Wednesday, 29 September 2010

EXCLUSIVE! Maeve Binchy writes for the Coronation Street Blog

One of Blanche Hunt's favourite authors on Coronation Street was the best-selling writer Maeve Binchy.

If you remember, Blanche left her Maeve Binchy novels to Ken in her will when she passed away earlier this year. Another Maeve Binchy fan on Corrie is Connie, Jack Duckworth's fancy piece, who once loaned her sister her copy of a Binchy book.  Anyway, I'm building up to telling you something so exciting I can barely keep my fingers on the keyboard.

Not only has best-selling author Maeve Binchy been referenced many times by Coronation Street, she's also a huge Corrie fan and has very kindly offered to write a blog post for the Coronation Street Blog!

And so, to read all about Maeve Binchy's love of Corrie - and find out which Corrie characters she named her cats after - click here to read her blog post written exclusively for the Coronation Street blog

Visit Maeve Binchy's website

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