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Sunday 19 September 2010

The Unacceptable: Friday Sept 10, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Sep 10 2010


Written by Joe Turner, directed by Tim Dowd

At the Webster’s, Rosie receives a phone call from Sophie – who’s using a payphone somewhere.  Sophie’s ringing to let her know that she and Sian are safe, but won’t tell her where they are.  Rosie says she has to come and now.  Sophie just hangs up on her though.  Sophie doesn’t seem very happy, what could be going on?  Kev gets mad at Rosie for not keeping Sophie on the phone long enough and is upset that they don’t know anything.  Rosie says that all they know is that Sophie says she’s safe. 

Tyrone wants to take Baby Jack down to the Rovers that evening to wet the baby’s head, but Molly says “we’ll see.”  Tyrone asks Kev if he’ll come down to the Rovers with baby Jack later, but Kev’s hesitant and distant even though he’s the “godfather.”  Molly goes over to Kev’s to try and bully him out of being her baby’s godfather but Kev says he hasn’t got a choice.  He tells her that she needs to wake up and that things don’t always work out how she wants them to.  Rosie walks in on them and wonders what they were arguing about.  Later, she tells her father she’s figured it out:  Molly’s mad at him because he made Tyrone go out on a break down and miss the birth of her baby.  That Rosie, she’s a genius. 

Dev and Sunita are still, understandably, quite distressed about losing their children to social services.  Dev assures Sunita that he’ll get the best lawyers and they will get their children back.  Meanwhile, Simon’s still got an attitude and Leanne wonders if he’s being picked on.  She wants to know what’s wrong with Simon and why he doesn’t want to go to school.  Dev has to tell Lloyd that he can’t take his kids to school with he and Russ since Social Services has taken his kids into care and Lloyd is shocked.  Russ and Simon are playing ball outside and they get into a scuffle where Simon punches Russ in the face.  Leanne finds out about this and gets angry and accuses Russ of starting it, upsetting Cheryl.  Leanne accuses Russ of bullying Simon.  Simon overhears that Sunita’s kids have been taken away from her, and looks funny.  At home, Leanne asks Simon what’s going on but he can’t tell her so Leanne calls Peter and tells him he’d better come home.

Leanne tells Ken and Deirdre about how Simon got into a fight and she thinks that Simon is being bullied by Russ.  Ken isn’t really that interested in his “old” grandson, but more interested in his “new” son and grandson.  Lawrence arrives at Ken’s to have a word.  After a scintillating conversation about identity cards, kitchen sink dramas and the dumbing down of radio 4, Ken finally tells Lawrence that he wants to help him and James.  Lawrence says that the reason he’s there is that he wants to tell Ken to just give up.  Lawrence figures that neither he or his son want a relationship anymore.  Lawrence sets it straight: he’s a bigoted homophobe and he wants Ken to mind his own business.  Lawrence thinks being gay is unacceptable and Ken, disagreeing, says he better go. 

Peter comes home later and forces Simon into telling the truth about what’s bothering him.  Simon comes clean and tells his daddy that he and Aadi got into a scuffle over a game and Aadi fell off the couch and bumped his head.  Simon thought he was okay and never thought he’d end up in hospital.  Poor Simon thinks that it’s all his fault now that Dev and Sunita had Aadi taken away. 

Kylie goes to see Max and finds that there is a woman there from Social Services who is going to monitor the visit.  If Helen thinks that Kylie should get Max back, then they have a pretty good chance.  The meeting with Max goes well, and Becky tries to put in a good word for her sister with Helen.  I wonder if this will work?

On the street, Gary and Izzy flirt a bit and Gary agrees to meet Izzy in the pub later that evening.  Will sparks fly? Meanwhile, Kylie’s back to her old tricks as she steals a bottle of booze from Dev’s shop without them noticing.  Kylie finds Gary in no time and seduces him into drinking the bottle of voddy with him and romping around for the evening.  This is slightly more tempting than a drink in the Rovers with Izzy I suppose.  

Over at Underworld Trev doesn’t seem to be doing very well with the computer programs.  Nick gets his digs in about how a monkey could use a computer better than Trev.  Carla tells Nick he better back of Trev or he’ll be dealing with her.  He takes this advice, wisely.     


