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Saturday 18 September 2010

Little Jack Dobbs: Thu Sept 9, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Sep 9 2010

Written by Peter Whalley, directed by Tim Dowd

Tyrone proudly strolls around his new son – baby no-name – at least for now.  He tells Leanne that there’s someone they’ve got to tell the baby’s name to before they tell anyone else.  Ken asks the same question.  Nick and Natasha see Tyrone and she avoids going over to see the new baby and Nick gets uppity about the pram quality.  Auntie Pam comes over to the Dobb’s later to see baby Dobbs and wonders why Kevin was the one there while Molly was giving birth and why Tyrone was out on the job.  Molly stares her down and tells her that it’s not something her or Kevin wanted so just to leave it.  Jack and Connie stop by to see baby and mum.  Tyrone tells Jack that they’ve decided to name their son after him – little Jack Dobbs.  Jack is very touched by this, although he reminds mum and dad that the baby will now have a slew of bad habits. 

Auntie Pam gives Kevin a mouthful in the Kabin about him being around all the time.  Kev tries to assure her that he’s staying as far away as he can.  Norris overhears them having a quarrel and tries to inquire what it’s about but Auntie Pam “forgot.”  Meanwhile, Sally stops by the Dobbs and Tyrone says that he’d like her and Kev to be the godparents.  Sally says they’d be delighted, much to Molly’s disappointment.  Back at home, Sally tells Kev about their invite from the Dobbs to be godparents.  Kev wants to know if it was Molly or Tyone who asked and Sally says just Tyrone.  Sally also said she’d be miffed if the’d asked anyone else so she’s happy they’re going to be godparents.  Kev goes over to see Molly later and she tells Kev to think of an excuse for why he can’t be the godfather of her baby.  Kev says he tried to stay out of it, but it’s impossible.  Kev says he’s not disappearing for anyone and he’s not the villain in all of this.  Tyrone arrives and Kev tells him that they’d LOVE to be godparents, leaving Molly in a huff. 

Nick notices all the fuss that everyone’s making over the Dobbs baby and tells Natasha that their baby will have even more fuss made over it.  What with both their sides of the family, plus the salon clients etc.  Natasha has that terrible guilty look again. 

Ken tells Leanne that he’ll have a chat with Simon later today since Leanne says he’s been a bit strange lately.  Ken continues to try and intervene in his long-lost-son’s life and Lawrence invites him over to his place.  Deirdre is still smug about the new Barlow clan and warns Ken that he has his own problems to sort out before sorting out those of others. Lawrence lives in a lovely home and Ken says he’s never had a proper garden in his entire life.  Lawrence and James fight back and forth over James homosexuality.  Lawrence is an old-fashioned homophobe, and James is a modern young gay man.  Neither the two can get along and this bothers Ken who can’t imagine not loving his son because he’s gay.  Meanwhile, back home, Ken has completely ditched Simon and their heart-to-heart.  What a neglectful granddaddy! 

Meanwhile, Aadi is doing better in the hospital, and the Alahan’s are elated.  Dev tells Leanne in the shop that Aadi’s coming up and Leanne’s glad to hear this.  Sunita got a phone call from the hospital telling them that they can’t pick up Aadi until later that afternoon – hospital procedure.  They’re going to be able to pick up Asha from school so that she can be with them.  In fact, the hospital asked if they were bringing her.  The Alahans show up at the hospital and sit in the waiting room for Aadi.  Dev feels that something funny is going on but he doesn’t know what it is.  The social workers tell Dev and Sunita that they cannot take Aadi home, and they also have to assure the safety of Asha.  Since they don’t know the cause of Aadi’s injuries they have to take both kids into custody until they can figure out what happened.  Dev and Sunita have to painfully hand their children over to the authorities.  Clearly, Dev has gone ape-shit. 

Becky and Kylie are thinking of places that Kylie could “work” in order to look better in court to get her son Max back.  When no one will take pity on Kylie, Becky goes to the only place folk that will – the Croppers.  Roy is willing to take Kylie on to work in the cafe and Becky couldn’t be happier.  Well, she did get his wife on time to her wedding.  Roy notices that Kylie has applied her gorgeous personality to her job at the cafe and suggest she smile and be more pleasant. 


- Tyrone proudly strolling around his new son.  Although, it’s not really his so perhaps this is a bit of a lowlight?

- Lawrence reminding Ken that he does have a life to lead – aside from meeting Ken and dealing with his interventions.  Haha, then go lead it Lawrence!

- Roy to Kylie: “Do you have any experience in the catering industry?”  Kylie: “Well, I’ve done a lot of eating.” 

- Nick saying “salllaad creammmm?!” to Kylie at the cafe.  Ha-ha. 


- Sally telling Kev that she doesn’t think that Tyrone’s baby looks like him.  Sheesh…

- While I like the new actress who plays Kylie, I don’t really care for her storyline much.  Its too Becky 2.0. 

- Does anyone care much about this whole Aadi-Dev-Accusing storyline?  I don’t. 

- What was with the bright pink mug between the Barlow boys?  What on earth?  lol.  That’s just pushing the “he hates me cause I’m gay” thing.  A pink mug, really?

- Natasha’s “i’m not really pregnant” guilty face is beginning to get as hard to stomach as Joe McIntyre’s “i’m in trouble” constipated face. 

- Ken completely ditching poor little Simon for his “new” family.

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