Corrie ;))


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