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Wednesday 22 September 2010

Business & Pleasure: Thu Sep 16, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Sep 16 2010

Written by David Lane, directed by Tony Prescott

Kylie tries to not go to work but Liz reminds her that this is about her being responsible.  Kylie’s version of working includes talking on her cell phone the entire time and dismissing customers.  Kylie is shocked by her measly pay at Roy’s, but it seems she gets what she deserves.  Kylie tells Roy she’s sick of being treated like muck.  Roy tells her that she needs to perk up.  Becky comes in with Max and shows Kylie all the fancy new clothes that she got for Max.  Kylie is upset since she never gets to buy him things like that and he’ll start liking Becky more than her.  Becky and Kylie had a chat and Becky is very forgiving about Kylie but Steve doesn’t completely buy it.  When Becky and Steve go up to bed, Kylie sneaks downstairs and steals fifty quid out of the cash register before Liz locks it up and takes it upstairs. 

Claire apologizes to Ashley about putting her notice in and not telling her.  Claire asks Ashley if he’s going to tell Graeme about him selling the shop.  Ashley’s still touchy about them moving.  Claire tells Ashley that she was only happy when they lived cross the road with his dad when they were first married.  Ashley says that her happiness is all that matters and they’ll put the house on the market. 

Kirk knocks on Gary’s door and tells him that the lad from last night left in an ambulance.  The coppers come over to the Rovers to speak with Liz and she tells them that they’ll want to talk to Gary Windass but that’s all she knows since they started kicking off in the bar earlier.  The coppers make their way over to the Windasses and Anna tells them that he and his friend were watching telly all night.  They take Gary away to the station and everyone is shocked, including Izzy and Kirk.  Gary gets questioned and tells the coppers that he had nothing to do with this bloke being beaten.  Gary denies, denies, and denies.  The coppers tell Gary that if he’s charged, he’ll be out of the army for good.  Back at home Quinny tells Anna that Gary did get into a fight, but there were no witnesses but Kirk.  Gary accuses Anna of wanting him guilty so he can’t go to the army. At home, Gary’s sure that he’s done for it in this case.  In the pub, Izzy talks to Kirk and they both don’t think he should go to jail. 

Sean is upset that Julie has ditched him this evening to do her roots.  Eileen tells Sean all about the “wine and nibbles” evenings she’s got planned with Owen.  Sean wonders since he thought they were working and warns Eileen not to mix business with pleasure.  Eileen is working out Owens bills and she asks him if he’d like a break and she pulls out the wine and nibbles.  Meanwhile, Liz calls Owen up and says she’s got a night off.  Just like “that” Owen pretends to have an emergency and runs off to see Liz, ditching Eileen.  Poor Eileen, drinks for one.  In the Rovers, Liz suggest that he and her go through to the back and have a drink since Eileen might spot him in the bar.  Owen assures Liz that he’s not into Eileen because she’s not his type.  He says that he hopes she just gets the message, so doesn’t want to be straight with her.   

Elsewhere, Nick tells Natasha that he doesn’t want his child brought up in someone else’s flat and that he thinks they should buy something.  Natasha says she thinks she loves him. 


- It’s nice to finally see the new-er Amy again! 

- I like Kylie’s polka-dot apron. 

- Anna blowing up on Gary for thinking she wanted him in jail as opposed to Afghanistan. 

- Ashley giving Claire foot massages.  Is he the best husband or what? 


- Owen for ditching Eileen for Liz.  What is his deal?  I know that one of our commenters mentioned this before, but he really does look like Ricky Gervais!

- Why is Quinny at Anna’s drinking cans and watching programs about dogs?  Ha-ha. 

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