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Monday 27 September 2010

Insane: Thu Sept 23, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Sept 23 2010 1

Written by Chris Fewtrell, directed by Ian Bevitt.

Natasha was up all night also and tells Nick that it’s not the first sleepness night she’s had since this baby.  Nick gets her the day off work, again, and he says that there’s got to be some perks to carrying the boss’s grandbaby. Sept 23 2010 Nick topless

David can’t believe that Natasha is going to be his sister-in-law, but Gail makes no comment since she didn’t sleep very well.  What, with her sleuth work on the medical computer.  David figures he’ll get his jollies out of it – stag do, wedding do – christening even.  Gail wants to talk to Audrey in the salon.  She can’t believe her ears when Nick comes in to get Natasha the day off work since she’s tired due to the pregnancy.  Audrey tries to calm Gail down and that there might be a reasonable explanation. 

Gail goes looking for an explanation and rings up to see Natasha at their flat.  Natasha lets her in and Gail lays it out flat: I know you had an abortion.  Gaill tells her how she knows the truth, since she looked through her medical records.  Natasha tells Gail that she loves Sept 23 2010 Gail Natasha Nick, then tells the entire story, including the fact that Nick doesn’t know.  Gail tells Natasha that what she’s done is not just wrong, but it’s insane and it’s over.  Natasha begs to let her tell Nick about this, so Gail won’t have to break his heart.  Gail agrees, but she wants it done now.  In the Rovers, Gail tells Audrey all and Audrey thinks the whole thing is so sad but can’t believe that Natasha did this through malice.  Audrey tries to get Gail to see things from Natasha’s point of view but can’t.  Gail wants to go over there and make sure that Nick is alright. 

Natasha finds Nick in the cafe and asks him why he came back to her – was it just for the baby?  He admits that the baby had a lot to doSept 23 2010 Nick tears with it, but that he loves her.  Natasha brings him home.  Natasha tries to talk to him, but he just wants to get busy.  The ringer buzzes and it’s Gail asking if he’s alright and whether or not Natasha has told him anything.  Gail is let up, and the shit-storm begins.  Gail tells Nick how it’s all lies and Nick yells at her to get out and tries to kick her out.  Natasha confirms that it’s true, and Nick’s heart is broken.  She tells Nick that she’s made a horrible mistake and there isn’t a baby anymore as he crumbles down in tears. 

Ciaran tells Liz and Michelle that a mate of a mate has a place for him in a fancy restaurant in Scotland with talk of a Michelin star.  Both ladies look upset that Ciaran might be moving on – especially Michelle.  Liz tells him that if he does get it, he’ll be missed.  He asks “Will I?” and turns to look at Michelle who changes the subject.  Ciaran was talking about his life and why he wants to move on with Liz and Sean.  Sean figures the best thing for him could be Michelle.  Ciaran figures that he’s lost his chances with her because of his reputation, so it’s best to just move on. 

Sept 23 2010 Owen Liz Owen gets Eileen to work on all of his accounts.  She finds that he doesn’t know how much he’s got in his four or five accounts, but they need straightening out.  He’s very rude to Eileen by assuming she’s got nothing better going on but to do his work and rubbing his date with Liz in her face.  This makes Eileen think twice.  Eileen fills out a cheque for Jason’s lost wages for that half day earlier in the week.  He tells him to keep quiet on the subject since Owen might think he’s rubbing it in his face. 

Sophie is trying to do their washing at the group house, and buddy-boy helps her out with the sorting of it, since she doesn’t know howSept 23 2010 sophie guy to do laundry.  He tries to make a move on her, and she says she’s not interested.  He reminds her that he’s helping her out and with that she tells him never to lay another finger on her and that she’s leaving.  Sian finds Sophie sat outside miserable and finds that buddy-boy has put the moves on her and gets angry.  She goes back to the place and yells at the guy, telling him that Sophie’s HER girlfriend.  With that, the two girls were out on their arses again, despite “Finny” or whatever his name is insists that they still be ‘good mates.’  Sophie tells Sian that she felt good when she stuck up for her and it made her feel safe.  The girls have nowhere to go and Sophie’s very worried about that.  Sophie takes a break from the restaurant and makes her way to a phone booth.  No guesses for who she’s calling – yup Rosie.  She tells her big sister that she’s not hurt but she wants to go home. 


- David: “Natasha’s a decent looking piece, but when it comes to upstairs – she’s a bungalow.” 

- David to Gail: “Still, thought you’d stay and toast the happy couple.  *gropes imaginary breasts* Or Michelle as some people call her.” 

- Nick with his shirt off coming out of the shower.  I almost didn’t notice it..since I detest his character so much!  Good thing I’m mature enough to look past that ;-)

- After Sian tells “Finny” or whatever his name is that she and Sophie are girlfriends, Sian: “Would you like me to draw you a picture?” Finny: “Well, if you like!” Ha-ha, men.

- Liz: “It’s one of those period pieces that I like.”  Eileen: “Oh, I bet.  Must take you back.”

- Nick referring to Trevor as “the missing link” at work. 


- Gail: “I don’t care about me, all I care about is Nick.”  Ain’t that the truth!

- How cruel is Owen?  What is with him rubbing Liz and his date in Eileen’s face?  What a douche. 

- Gail is so cruel, but Natasha is a bit nutters


Tvor said...

Nick has been appallingly nasty to and about Trev! Really uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

What teenager Sophie's age doesn't know how to do the laundry? My mother taught us when we were 12 or so.. the rule was she'd do laundry once a week, and if we wanted anything between then, we'd have to wash it ourselves!
Rebecca in TO...


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