Written by Joe Turner, directed by Tim Dowd

Kylie tells Liz and Becky that she’s going to have an early night and read for a bit.  Who’s seriously believing that?  Kylie meets up with Gary out back the ginnel and she tells him they must go get smashed.  What is she doing?  I’m getting tired of this Becky-esque behaviour, the second-time around?  Meanwhile, Izzy’s waiting in the Rovers and giving Liz an earful after she tries to give her a compliment. Elsewhere on the street, Mary drops the keys to her mobile home on the cobbles.  Mary sees Izzy sat alone in the bar looking sad and immediately takes pity on her.  Of course, taking pity on a young woman sat alone in a bar.  Norris doesn’t want to bother her, but Mary figures he’s uncomfortable around disabled people.  Mary pushes herself on Izzy claiming herself to be “difabled” since she’s a different kind of disabled.  In the street, Kylie and Gary look for a place to “go” and Kylie finds Mary’s keys on the cobbles.  Bonnie and Clyde get into their mobile ride and drive into the…mooonlight?  Mary and Norris walk outside to see Mary’s home being driven away as she screams, “My home has been stolen.  Stop!  Police!” 

Peter tells Simon that he’s very proud of him and that the policemen can be scary.  It seems they went to the station to report to the police what had really happened to Aadi Alahan that fated night.  Simon thought that the policeman with a mustache wanted to lock him up!  Ha-ha, that kid is so cute.  Simon is first to say sorry to Russ, and he figures he’ll be saying sorry a lot.  Leanne tells Cheryl that she’s sorry about the accusations she made, but Cheryl’s a bit hesitant to forgive. 

Over at the Alahan’s, Dev has taken his dramatics to the drink now.  Peter arrives to tell them what happened.  Instead of being relieved, Douchey-Dev just whines about the pain that Simon has put him through.  He’s seven years old for chrissakes!  Sunita tries to keep him in line but it does no good.  The Alahan’s couldn’t be happier to get their kids back.  Whom of which seemed like they had a great time in social services.  When they come back home, Sunita has a word with Ashley about what happened in the end.  Ashley is very unforgiving however.  Claire returns home and Ashley tells her what happened and how it was Simon that hurt Aadi and she’ll be receiving some apologizes soon.  Claire tells Ashley that she did a lot of thinking at her mum’s and she wants her family to move away from Weatherfield.  She doesn’t want to live round there anymore and she can’t be happy there. 

Ken feels guilty about his son’s homophobia, wondering how things might have been different had he found that letter under the skirting many years ago.  Deirdre reminds him that if he had, he might not have met her!  Heaven forbid.  James rings in, since Ken called him.  James tells Ken that he’s tried ten years to get his father to come around, but to no avail.  He also says that he didn’t make it easy on his dad either, and would push things on him when he didn’t readily accept his homosexuality.  James has given up expecting his father to change.  Ken must be feeling guilty about neglecting Simon and Peter so he ditches a drink with Deirdre in the Rovers to go and listen to Peter talk about his day over a cuppa. 

In the Rovers, Kirk is holding onto baby Jack with Nick and Jack Duckworth in attendance.  Kirk says he’s shocked that Tyrone had a baby.  Jack wants Tyrone to promise that if he gives him something, he’ll accept.  Tyrone promises and Jack gives him a big cheque for five thousand quid.  Jack says it’s for his family, and it’d make him happy.  Nick holds baby Jack later and Gail thinks that he’ll be doing that with his own shortly, prompting Natasha to take a trip to the loo out of guilt.  Gail wants a copy of the scan so that she can send it to Sarah.  So, Natasha finds Fiz in the bar and asks her for a copy of her scan so she can get some copies made.  Fiz refuses to give it to her and insists she needs to tell Nick the truth, but Natasha’s not ready to risk losing everything. 

Back at home, Natasha googles a babyscan photo and prints it off as her own.  Oh, these kinds of things always get worse and worse and worse. 


- Trev: “I’m doing me best.”  Nick: “Hrmm, that’s the sad part.” 

- Lloyd hearing about the Alahan children being taken away: “There must be some mistake.  Not Dev and Sunita – we know them.”  Liz: “You knew John Stape.  You gave him a job while he had a teenage girl locked up in his grandma’s attic.”  Ha-ha. 

- Ken: “Want another coffee?”  Lawrence: “We’ve discussed identity cards, kitchen sink drama and the dumbing down of radio 4.  Sorry if I sound disappointed but I thought you wanted to discuss something important.”  Oh, Ken!

- Brilliant acting from little Simon Barlow!  “Will I have to go to jail?”  So cute. 

- Kylie: “Ah, there you are, my ears were burning.”  Becky: “That’s ‘cause we were talking about you.” 

- Simon: “I think I’m going to be saying sorry a lot.”  Peter:  “I think you might be right.” 

- Izzy to Mary (sarcastically): “Are you blind?”  Mary: “No, but my friend Norris is very short-sighted.  Which is a kind of a small disability.” 


- Nick telling Carla to “try not to burn the place down” when he’s gone – ouch!  That’s insensitive. 

- Gary for standing Izzy up for the loose Kylie.

- Gary’s friend “Quinny” for ragging on Izzy because she’s in a wheelchair! 

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