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Friday 16 April 2010

Ordinary, But Sexy: Thu Apr 15, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jayne Hollinson, directed by Ian Bevitt

Stape and Fiz begin living their double lives. Fiz rushes Chesney out of the house for the day so he won’t find that John is going to a teaching job. Why anyone would live a lie when they didn’t have to? I’ll say no more. Fiz tells John if he’s not happy, neither is she but I’m not the two are mutually exclusive. John’s at the school waiting for his name to be called for the interview and John is slow to recognize that his name “Fishwick” is being called. John,er, “Fishwick” of course slimes his way through the interview. They ask “Faux-wick” as to his old-old teaching experience and John stumbles once again. I didn’t think of this April-15-2010-Stapidbefore, but isn’t Colin Fishwick a good bit older that John Stape? I’m thinking John is in his early 30’s and Colin about his early 40’s at best. Another “hole” in this stapid plan. He’s also wearing his wedding ring, when Colin Fishwick is divorced. It’s paper-work time, and Faux-wick tells the interviewer how he couldn’t find his passport and is more nervous than a hooker in church. Especially when the interviewer asks him to sign a form authorizing a CRB check.

Fiz has been on edge all day and asks John how the interview went when he got home. He will hear later, but thinks he didn’t get it since they didn’t seem very impressed by him. Well, he’s not a particularly impressive person as Stape OR Fishwick. John says he won’t put himself through that again since he was terrified of being found out. Fiz is relieved to hear this, as am I from this small glimmer of common-sense amongst the rubbish. The phone rings later and Ches picks it up saying it was a wrong number since it was some woman asking for a Colin. As he leaves John races to the phone to call back. Well, he’s gotten the job so the double-life continues. John is over-the-moon but Fiz is more under-the-table.

April-15-2010-Rita-Norris The ice hasn’t warmed on the stream between Audrey and Rita, much to Norris’ disappointment. Audrey comes into the Kabin insulting the store’s stock in magazines erupting another quarrel between the two. Sunita comes into the Kabin and Norris asks if she’s buying Maria’s house. Sunita says they’ve put an offer in but are waiting to hear.

Nick asks Audrey if she’ll go with him when he visits Gail in jail. Natasha is flirting with him worse than Graeme flirts with April-15-2010-Natashaher! Lift your chin off the floor, girl.

Kirk comes into the butchers to tell Ashley and Graeme how he met this girl in a chat-room and how it’s going well but she’s asking for a photo. He thinks the photo might put her off, however. Graeme tells him to put up a picture of someone else, naturally. Kirk wants to use a picture of someone ordinary, but sexy. Graeme sees Natasha in the street and pours it on thick again. She tries to dismiss him, then completely ignores him when she sees Nick Tilsley and tells him he’s got “wonderful hair.” It’s embarrassing watching her. She finally offers to cut his hair, but he says it doesn’t need cutting so she offers to style it and massage his head for free. He takes her up on the offer – unsurprisingly. Has she got the worst taste in men or what?

April-15-2010-JasonKirk is still on the hunt to take a photo of someone “ordinary, but sexy and Graeme offers his image. Kirk decides to take a photo of Jason Grimshaw instead. Graeme thinks up a scheme to get Jason’s photo by asking him to model something he’s going to sell on eBay. Jason receives a fiver for his modelling gig and Kirk, the photo he needs. Kirk asks for one with the hat off too and Jason throws the hat at him and calls him a perv.

Kevin complains to his dad about how Sophie’s been acting up lately as a teenager and Bill reminds him that he was muchApril-15-2010-Baby-Dobbs worse. Parents sometimes forget that they were once tearaway teens too, sometimes. Tyrone’s taking Molly for her routine scan and tells an awkward Kev and Bill about it. At the clinic, Tyrone asks Molly if they need special glasses to see the baby’s 3D scan whilst playing with an action figure from the children’s corner. I know she’s done it to herself, but I feel sorry for her right about now. There it is, you can see baby Dobbs on the 3D scan and Molly and Tyrone are in awe. Tyrone thinks it looks like the baby’s waving. Yeah, at the ultrasound technician: “help me!” They find out that their baby is a boy and Tyrone that’s just the icing on the cake for Tyrone.

Later, at the Rovers, Bill wants to know how Kev’s going to feel when the baby’s here, and he looks at him and wonders.

Sophie gets a letter in the post, only to open in and find Sian’s friendship bracelets. Upset, she takes hers off and begins to throw both sets in the trash until she hesitates and takes them out. Ryan hounds Sophie as to whether or not Sian has a new boyfriend and tries to blame her for how all went down. Sophie puts him in his place: he doesn’t deserve her. Sunita overhears this argument in the shop and tells Ryan to leave – now.

- When Michelle asks if Graeme ate his mum out of house and home too, he says, “nah, I set fire to it instead.”
- Rita has a cuppa with Sunita in the Kabin and Norris reckons he’s not sure they should be drinking tea with “the opposition.”
- Tyrone being so elated to find he was going to have a son. You know, if it really was his. Not that he knows.
- Graeme offering his image when Kirk is looking to take a photo of someone “ordinary, but sexy” for his online profile.
- Jason’s unenthusiastic “cheese” posing with Graeme’s hat on for Kirk’s little scheme.

- John figuring he’s pushed Fiz into living a double-life. Oh, you think?
- Why would Kirk think that Izzy would be put off by his own photo? His looks aren’t the worst of his problems!
- Natasha’s awkward “Hi!, Hello!” when Nick Tilsley walked into the salon. Her whole flirting with him was just embarrassing to watch!

Overall Episode Rating: 7/10
Drama: 6/10, Humour: 8/10, Classic Corrie: 6/10, Wow Factor: 8/10


Billy Niblick said...

I'd just like to say that I think that Natasha is absolutely, deliciously gorgeous. If NuNick had an ounce of sense, he'd get right in there and fill his boots (as folk say round these parts).

Sea Penguin said...

I agree, a wee bit cringey watching Natasha - and no need for it - she needs to get her chin off the floor and kick some ass big time. She can do way better than nuNick.

gadgee said...

Oh why doesn't Natasha just give Graeme a break, instead of chasing slimy, horrible Nick? Graeme *is* "ordinary but sexy." Sort of. I like Natasha, but I've never really forgiven her for knocking Graeme's hat off.
Kirk asked if he could take a photo of Jason with no top on, not without the hat!
I feel so sorry for poor Tyrone, watching him all excited about the baby and knowing it's all gonna go horribly wrong.
Good episode.

Anonymous said...

I hope the writers give the Natasha character MORE to chew on...we hardly know anything about this character who's been on the show now for quite some time!

Aimee said...

Natasha is interesting because of her HORRIBLE taste in men! haha!!
I went through a time in my life when I went for the worst possible matches for me. So I can relate to Natasha. It is cringey to watch because it's so familiar to me! Ouch! LOL


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