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Tuesday 20 April 2010

Crash: Mon Apr 19, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Damon Rochefort (7:30) and Jonathan Harvey (8:30), directed by Dominic LeCler

Sophie mourns over her friendship bracelets and isn’t feeling well and probably isn’t feeling well with Kevin barking at her. He apologises that he’s just having aApr-19-2010-Pam-Kev “moody Monday” – more like a moody month! Tyrone is giving Kevin the cold shoulder after he told him that he didn’t want to be his business partner. Molly comes into the garage and reminds Tyrone of her dad’s birthday do that evening. Kevin offers to take care of the car Tyrone’s working on so that he and Molly can leave early to get Diggory a better gift than a bottle of whiskey. What’s wrong with a bottle of whiskey as a birthday gift, I might add? Kev goes into Dev’s and talks about how Tyrone wanted him to be the baby’s godfather and wonders if she’s come to her senses. She tells him she’ll never let any harm come to her baby and screams at him to get out. At that moment, Aunty Pam enters the shop. Oh, thank goodness, Team Pam is back! Pam follows a teary Molly into the back who cries: “I hate him” pointing at Kevin’s back as he leaves the shop. Aunty Pam saves the day once again and she is raring to go. She heads over to the garage and asks Kev what the hell he’s playing at and warns Kev to stay away from her. She adds that as far as he’s concerned, that baby is Tyrone’s. Aunty Pam and Bill argue in the pub later over who’s right: Kev or Molly.

Apr-19-2010-Molly-Tyrone-CrashSophie comes by the garage in tears, so Kev leaves the car he was to be finishing to tend to her at home. Sophie moans about how she’s in love with someone and it’s not reciprocal. Kev figures she’s talking about Ben and says it’s not like her to get this way. Tyrone’s got a gift for Diggory and figures the car is ready for him since it’s sat outside the shop. Molly and Kev get into the car that hasn’t had the brakes fixed yet as Kev starts to leave his house to go fix ‘em. He sees them leave in the broken car. Molly sees Kev phoning Tyrone but she doesn’t answer it since she wants a Kevin-free day. I’d like to have one of those too. Tyrone almost runs down a couple of cyclists and when he does, the car drops a bolt on the road. Kevin requests Diggory’s address from Pam and tells him what’s happened and she frantically tries to call. Kev’s on his way in the tow truck to follow them. Tyrone’s got a surprise for Molly: a bite to eat at a nice country pub before they see her father. Kev drives right past the pub where Molly and Tyrone are having their bite. Tyrone tells Molly that from now on he’ll be the best husband and dad anyone could wish for. The Dobbs leave the pub and decide to take a drive around, meanwhile Kevin’s furiously knocking on Diggory’s door. En route, Tyrone notices something heavy fall off the car. He tries to brake but they fail and the car goes plowing through a fence and flips several times down a hill until it eventually lands on it’s side in a wreck, but what of Molly and Tyrone?

Apr-19-2010-Sopie-MakeoverRosie returns home to see Sophie moping on the couch wishing that her mum was still there. Rosie asks Sophie if she’s still having a guy crisis, and Sophie says it’s something like that. Rosie has the perfect solution for Sophie’s blues – a makeover! Sophie comes down the stairs all tarted up a la Rosie. Rosie attempts to call Sian again and Ryan sees her out in the street dressed up and whistles at her. Ryan tells her that he and Sian are back together, to Sophie’s disappointment.

Apr-19-2010-John-StudentFiz wants to know if she’s still Mrs. Stape or Mrs. Fishwick. She might have been better off as Mrs. Fishwick. Fiz still thinks this who stolen identity thing will blow up in their faces but John sweet talks her over again. At the school, trouble in the name of a young attractive student that seems to be showing a liking towards “Colin” presents itself. What was John thinking?

At the factory, Fiz tries to chase down Julie who’s been avoiding her. Probably after grabbing her bottle of white then slamming the door in her face? She apologises for not inviting her in. Julie complains that it’s not easy being single and she’s so bored all of the time. Teresa commiserates with her, then shoves it in her face that she’s got a man. Oh, not for long my dear. Julie wants to know why she wasn’t invited in when that fella was there – that sounded like a nice man. Oh,Apr-19-2010-Fiz-Julie-Masks the web of lies begin. Fiz says it was John’s boss from work and they wanted to get rid of him and if she came in, the boss would never have left. No, had she not brought in the extra bottle, he’d have left. Fiz tries to invite Julie ‘round theirs for tea tonight and they can make a list of all the eligible men they know. Julie sees John’s new job as a field of strapping eligible men that she now has access to. She figures they could meet John and his mates one day after work, making Fiz sweat. Fiz and Julie are having a girly day and are destressing with facemasks. Oh, it’s going to take a lot more than face paste to destress Fiz! John comes home to see Julie there with Fiz and Julie asking him about furniture. Fiz was worried something happened to him. Julie thinks Fiz has separation anxiety issues. Fiz asks John to give this teaching gig up but he refuses and thinks they just need more of a plan.

