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Monday 27 September 2010

Waifs and Strays: Sept 20, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Sept 20 2010 1


Written by Julie Jones, directed by Ian Bevitt

Sean can’t figure out why Eileen is still working for Owen after the way he treated her.  Eileen says that the money’s good, and half the time he just pays her to read herSept 20 2010 Owen Sean gossip rag.  She doesn’t want to cut of her nose to spite her face.  Owen says that he’s having a “do” for his birthday at the Rovers and she can nip in if she likes.  Owen gives Jason a raking over the coals for being late.  He’s rather harsh with Jason and knocks his wages for half a day.  Neither Eileen or Jason are happy with this.  Owen’s reign of terror continues as he yells at his daughter to go to school, is facetious with Chesney, then threatens Sean to stay out of his business. 

Steve plays around with Amy and puts her hair clip in his hair as Kylie watches on.  Kylie tells Steve later to make sure he enjoys himself with Max since they’ll be moving on soon, leaving Steve troubled.  Steve can tell that Becky is over the moon with her newly reunited little family and doesn’t know what he’s to do about Kylie now.  Steve tells Lloyd that he worries about what will happen to Max if Kylie does leave as he asked her to.  Kylie sees Steve out back and he tells her he’s a happily married man and that she could turn her life around.  There’s a safe place there for her her and Max.  Steve says that Becky’s happiness is what’s in it for her.  Kylie fears that Becky will soon get sick of her, since people always do.  Steve thinks that won’t happen Sep 20 2010 Natasha Gail at all, since they’re family. 

Natasha comes into the doctor’s office to see Dr. Carter and Gail sends her through.  Natasha has a hard time taking everyone’s compliments about her being lucky and brining a new life into the world at the doctor’s office.  In the office, Natasha says she can’t understand this since she got pregnant so easily last time.  Natasha is so desperate, she’s even scrambling for wives tales.  Dr. Carter insists she needs to tell her boyfriend and talk to someone.  Natasha leaves the clinic but Gail notices that she’s in a state and offers to get Nick, but Natasha declines.  Gail wonders if something’s wrong with the baby.  Later, Fiz finds Natasha and sees the state of her telling her she can’t carry on like that.  Natasha yells at Fiz and Nick sees this happening thinking they’re fighting.  He gets Fiz to quit bothering Natasha, not knowing why, of course.  Fiz tells Natasha to tell him – there isn’t a baby.  Natasha figures she can tell Nick that she had a miscarriage, but only thenSept 20 2010 Sophie Sian she’d have to listen to everyone else feel sorry for her.  Natasha tells her that she’ll tell Nick today.

At Underworld, it’s revealed that Nick has bought an engagement ring for Natasha.  Everyone’s very excited and they want to see the ring and asks when he’s going to propose.  Conveniently enough, Natasha comes to the factory to tell him the truth.  Only, he decides this is the best point to propose and gets down on one knee to do so.   Oh, boy!

At the B&B where Sophie and Sian are working, they’re talking with a co-worker about the trouble they’re having paying rent.  The co-worker offers to let them some space for free at their group home.  Sophie doesn’t think it’s a good idea since they don’t know the guy  but Sian thinks it’ll be find since there’s like 10 people living in the house – safety in numbers.  The place isn’t exactly Shangri-La. 

In the Kabin, Norris is in a critical point in a bidding war online for a bunion foot spa.  Graeme comes in and says that he needs to go home and take a bath, but it’d be terribly helpful if someone could scrub his back.  He then jokingly tells Norris that before he gets his hopes up – he didn’t mean him.  Tina tells him she’s working but Audrey gives them a break.  Later, Rita and Norris hear some dripping water.  They go into the back to see that there is water pouring down from the ceiling short-circuiting Norris’s laptop computer.  In a panic, they grab towels.  Tina and Graeme had let the bath runneth over as they were, ahem, busy doing other things upstairs in Rita’s flat. 


