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Sunday 25 April 2010

Gay Abandon: Fri Apr 23, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Sorry for the tardiness of this review, it’s wedding-season here and I’ve been tied up all weekend! Here you go!

Written by Julie Jones (7:30) and Stephen Russell (8:30), directed by Dominic LeClerc

Molly is still convalescing in hospital  as Kevin is having trouble drinking his morning tea at home with all the guilt.  The doctor comes in and tells Molly and Tyrone that the baby seems to be fine from the ultrasound, but they will be keeping an eye on her from the rest of her pregnancy.  Tyrone reflects on how their entire future could have just gone in the blink of an eye.  Or the drop of a screw.  At the garage, Kev sees Pam walk by and asks if she’s heard anything.  She tells him she’s got bad news for him:  Molly and the baby are absolutely fine.  Pam figures that Kevin nearly got his way and that all he ever thinks about is himself.  Pam prays to god that Tyrone never finds out about Molvin.  In the hospital, Tyrone tells Molly the police will be there to talk to her.  Molly says she can’t remember much except for Kevin being there when she was put in the ambulance.  She wonders what he was doing there.  Pam comes by to give Molly flowers and see how she is and tears up to see her in the hospital bed paler than usual, eyes more pee-holes in the snow than usual. 

Tyrone tells Molly about what happened when they crashed telling her it was his fault, and she can’t blame Kev.  She looks knowingly at Pam and says that Kev could have killed the lot of them.  Kev appears then and asks after her to which Molly spits that her and the baby are fine – no thanks to him.  Tyrone is in shock at Molly’s anger and tries to calm her down.  When Tyrone goes to get a nurse Molly tells Kev he’s unbelievable and accuses him of sending them out in a broken car on purpose hoping he could get rid of the both of them.  She wants to know if he’s going to put a pillow over her face and finish the job while he’s there.  Kev denies it, but Molly thinks it’s all too much of a coincidence and tells him to save his story for the police.  Tyrone tries to get Molly not to talk to the police about Kev and drop him in it.  Molly softens realizing that telling the truth will ruin Tyrone’s life and hopes and dreams so decides not to go after Kev. 

Kev pulls the curtain and threatens her not to go to the police.  Kev says that she can’t incriminate him without fessing up to “why” he would want her dead.  Molly says she doesn’t care, she’s going to do it anyway.  Tyrone’s back with teas for them, but Kevin storms off without a word.  Tyrone comes by Kev’s and tells him that they told the police it was all a misunderstanding.  Kev looks relieved to hear that news.  He goes to the hospital to thank Molly who admits she didn’t really think he was trying to kill her.  She says she can’t risk it in the future though and tells Kev she wants her and Tyrone to move away from Coronation Street and Kevin just walks away. 

Sophie is still heartbroken over Sian’s rejection of her and the loss of their friendship.  Kevin still insists that she’s grounded after going to Southport butApril-23-2010-Sophie-Lee eventually relents and lets her go see a mate.  When he leaves Rosie wants to know who she’s going to meet and grabs her phone to find that she’s seeing Lee.  Sophie comes down tarted up in Rosie’s clothes and makeup again to meet Lee.  Rosie reckons she looks like a fabulous “mini me” of herself.  Rosie figures she should get her lippy on, get back out there, and show the other “fella” what “he’s” missing.  Lee shows up and sees Sophie. He tells her he was dead surprised to see her text.  Oh, he’s only just going to become being confused.  Sophie suggest that they could go bowling and get a kebab first.  Of course, as they head to the doner place, Sian gets off the bus and knocks on the Webster’s door to which Rosie answers and tells her that Sophie’s on a date with Lee.  Sian looks confused when Rosie goes on about how Sophie even tarted herself up for said date.  Sian’s visibly upset to hear this news and it doesn’t get better when she sees Sophie and Lee leave the kebab shop with his arm around her looking like love’s young dream. 