Apr-19-2010-Lloyd-CherylTeresa moans to Lloyd how the factory girls think she’s something they’re scraped off the bottom of their shoes while he’s cleaning the cabs. He notices that someone’s left a phone in his cab and goes to check the records so he can return it to its rightful owner. Lloyd goes over to see Leanne and ask her for Cheryl’s address since he found that it’s her mobile but she’s not giving so he says he’ll find her himself. Lloyd does a bit of a stake-out, in presumably the last place he dropped Cheryl off and sees her walk by and go into a lap dancing club. Lloyd enters the club and sits at the bar. Cheryl sees him there and asks him what he’s doing there and he returns her mobile. She thanks him for returning it and he asks her what a nice girl like her is doing in a place like that. What’s THAT supposed to mean, heh. He tries to give Cheryl his number and swears he won’t stalk her then leaves the club.

Anna tells Eddie that they need to tell Gary about the adoption before he goes back. Anna and Eddie gush over how proud they are to Gary. Gary accompanies his mum on a trip to Freshcos and when they return Teresa makes a scampy remark about Gary being in – or out - of uniform to her liking and Anna goes off on her that it’s her son she’s leering at. They walk past David on the street and David’s expecting him to make a crack about “Gail in jail” but Gary maturely tells David that he wouldn’t wish what happened to his family on his worst enemy, leaving David rather stunned. Gary and Anna tell David that they don’t believe Gail is guilty at all. Who does? Besides the coppers and Tina? Once they’re back at home Anna breaks the news to Gary that they want to adopt. Eddie explains that with Gary flying the nest they reckon that they could give a home to somebody who needs it. Gary doesn’t have a problem with them adopting. Why don’t they adopt Chesney? Since John and Fiz will probably be in jail soon for fraud. Off goes Gary on his way back to the army after leave – supposedly. As soon as he’s left, Anna gets a call from his sergeant telling her that Gary’s been AWOL since last Friday, there was no leave. Anna can’t figure out why Gary would lie to them. Anna calls the army again and asks if Gary has shown up – which he hasn’t. They worry that Gary might never go back.

The Windasses go into the pub and tell the McDonalds how they’ve already gotten assigned a social worker for the adoption process, and Steve lies and tells them that they have too. Becky tells Steve later that they need to make a decision about adopting or not. They figure they may as well try, even if they have reservations about being rejected. Becky begins the process by writing a letter of intent.

- Eddie Windass thinking his taxi driving job is like a mini work-out (“turning the indicator lights off an’ on”)
- Teresa seeing Gary and thinking it’s a shame he’s not in uniform, since she likes a man in it, or out of it! Oh, I’m going to miss her. (I also second her sentiments)
- Return of TEAM PAM having to bend Kevin straight again!
- Peace might not be in the middle east, but at least it’s on the street between Gary and David.
- When Kev continually calls Tyrone’s phone Molly notices and jokingly wonders if he and Tyrone are having an affair. Oh, ha ha.
- Don’t you just love Diggory’s cute little cottage?

- I can’t believe that Kevin is still insisting that Molly abort her baby! What is wrong with him? Who didn’t feel sorry for her, seriously? Even if you don’t like her.
- Poor Sophie and her unrequited love.
- Why is Julie so desperate to find a man, and so interested in settling for a married man? She’s a pretty girl, she just needs to get out there! She could always try online dating ;)
- Is it just me, or when a car has no brakes, wouldn’t you notice fairly early on? Like, when you try to break at the first light or stop sign you approach? Tyrone seems to have gotten pretty far without ever having to use the brakes.

Overall Episode Review: 7.5/10
Drama: 8/10, Humour: 6/10, Classic Corrie: 5/10, Wow Factor: 10/10


Walzing Matilda said...

Thought exactly the same about the brakes Yoorke, plus wouldnt Kevin have had the car up on a ramp in the garage rather than just working on it in the Street and yes we do feel sorry for Molly and hope everything will be OK and she and Ty will live happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

judging from the itv preview of friday's episode, Sophie may be happier pretty soon.

wow is all I can say!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is thank the Lord that Aunty Pam is back. She makes Corrie so much better. Where have you been Pam.

Yeah to Team Pam, count me in as a member. I'd almost forgotten how good it was when our Pammy was in town.

Anonymous said...

Great episode. Loved the crash - excellent and really realistic.

Thought everyone was excellent - especially Kate Anthony as Pam. Go get Kev Pam.

gadgee said...

I enjoyed Julie waffling on about her love of furniture "Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe... Julie and The Magic Drawers"
Best bits for me were the Gary and David being all mature moments. I'd like to think we'll see them have that pint David mentioned, but I wouldn't put money on it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent sense of tension leading up to the crash. Soo sad though.

The entire Stapewich story is on my nerve. Fiz really ought to boot him to the curb or at the very least get rid of her rose coloured glasses and turn him in herself!

YAY Team Pam! You go girl!

And I agree, nice to see Gary and David so civil.

Clare said...

In regards to the brakes, when he narrowly missed the cyclists you saw a bolt of some sort had fallen out, i'm assuming that was vital in the brakes working. Not that i claim to know anything about mechanics lol!

Go Team Pam!


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