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Sunday 19 September 2010

Musings on the Coronation Street tram crash

Am I the only one still wondering who'll be killed off in the Corrie tram crash later this year?  While I have absolutely no idea who's going and who's staying, here's my personal musings on who I think will stay and who'll go.

Firstly, this week we've seen the launch of the new Coronation Street online game. As it's being heavily promoted and features icons of Becky and Steve, I'm guessing these two are cash-bankers for Corrie and they'll not be killed off. And today's spoiler in the Sunday paper that Tina McIntyre is going to become a hero of the crash, rescuing people from the Rovers suggests also that she'll be staying in the soap.

However, in the list of Corrie actors doing panto this year, I notice Kate Anthony (Aunty Pam) is free to do panto. So, does this suggest she'll be getting killed off? I wonder. And perhaps Molly will be killed off with her too as we know actress Vicki Binns is leaving the show.

Vicky Entwistle (Janice Battersby) is also leaving so she could be killed off but I'm hoping she'll leave in a taxi with her held head high and all her belongings in a Frescho carrier bag, again.

We already know that Claire and Ashley and leaving and there's been a Sunday tabloid spoiler to say they're not getting killed off in the crash. But how reliable are these spoilers? As we know by now - not very!

And finally, I do wonder if despite saying otherwise, it's time for Betty Driver to hang up her hot-pot this year? I noticed that in this week's Corrie although she was working behind the bar at the Rovers, she was sitting on a stool and we know that the actress has been poorly this year. So my personal thoughts are that while I'd hate to see Betty leave Corrie, the time might be right for her to leave and if so, going out on a high with such a dramatic storyline might be an ideal way for her to leave.

Anyone elese got any theories about who'll stay and who'll go?


Llifon said...

Well Betty's mentioned in next week's spoilers. So it seems that they still credit her. Could Molly die as she's on her shift in the corner shop, chatting to Aunty Pam? I do worry who'll be the casualties in the Kabin? Rita's too much of a legend to go. Who knows eh?

Tvor said...

I think Molly is a sure bet. Once she's gone, Pam has no real reason to be around. There were rumours that Sally would be raising the baby but i think it's more that she might end up doing some babysitting to help out Tyrone. I reckon Tyrone may decide to leave, however. I don't know. I hope Janice isn't killed either but i am afraid for her! Has she filmed her last scenes yet, do we know?

I don't think they'll kill off Betty, but she may end up finally retiring if the Rovers is going to be damaged and will need to be closed for repairs.

I keep thinking there's more hype than content. I reckon not as many characters will be killed as they're saying, just a couple perhaps with some injuries. In real life, you are crushing at least two businesses (what happens to the factory and the garage?) and several flats. There should be at least a half dozen unless it's only going to nudge the buildings.

Martin Rosen said...

Slightly OT, but if the Rovers has to close because of damage, and the Queen Vic (in EE) has been burnt down, where am I going to drink ?!!

bbhilda said...

What I want to know is how it is possible for a tram to go through the viaduct, damage the Corner Shop and the Kabin, plus the Rovers? They are at opposite ends of the Street, and it is just not possible to get both ends without flattening the row of houses inbetween.

I agree on Aunty Pam being a casualty, thought that when I saw her name on your Panto list. So yes, she will probably go along with Molly.

I am also worried about Kirk, he is very much underused, and only had his last contract renewed on appeal. Anyone heard any more about Kirk's audition for X-Factor? I thought maybe he was going to hit the big time and leave the Street for stardom.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope they don't kill Betty in the wreckage. I also noticed she was seated in all of her scenes this week, and wondered if he was unable to stand.

I'd be real sorry to see Kirk leave. I was feeling hopeful in the last few episodes, with him helping Izzy and Gary. He also wasn't behaving buffoonishly.

I'd also like to see Janice leave in a cab with a connection left in place for Leanne.

If I had a vote, I'd like to see Nick, Tina, Becky, Dev and Sunita leave via the tram crash.

Nicola said...

"If I had a vote, I'd like to see Nick, Tina, Becky, Dev and Sunita leave via the tram crash."

Harsh! but would make a more exciting viewing I have to agree. I'm not fussed on Nick but then I want to see how the storyline regarding his made up child will pan out.. and I like Tina since she got with Graeme. I heard Graeme has an epileptic fit behind the wheel too and somehow David Platt gets done for attempted murder as he doesn't help him?? :S:S Now David Platt is someone I'd love to see being killed off! Theres that many rumours so who knows? I heard Jim Macdonald is back, and then gets killed off. (seems pointless) Dev and Sunita, again I'm not fussed.. but they have to keep Becky!! :):) In the sun paper last month there were major storylines coming up for Becky, Steve, Michelle, Kieran, Natasha, Nick, Claire, Ashley.. a few others, but they were all couples. I'm tempted to say Anna Windass too I'm sure she was mentioned. But I'm sure that's probably more to do with Gary being in the Army, and not that she's getting killed off! :)


John M said...