April-23-2010-Sophie-Happy Sophie and Lee are scarfing down their kebabs in the street when she tells him she doesn’t really want to go bowling.  He says neither does he and offers to take her back to his since his parents are out.  Sophie responds that they could go back to hers since her sister is in which wipes the smile off Lee’s face.  Bill walks by and threatens Lee if he does anything to his little princess.  Gee, Lee’s not having a good time, is he?  I hope that kebab was good.  Lee tries to hold Sophie’s hands, but she cringes and pulls away.  On their boring date at home watching Harry Potter, Rosie points out how lame their date is, and mentions that Sian was here and had taken a cab back to Southport.  Sophie perks up and leaves immediately to go to Streetcars leaving Lee on the couch with Rosie.  He tries it on with Rosie but she tells him to get a taxi. 

Sophie spots Sian on a bench.  They look at each other and turn their frowns upside down.  Sophie tells Sian that she still isApril-23-2010-Sophie-Sian confused and Sian tells her now she is too.  Earlier, Bill dropped his keys and Sophie picked them up.  He returns to the yard to look for his keys and hears people in the yard.  He asks if anyone is there, and it’s Sophie and Sian who try to stay hidden so Sophie messages him that she’s found his keys and will bring them home soon.  Sophie tells Sian how gross Lee was and how they only went on a date since Ryan told her that he and her were getting back together.  Sian says there’s no chance of that happening.  Sian tells Sophie that she doesn’t fancy women – it’s just not what she thinks about.  Sophie tells her that she thinks about her.  Sian tells Sophie she missed her and they kiss again.  Sophie wants to know if their kiss means they’re going out.  Sian has to leave and says she feels weird and wonders if it’s how she’s supposed to feel like.  Sophie gives her her bracelets back.  Sian wonders if they should say anything but Sophie thinks it’s no one else’s business. 

Oh, isn’t he a sight for sore-eyes?  Eddie Windass coming down in his dressing gown, vest and y-fronts.  Good grief, I’m glad I wasn’t eating when I watched this.  Our blogger seapenguin points out how clean they look now since their last appearance.  The things they manage to get Steve Huison to do!  Anna has woken up April-23-2010-Eddie-Y-Fronts with a headache and figures she’d be nuts adopting a child since she can’t handle the one she’s got.  She’s upset that Gary’s been lying to them, but Eddie says they don’t know anything until they get in touch.  Eddie’s even rung Len, but he’s still on holidays.  He doesn’t strike me as the kind of man who takes holidays.  Eddie decides to check out Gary’s old mates from school.

Anna is getting upset as Roy continues to ask her about Gary’s military training.  Eddie comes into the cafe and tells her that he’s left no stone unturned, which is very appropriate considering what Gary’s friends are like.  All Eddie can think about is a sausage sandwich after all his searching.  The sergeant major is calling Anna again and making threats.  She asks the sergeant if there’s been something going on they don’t know about.  The sergeant tells Anna that Gary’s in big trouble when he shows up – he’s going to get court marshalled.  Well, going AWOL from the army is a criminal offence.  I’m sure that was outlined in the brochure package, no?  In the fine print perhaps?    Eddie’s more concerned with his cheese that’s gone missing over Gary gone missing at the moment and Anna shouts at him to ring Len again. 

After Ken gets out of the house and away from Deirdre and Liz’s banter about men’s bums and accents, he runs into John Stape in the street.  John tells KenApril-23-2010-Deirdre-Liz how he’s gotten a job as an admin for a furniture company and Ken’s delighted for him.  Deirdre and Liz fall out of No.1 and Deirdre tells Ken to get home immediately since she’s just come face-to-face with a mouse!  Apparently the mouse was eating Liz’s handbag and she has no idea why.  That’s because mice like to eat leather.  Don’t ask me how I know that.  Ken’s put the traps down but Deirdre won’t sleep knowing that the mice are running around her house with “gay abandon” and has even secured her trouser legs shut with some elastic bands. 

April-23-2010-Deirdre-Trousers Later, Steve finds Ken hiding out in the smoking yard with his book fancying a bit of peace and quiet.  What about the library?  Certainly the air quality has to be better there.  Steve figures he’ll take a piece of that peace and quiet since he never gets much himself.  He’d not have it any other way!  Ken talks about how much he enjoyed being locked in the attic without any Deirdre, just him and the mice – like a different world.  I hope he didn’t enter into an old wardrobe up there or perhaps an “Julie Drawers.”  Later, Ken suggests to Deirdre that they turn the attic into a loft.  Deirdre hates how Ken always makes her the boring one and tells him that it’s not going to happen, since they’re skint, and she can’t stand the mess. 

