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Thursday 23 September 2010

Unlucky: Fri Sep 17, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Sep 17 2010 1


Written by Damon Rochefort, directed by Tony Prescott

It’s the morning-after in the Rovers sitting room and Owen’s “come ‘round for his mobile” so Liz hands him a sandwich.  They’re joined by the children gang, of which Max and Amy scream that they want “eggy bread” for breakfast.  Becky intrudes on Liz and Owen’s breakfast moment so Owen clears out.  As he’s leaving, Liz tells him that she’s going to tell Eileen about the two of them since Eileen’s a mate and all.  Too bad for these two, but Sean spies them snogging in the ginnel, and we all know how quiet he can be about things.  Eileen tells Owen that she’ll be by again tonight to work, but he tells her she doesn’t need to work two nights in a row.  Eileen tells him she’ll bring the wine and they’ll try again.  Meanwhile, Sean asks Ciaran for his advice on the situation.  Ciaran advises that he stay well out of it, or they’ll “shoot the messenger.” 

At work later, Liz realizes that exactly fifty quid has been stolen from the till and remarks that it’s unusual.  Kylie, meanwhile goes into town on a shopping spree and picks up some jasmine bath foam for Betty.  I can’t stand jasmine, I’m more of a lavender girl.  Liz tells Ciaran and Betty that she needs to check with everyone about the missing funds and Betty gets offended.  Kylie comes back with a ring for Becky and bath foam for Betty.  Becky says she doesn’t want her spending her wages on her, but Kylie insists it’s to Sep 17 2010 Izzysay thanks and Becky mauls her in thanks.  When they return to the Rovers, Liz tells Becky that there’s money missing and Becky automatically assumes that they’re accusing Kylie out of spite.  Liz should be a private investigator, she’s almost always right.  Liz insists she has to ask everyone.  She asks Kylie, but Kylie says that she hadn’t taken it and Becky thinks that’s all that’s needed, end of. 

Later, in the back at the Rovers, Kylie notices a purse sat unattended and rustles through it for some money.  Steve catches her straight out and asks what the hell she’s  doing.  Steve says that he’d have given her fifty quid if she’d only asked.  He threatens to tell Becky, so Kylie throws herself on him to keep his big gob shut.  What will Steve do?

Izzy sees Katy not at school and warns her she better go, or their dad is going to freak out.  Izzy and Kirk see Gary and asks what happened at the cop shop.  Gary tells them Sep 17 2010 Cut silk that he’ll definitely get it for this offence and that he’ll probably get kicked out of the army.  Kirk wishes him good luck.  After, Izzy gets mad at Kirk for only wishing him good luck when Gary’s about to be kicked out of the army.  Izzy figures it’s her fault that all of this happened to Gary, which has Kirk thinking.  Kirk shows up at the police station and tells the police they’ve got the wrong man.  At Roy’s, Anna confides in Roy that she would rather he go to prison again than die in Afghanistan.  Roy only can tell her that he’s sure that every parent with a child at war fears the same.

Natasha starts sobbing at work listening to Audrey go on-and-on-and-on, she seems to have forgotten Lewis rather quickly.  Just washed that man right out of her hair I suppose.  Natasha gets more upset as Gail gives her cheap shots in the Rovers about hardly even showing she’s pregnant at all.  How far along is she “supposed” to be?  Gail’s on Natasha’s case and isn’t going to rest no matter what Nick and her mum says. 

Trev is just not cutting it at Underworld yet.  Well, the only thing he’s cutting is through expensive orders of silk with a knife.  Yes, and Nick’s not pleased about it, but Carla’s clearly disappointed too.  Have they made a mistake by working together? 


Written by John Kerr, directed by Tony Prescott

Kylie accuses Steve of “gagging for it” when she throws herself on him.  Becky comes in and they pretend like nothing’s happened and Kylie goes away with Becky leavingSep 17 2010 kylie steve Steve in a wreck.  Steve goes to Lloyd later for advice, and tells him what happened.  Lloyd wonders how much money Kylie nicked.  Lloyd thinks that Steve should show Kylie the door.  Steve tells Kylie that he wants her out.  So, Kylie later tells Becky that she and Max are going to find their own place, upsetting Becky.  Becky talks to Steve and can’t figure out why Kylie would want to leave.  Becky is mostly worried about Max going back into care.  It appears that Kylie has changed her mind about moving because Becky convinced her to stay.  Steve isn’t happy about this but Kylie says she tried.  He tells her that if she doesn’t pack her bags, he tells Becky everything.  Kylie agrees, but threatens him that Becky will never see Max again. 