I must admit when I saw Kate Anthony in the list to do panto I thought, "Hmmmm". If Molly does get killed off there isn't really much for her to do apart from being a thorn in Kevin's side and supporting T'rone.

I do have an uneasy feeling that at least one stawart will be killed off. Either Ken, Rita, Emily, Betty or perhaps Deirdre. My money is on Rita although I hope I'm proved wrong though.

Of course, this could all be over hyped. All that could be killed off is Molly and a couple of extras with a couple of more well-known characters injured. Really looking forward to it though.

Cobblestone said...

I really can't see Rita being killed by a tram! The Hand of Bradley stretching out from beyond the grave to claim her? Talk about irony!

Similarly I can't see Betty going - she hasn't the energy to get up that end of the street these days (and incidentally, Betty Driver doing her Rovers scenes on a stool is not such a recent thing, she's being using one for a while now, but many camera shots minimise the fact).

As for Pam, as I said in another post recently, she seems to have part-time status these days (like Ted & Connie) and as such would be free for Panto without having to sever her Corrie connections. So, maybe, maybe not. She IS supposed to be in a relationship with Bill, although the writers seem disinclined to do anything to develop it.

Molly, absolutely. Bring it on, can't happen soon enough. But my surprise candidate is Kevin. If, that is, the rumours of Sally raising Baby Jack are true. If the child's true parentage comes out, Sally's reaction would be to sling him out; if he is suddenly killed (and if a tram is going to go through the flat Jason did up and the Kabin, I can't see how the garage can go unscathed) Sally might feel emotionally bound to raise Kev's orphan. This, of course, depends on Tyrone either dying too, or rejecting the baby.

I'm guessing that if the Peacocks have moved before the crash, No.13 will be standing empty, so no casualties there.

And then there are the randoms - Charlotte and Big Jim (gutted about this one!) who have only occasional business on the street. I really don't know about John Stape.

But who's certainly safe? Well, we know storylines are planned for Steve & Becky, David, Graham, Tina, the Windasses, Eileen, Carla and Peter that should stretch up to Christmas & beyond. Ken & Emily are safe, as they have locked in contracts, and Dierdre isn't going anywhere as they're bringing Tracy back. We also know Nick's had his contract renewed for another year, although Scary Mary only for another 6 months, so she could be a candidate (looking after the Kabin, perhaps?)

One question no one seems to have asked yet is what time of day will the accident occur? If it takes place at night, (when the new wine bar is likely to have customers in it), then Rita could be safely in The Rovers and the Kabin closed, so no casualties there. The Corner Shop, however, stays open late, so bye-bye Molly (and please God, Dev!!!)

And finally, don't expect Owen Armstrong to be a victim of the tram - someone has to rebuild the street!

Anonymous said...

I thought I heard somewhere that they were planning to kill off 4 characters - so, my monies on...

Dev or Sunita

Anonymous said...

Coronation Street series producer Phil Collinson has said that the show's 50th anniversary week will have plenty of "absolutely unmissable drama".

Well, with a tram crash, a death, a wedding, another death, a birth, a murder, a fire and another death. Yes, all of that in one week!

My thoughts : Rovers goes on fire, thats how it too is damaged, John Stape kills Charlotte
I secretly hope Gail gets killed off primarily because all her story lines have become so whingy shes doing my head in!!
Molly is going so id say she prob will die in the Kabin.
I read somewhere Becky might be leaving but i doubt they will kill her off so i dont think she is a possibility, jack is leaving but i wouldnt think they would kill him in the tram crash.

My guesses, Molly, Sunita or Dev and maybe Bill Webster as they arent giving him much storylines anymore and he has sold the yard to Owen!

I hope John gets killed if he ends up killing Charlotte because he always annoys me in those storylines! thats my opinion anyway!!

Beth said...

Does anyone else feel that the current stories are boring and slow and that the producers have ploughed all their energies into the forthcoming crash?

It also seems that the weaker characters (or actors), i.e, Kirk, Dev, Michelle, John Stape, Gail, Nick are being played more and could mean two things....

a) Raising their profiles so that we notice that they haven't already left and therefore will make more of an impact if killed in the crash.

b) All of the stonger characters, i.e. Ken, Rita, Norris, Emily, Eileen, have been working hard on the crash story where they could be helping the victims or being a victim themself?

Rather than compile a list of who I think will go I've made a list of who'd love to go.
Rosie, Sophie, Sian, Dev, Nick, Owen, Jason, Tina. They are very poor and dragging my favourtie street in the world, down!

The acting between Rosie and Jason last week at the photo shoot and so called 'passionate' scene was diabolical and probably the worst I've seen in the very many many years I've watched this beloved show.

Saying that I will always be a dedicated Corrie fan!


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