Emily brings Audrey into the Kabin and tries to reunite these sour-faced friends.  Audrey suggests a drink, but Rita doesn’t accept so Audrey leaves.  EmilyAPril-23-2010-Rita-Audrey chastises Rita for being rude and tells her that Audrey’s in a worse way than she’s let on.  Emily says it’s not a time for her to shun and abandon Audrey.  Rita feels awful now from Emily’s guilt.  Lewis enters the salon later to visit Audrey and asks her out on Thursday.  Rita comes in later and asks if she can make a hair appointment, then asks about Gail.  Finally!  The ice has thawed.  Another successful reuniting courtesy of Emily Bishop and a spot of guilt!   Emily comes in to the pub saying that Norris has driven her to drink since she can’t understand how difficult it is for someone to pack a suitcase.  


- I like the sisterly camaraderie between Rosie and Sophie, it’s fun and cute.  Somehow the best acting that Helen Flanagan gives us. 

- Eddie Windass in his underpinnings!  Yech!

- Team Pam for giving Kev the dressing down, again!  This should happen daily.

- Deirdre and Liz having tea together.  It’s nice to see Liz and the zigzag necklace outside the pub for a change! Also, their conversation about Russian ballet dancers and their chunky little bums (“like two ferrets fighting in a sack”) while Ken’s trying to read his book. 

- Deirdre and the elastic bands around the ankles of her trousers!  Haha, that’s a bit much but it’s hilarious. 

- Did anyone notice the young lady in the bed beside Molly in the hospital pretending not to overhear Molly accusing Kev of killing her and her baby?  That was funny. 

- Eddie reckoning that social workers are the British version of the Stasi.

- I can’t get over how identical Becky and Liz look!


- Kevin calls the hospital to ask about Molly and the baby.  Too little, too late. 

- Ken and Steve complaining about no peace and quiet.  Puh-lease, they wouldn’t have it any other way!

- I know he’s a bit of a skid, but did anyone feel even a little sorry for no-action Lee? 

Overall Episode Rating: 8/10

Drama: 8/10, Humour: 9/10, Classic Corrie: 7/10, Wow Factor: 6/10


Anonymous said...

It's a bit hard to feel sorry for Lee. A bit too smarmy and greasy and not bright. Sure he's a teenage lad with a one-track mind but he could've put a bit of effort in.

Even if Sophie wasn't besotted with Sian (and had an interest in guys) he'd have had no chance.

Loved Bill in this episode BTW for his 'over-protective grandad' speech and that stuff about freud and psychology with kev!

gadgee said...

Very strong episodes, stories unfolding nice and naturally, and all good character-based stuff - Emily being a star as usual, Ken and Steve in the yard, Deirdre and Liz's chitchat, and Sophie and Sian. So far I think their story is being handled very well.
I did feel a bit sorry for Lee, bless him. And what a cheek Rosie had, saying she's out of his league - I think he's gorgeous! Forgive my ignorance but what's a skid?

Yoork said...

@ Anon - I loved Bill too, should have had a ment

@ Gadgee - Just a short for "stupid kid" s-kid. It doesn't mean he's stupid necessarily, just with cheap intentions more or less. Kind of like "young dumb, and full of..." Well, you get the picture!

Yoork said...

Oh, and PS. I thought he was kinda cute too and pretty much exactly Rosie's type.

Sea Penguin said...

I too can see Lee and Rosie as an item! but I suspect Rosie might be heading for older-man-trouble soon. I thought the attic conversion/mouse sub-plots were great, with Dierdre tying elastic round her trousers. Steve and Ken's "moment" was terrific too. And Bill/Freud/Kevin also excellent. Great stuff all round really.

Billy Niblick said...

Erm... Becky & Liz aren't "identical". They look a bit alike, but they defintely ain't identical.

As you were.

Anonymous said...

Naw, Rosie wouldn't date Lee. He's no footballer and he's not rich and that equals to not her type.

Anonymous said...

Go Team Pam. Kate Anthony never disappoints and as you say, she should be on every day.


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