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Wednesday 22 September 2010

Tart: Mon Sep 13, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Jonathan Harvey, directed by Tony Prescott

Gary and Kylie wake up after a rompy evening in Mary’s mobile home parked somewhere under a bridge or something. Gary freaks out, but changes his mind when Kylie rips the sheets off herself and invites him for more. At the Rovers, Becky can’t believe that Kylie isn’t there at the morning of her court date. Gary tries to push Kylie off, but she insists that she go back to his and get bladdered. Anna’s not happy to see her over at their place and is angry with Gary. Quinny just thinks it’s all too funny and both soldiers watch as Kylie parades around in Anna’s blue bath towel while ignoring Becky’s calls. At the Rovers, all are angry with Kylie for making a fool of them. Becky freaks out and even toys with the idea of passing herself off as Kylie in court.

Mary has stayed at No.2 last night since her camper van was stolen and popped her hot water bottle on Emily’s couch. She insists she should bunk with Norris if it’s still not dry come the next evening, but he figures she could bunk with Graeme instead to which Mary dismisses quickly. She tells Norris how someone named Gerald whom she’s slept with toe-to-foot says sleeping with her was like sleeping with a corpse. No comment. Miraculously, and much to Norris’ delight, her motor home is parked on the street around the corner. Mary comes out like one of the three bears exclaiming “someone’s been sleeping in my bed.” Norris could care less, but Mary’s on a quest to find out who stole her van.

Claire is still insistent on selling up and shipping out. Simon sees Aadi in the road, and gives him his toy, which is what he nabbed off of him when he fell and hurt himself. And to that, we see the end of this ridiculous Dev storyline. Claire gets a call from Sunita to apologize but shoots her down quickly. So much for those bridges, the Peacocks are history.

Pam gives Kevin some sass when he comes around to the Dobb’s place again, but he shoves her off. Pam gives Molly the third degree about Molly not knowing her the father of her baby is. She even accuses Molly of Tyrone buying his way onto the birth certificate since Jack gave them five grand that week.

Katie’s smitten with Chesney and wants to skip school to hang out with him down at the market. Katie ends up having fun and making a lot of sales. I’m sure her father will be pleased about this. Katie tells Ches how she’s moving to his street soon in the builder’s flat. Just her and her dad since her mum left a while back because of Izzy.

Sep 13 2010 2 8:30pm

Written by Mark Wadlow, directed by Tony Prescott

Becky freaks out about why Kylie isn’t there and is informed by Izzy that Kylie was cosy with Gary Windass. Becky runs straight over and attacks Kylie on Gary’s couch. Gary is shocked to find that Kylie’s son is in court. Gary’s had one hell of a morning. Kylie tries to tell Becky she didn’t want to go to court since she thinks that they won’t give her Max back anyway. She also figures that she’s a useless mother and that Max would be better off without her. Becky convinces her that she needs to go to court to save Max and she can do it with her help. Kylie tells Becky that she’s really glad that she came and found her. At the court, Kylie manages to deliver a promising speech and combined with the fact that she has a job and a home, she was rewarded care of her son. Result! Becky is almost shocked at how good Kylie managed to be in court, as are we all.

Becky and Kylie arrive back at the pub and Kylie figures they should celebrate with a pint but Becky wants to put Max in bed. Kylie thinks that her having a drink is more of a priority than her son Max. Gary wonders why she never said anything about her son and she says because he was in care. Steve sees Kylie in the pub and gives her the third degree over Max and why she’s drinking and not spending time with him. Steve lays it down that she’s not fooled him and he doesn’t want her letting Becky down.

Mary has done some investigating and has found some strands of red hair in her bed. She tells Norris that she’s going to take this crime upon herself to solve since the police are useless. Norris points out that there is an obvious suspect: a certain carrot-headed jail-bird that lives on the street. Mary sees Gary show up at the Rovers with Quinny and gives him the stink eye. She accuses him of stealing her camper van later, but Gary denies it. The only one she’s scaring is Norris.

Gary tries to make it up to Izzy who’s clearly upset that she’s been dumped for a slapper. Izzy tries to leave and she bumps into a bloke that calls her a cripple, so Gary comes to stand up for her. Meanwhile, those guys are waiting for Gary and Quinny outside the pub after they’ve been kicked out. A scuffle ensues and Gary ends up knocking one guy out unconscious. Kirk sees this and tells Gary and Quinny to flee while he calls an ambulance.

Claire tells Lloyd in the cab office that she’s given her noticed since her and Ashley are leaving Weatherfield for good. Lloyd is shocked by this and tells Ashley what Claire’s done. Ashley confronts Claire since she’s making moving decisions without him. Claire insists that they’re going to move, end of. Buh-bye.

Eileen shows up for work at the builder’s yard for Owen. Looks like she’ll have to work at night. Meanwhile, Owen gets a call from Katie’s school, seems they’ve told him she’s bunked off. Liz tries to give him some advice to not come down so hard on her, and Owen decides to possibly take it. Well, he at least decides to take her out – as a way of a thank you. Owen yells at his daughter later and tells Chesney to clear off.

- Izzy calling Gary a “tart” for staying out all night with Kylie and ditching her at the Rovers.

- Where Chesney and Katie wearing matching black jackets, or is it just me?

- Mary bursting her hot water bottle and “wetting the bed” at No.2 while she was staying with Emily and Norris since she lost her camper van. The whole scene about her staying over there was hilarity.

- Norris: “I never thought the sight of a motorhome could give so much pleasure.”

- Anna to Kylie, “You look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.” Kylie: “I was.” *looks at Gary*

- Steve for appreciated his mum for giving him a proper family. I love the mother-son relationship between these two.


- Gary’s ignoramus friend Quinny saying he could see why Gary would go after Kylie instead of “the girl in the wheelie.” Ugh.

- Kylie scamping and tramping around Gary while she’s supposed to be preparing for her court date to get her son back! The selfish cow.

- Quinny thinking Rosie has brains as well as beauty. Well, perhaps compared to him! Ha-ha.


nana banana said...

I am actually beginning to quite like Kylie as someone you love to hate! She is very well played. Wonder how she and Miss Rude (Tina) will get on when Tina comes to work behind the bar.

Danny-K said...

"I am actually beginning to quite like Kylie as someone you love to hate!"

- Agreed. Hope she stays - and if she does I hope they don't mellow her as they always do, ala the Battersby's and the Windass's. She represents and plays the grittier side of life on the street very well.

I've always thought Becky would have been a better match for one of the Windass clan rather than Steve ('orrible uncle Len maybe, or, a as yet to be seen, relative of the Windass's?) So the junior version of Becky had the ring of a good fitting 'match' to it when Kylie hooked up with Gary. Only thing is Gary's character is on the road to leaving that kind of lifestyle behind him; as evidenced by him excusing himself from her company when she came a 'knocking the second time (at the bar).

But Kylie to become a regular on the street - for sure!


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