Written by Jan McVerry, directed by Ian Bevitt

Natasha, of course, after a lot of hesitation and shock, says yes to Nick’s proposal of marriage as Fiz stands behind her in shock.  Natasha and Nick go to the salon to show offSept 20 2010 Gail COmputer the engagement ring.  Everyone, is happy for them, of course except for Gail.  And to a lesser extent, David.  Audrey goes on about how lovely a lady Natasha is and that she’s used to Nick bringing around sloppy slappers.  Well, except for Maria – present company – of course.  At Natasha and Nicks’ impromptu engagement party, Fiz doesn’t show up but no one really wonders why.  But, Gail does show up.  Gail is SO rude to Natasha and walks away as she’s in mid-sentence!  Gail knows for a fact that something is just not right.  Audrey tries to be on Natasha’s side and says that Natasha is like a puppy looking for approval.  Audrey tells Gail to go home if she’s not going to Sept 20 2010 david kylie be happy for the couple, so Gail does this.  Well, almost.  She goes to the medical centre, where Audrey finds her later.  Gail’s found out about Natasha’s lies by finding her medical records.  Audrey tells her to box clever, but Gail wants out with this.  This isn’t going to end well. 

At the party, Kylie tries to offer Gary a drink but he turns it down saying he’s got other plans and he’ll see her around.  Kylie moves to the next likely beggar – David Platt – and offers him the beer.  Which, he of course, readily accepts.  Tina watches the two of them together and almost looks jealous. 

Norris is upset that he lost his foot spa since the “downpour” happened.  He blames people taking in “waifs and strays.”  Meanwhile, Graeme and Tina thinks it’s time that they move out.  Rita can’t really argue with it, since she really feel her style has been cramped by youngin’s. 

Owen tells Liz that it’s his birthday and he’d love to spend it with her.  Owen tells Liz that Eileen’s back at work today – no harm done.  Owen invites Chesney and his daughters over to the Rovers for a birthday non-alcoholic drink on him.  Chesney asks Katy if he has to buy him a present.  Katy wants to kiss Chesney in the pub, but her father’s watching and Ches doesn’t like that.  Owen sees this, and Liz figures the best way to get back is to snog Owen and it works as Katy – and Eileen – think it’s gross.  Liz talks with Eileen about Owen and says that she can have him – no hard feelings.  Owen tells Eileen that the alarm’s gone off in the yard so he instructs her to go check that nothing’s missing.  Eileen, at the builders office, spies some money and takes it from the petty cash.  Oh, Eileen, you naughty girl you. 

Sophie and Sian move into the “west wing” of their new 0 star accommodations.  Sian says it’s better than home because at least they can be together.  Sophie’s not so convinced.


- Dr. Carter for keeping Gail in line at the medical centre.  It’s like she thinks she owns the place!

- Norris: “Burnt food is a carcinogenic, don’t you know?”  Kylie: “What, like magic mushrooms?”

- Norris to Rita: “Hey, Madame Sin.  I don’t think Emily will be best pleased you turning her house into a bordello.”  Norris screaming ‘These are the wages of sin!” as water comes pouring down into the Kabin from an over-drawn bath upstairs in Rita’s flat. 

- Sean singing the intro to Beyonce’s “If You Like it, Then You Better Put a Ring on It.”  And dancing around like  little fool.  Ha-ha. 

- David making fun of Tina’s scraggily hair and split ends.  She does look rather…ragged. 

- It’s official: Chesney is Katie’s boyfriend.  Just thought I’d throw that out there!  Cute couple!

- Julie: “My glass is half full.”  Sean: “Well, mine’s half empty, get your purse out, Pollyanna.” 


- Kylie saying she pierced her own belly button and bets she could do ears no problem.  How – unsanitary.  *shudder*

- Natasha’s totally losing it.  Dr. Carter is right she needs to see a counsellor. 

- Owen was quite nasty today…is this more of his bad side showing?  What else is he going to do? 

- What’s with David’s little pube-goatee?  Ugh, some men should not attempt facial hair until it can fully grow in. 

- Sian and Sophie thinking it’s a good idea to bunk up in a group home for free.  Oh, boy. 

- Gail is SO rude to Natasha!  And worse, she’s snuck into her medical records!  Gail, you’ve gone too far!

- Kylie and David Platt?  A couple in the making?  UH OH!  Board up your windows!

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gadgee said...

I loved the way Kylie, having been spurned by Gary, just sort of slid along the bar to David and handed him a bottle, and the look on Tina's face - slightly on the wrong side of jealous.
I think I actually like David's little bum-fluff beard thing.


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