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Thursday 29 April 2010

Natasha's leaving the Street

Just a couple of days after it was announced the Peacocks are moving on to pastures new, it has been revealed today Natasha Blakeman is leaving Coronation Street too.

Hairdresser Natasha, played by Rachel Leskovac, will be part of a dramatic storyline towards the end of the year leading up to her departure and the show's 50th anniversary.

Another disappointment for me, Natasha is one of my personal favourite characters and I'll be sad to see her go. Personally I think she has been criminally underused, and most of the time a glorified extra working in Audrey's. What are your thoughts on Natasha's departure? And who do you think will be up for the chop next?


Anonymous said...

Please be eileen please be eileen please be eileen please be eileen! She hasn't been a likeable or good character for two years now! What a bitter sow she is, not even sean or julie can resue her now.
It's a shame natasha is going before she had chance to shine.

Rebecca said...

That is a shame, I like Natasha. Plus, she's hot.

Billy Niblick said...

NOOOOOOOOoooooooo !

This is wrong. She is so lovely and gorgeous. I shall cry myself to sleep.

Tvor said...

Not surprised really. She's not been used much at all and lately she's come across as desperate and needy. I hate the way she's chasing Nick.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here. She always seems to be a secondary character anyway. It's ironic that she'll have a larger story just prior to departure.

Clare said...

She's been criminally underused. I really like her, so it's a shame.

Dilly Daydream said...

She's not in it regularly enough to miss her.

I agree that Eileen should be given the chop, I can't stand her.

Sea Penguin said...

I agree with Tvor. The carry-on with nuNick has been cringemaking and totally unrealistic. Natasha was always fab and deserved far better storylines than this.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a shame that her character will never be developed further. She's been on Corrie since 2008, and the only SL she has played a part in was the Tony saga. So it would have been nice to get to know her, I mean where does she even live!

Llifon said...

If I had my way the following would be axed:


The ones I wouldn't dare axe:


Cobblestone said...

Absolutely woeful how the writers have failed to produce the goods for her. I hope Rachel's career goes from strength to strength elsewhere, as her two years in the background have done it no good whatever. Such a shame, as she's a talented actress, who I have seen shine both on stage and in other programmes. Good luck to her!

And, yes, after the wise decision to axe the Peacocks, I'd happily see Kirk follow them.

Adam said...

I agree with the above lists (although I'd keep Jason)and get rid of Dev and John instead! I'd also add Hayley to my keeps list, and hope that they give her something to do!

Anonymous said...

I will echo that the character of Its a real shame Natasha seems to have been axed before she has been given a chance to expand. She is a capable actress, if anyone saw her play the younger sister Margaret in A Passionate Woman on BBC a couple of weeks ago. Its the dead wood that should be chopped, I have never liked Eileen and agree she should go, her sour old puss has long outstayed its welcome. Wonder who will be next??

Anonymous said...

I agree with much of what has been said. Eileen should definitely go as the producers don't seem to know what to do with her character, save disaster dates and general misery.

John Stape, the slutty version of Rosie, Dev, any or all of the Connors and the hopeless NuNick should be shown the door too. Here's hoping some of the newcomers such as Izzy and her dad make a favourable impression!

gadgee said...

At least they're gonna give her more to do before she goes. For her sake I hope it's a good story and she gets lots of really good scenes. Then maybe they'll bring her back at some point.
Coronation Street Corner, I don't think I'd miss many of the characters on your list of who you'd axe. I'd certainly add John to it, and maybe Eileen and Fiz as well. I'd also have to have a good think about the Websters. My untouchable blue chippers would include Ken, Emily, Graeme, Roy, and David.

Peter said...

Gutted. Absolutely gutted. Nothing else to say apart from where can i complain about this? What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Think its a shame that they have had periods where she has not been seen for months and now chop her. She has comic ability. Totally disagree about Eileen but would get rid of John, Molly, Kirk, Nick and Leanne however I fear for Janice, Maria and Sean. They must not touch the websters, Rita, Betty, the Barlows or Gail! Too many landladies/lords in the rovers so move one of them out. Oh and keep the windasses as they have potential!

Dara said...

Yes, please axe Stape! I hated Joe (worst character on any show ever), he was pathetic! John is almost as bad!
Chesney has been boring for years now, he can go. Unless, I want Kayleigh Morton and her sister Mel back!
Keep Sean and the Websters!!!!!!!!
Axe Eileen.
Axe Rita and Emily, boring. (& Ken + Deirdre :P)

Gordon Brown said...

I cannot understand why they have axed this actress before reaching her potential and yet bring back the dreadful Kate Ford!

Llifon said...

Dara, if you'd be producer, you'd kill Corrie. Yes I know, Rita, Ken, Emily and Deirdre have been in it for years, but they're adored. They're royalty. I think they should leave of their own accord, like Bill Tarmey. When the oldies get a storyline, they nail it as we've seen recently. They put the young ones in the shadow. Mind you, I wouldn't miss Deirdre much.

Yoork said...

Oh, I'm not too happy about this either. What can you do though? Consider it like real life: some of the best people leave, and you're often stuck with "the rest."


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