Eileen wonders if Owen will stay with her that evening, and asks what the emergency was about the other night.  Owen makes up some porkie about watching Katy complete her homework.  Katy shows up and when Eileen mentions about her and her dad doing her homework the night before, Katy plays along.  Owen panics and tells Eileen that she’s not to work tonight so Eileen gets him to meet her in the Rovers later.  Katy manages to use her fathers indiscretions to see Chesney again and it works.  Eileen shows up at the Rovers looking done up and Liz even points that out.  As Eileen waits for Owen, Sean can’t keep his mouth shut any longer and tells Sep 17 2010 Angry Eileen Eileen about Liz and Owen.  Owen comes in and things get interesting.  Eileen approaches Liz and Owen at the bar and tells Owen if she’s not interested, he should have just said.  I thought that was rather tame of Eileen.  Liz tells Owen that she feels awful since Eileen’s her mate. 

Nick goes into the bookies and asks Peter if he’s thought of re-opening the bar again.  Peter says it won’t happen, and that it’s a waste since after all of the graft that was poured into Turner’s Joinery.  Nick ponders this after mentioning that he needs to find a new line of work.  Nick goes to the pub later to have a drink with Natasha when Gail sits and talks to him about her, calling her second-best.  Natasha overhears this as she comes back from the loo and is clearly gutted.  Why does Gail have to be so rude?  She’s really not very compassionate, but expects everyone else to be for her.  At Gail’s later, Audrey sticks up for Natasha saying that she likes her since she’s attractive and funny.  Gail figures that Natasha is a bunny boiler.  Audrey warns Gail that she doesn’t want to make Nick choose, or she’ll lose.  Meanwhile, Natasha’s at home sobbing over another negativeSep 17 2010 Natasha sobs pregnancy test. 

Gary and Quinny comes back from the station and tell Izzy in the Rovers that they’ve dropped the charges thanks to Kirk.  Izzy seems surprised as Gary tells her that Kirk took the blame for him.  Anna is impressed that Kirk would do something so nice for Gary, since they’re not even close mates.  Izzy asks Kirk why he did that for Gary and he just says it’s the right thing to do.  Kirk doesn’t look so sure if it pays to be a nice guy when he sees Izzy put her hand over Gary’s.  Anna says he’s unlucky at darts, but Kirk says that’s the story of his life. 

There’s trouble in paradise with Carla and Trev as she gets snarky with him and chokes her glasses of wine back.  She hated looking like an idiot in front of Nick and everyone else.  He’s had enough and goes back to his flat. 


- Liz “I’m not sure I’d trust a bloke who didn’t like a bacon sandwich in the morning.”

- Kylie to Becky: “What’d your last slave die of?” Becky: “A severe beating.”

- Nick to Trev regarding the computer: “Perhaps you’d be more comfortable using an etch-a-sketch.”  He’s a twat, but that was funny.

- Roy’s childhood nostalgia about him lying on the round-about looking up at space contemplating the cruelties of life and the mysteries of the universe.  I’m shocked that he and Mary haven’t gotten along.   

- Bill and Jason’s idea of “interior design.”  Ha-ha. 


- Liz to Kylie: “Where’s Max?”  Kylie: “I’ve left him in the bath.  Just kidding, blimey.”  Yeah, I wouldn’t put it past her. 

- How snooty is Nick Tilsley.  “That’s a phone.  If it rings, pick it up and say ‘Unnnda-worrrrld.’”  Could that have BEEN more irritating?

- I miss scruffy-binman-Trev.  Not caring for under-manager-clean-Trev.  Where’s the beef? 

- Kylie wants to “have a theme lunch” by making tuna sandwiches for when Max watches Finding Nemo.  That’s rather morbid, no?  Do you serve kids venison stew when watching Bambi?  “They shot Bambi’s mother!”  “Yeah, about that…” 

- Wow, what more lows will Kylie stoop to?  Copping it off with Steve?!  For keeping quiet about fifty quid?!

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John McE said...

Now Mary setting her sights on Roy, maybe as revenge for the perceived wedding slight, really would be a good storyline. Scriptwriters are you reading this?


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