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Tuesday 13 April 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, April 12 2010

Greetings fellow Corrie fans and welcome to another weekly update freshly scraped up from the cobbles. Without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

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It’s all going on in the Rovers this week when Peter plans to propose to Leanne but she gets the wrong end of the stick and reckons he’s having it away with busty Michelle. Peter? Having two women on the go at one time? Not this time, no. But by the time Leanne’s lost her temper with Peter, bitched at Michelle and thrown a wobbly, Peter doesn’t feel like going down on one knee as he’d planned. It doesn’t take Leanne long to realise her mistake and she proposes to Peter instead, down on one knee in the Rovers. “I will if you will,” Peter tells her. “Me an’ all,” she replies. I think that’s a yes, then. Ooh, this’ll mean that Janice and Deirdre’ll be in-laws. Can’t wait to see their wedding hats, can you?

Also in the Rovers, Leanne’s old mate Cheryl arrives and Lloyd’s eyes pop out of his head. He’s in lust, deep, deep lust and when he finds out that Cheryl works as a stripper, well he’ll think all his birthdays have come at once. When Teresa finds out what’s going on, well, that’s a different thing entirely.

“When you used to tell Norris you were out at the shops doing a monthly price check on the local competition,” says Eileen to Rita, in full frontal ear-shot of Mary in the Kabin, “…you were really upstairs having a bath with the radio on, keeping out of Norris’ way when he got on your nerves.” Rita tittered, nervously, because Norris wasn’t supposed to know that. It was a good job he wasn’t there then, he was out doing his monthly price check on the local competition.

Rita was good this week, by ‘eck she was. She realises that Lewis has come between her and Audrey and makes the first step towards making amends by telling Lewis she can’t see him any more. He kisses her hand and waves au revoir. And then he slithers across the road to Audrey and tells her he’s decided not to see Rita anymore. Well, Audrey rubs this in Rita’s face as fast as you can say gigolo-a-go-go and what does Saint Rita do? She does nowt. She keeps her mouth shut and her thoughts to herself. For now.

Poor Janice though. This week she had a fish and chip supper ready for a night in with tasty Trev the trash man. But Trev was nowhere to be seen, not by Janice anyroad. He’s only been in bed with Carla Connor. After a few drinks on the town she lured him back to her flat and my god, we saw into her boudoir and it wasn’t what I’d have chosen myself. It was garish, it was gold, there was even brocade. Not a good look. Did she miss the call to chuck out her chintz?

John drags Fiz to a farewell party for one of his ex-teaching colleagues, Colin Fishwick who’s moving to Canada. Well, his ex-wife Glenda (great name and one shared by the receptionist in the medical centre on Rosamund Street) left him for the fella at WeightWatchers. Before they leave the party, John nicks Colin’s ID so he can get back into teaching using someone else’s name. It takes a while for John to wear Fiz down enough for her to give in and agree it’s a good idea (it’s not) and that John’s worth more than working in the caff (he’s not). Ffff….. for heaven’s sake, Fiz, wake up and smell the “my name’s Fishwick, Colin Fishwick” deceit. And so John heads back to the teaching world he says he loves so much and the three Rs: reading, writing and ripping off fake IDs.

This week, Sophie and Sian shared a kiss. Well, they not so much shared it but Sian suffered it while Sophie kissed her. They’d fallen out over Ryan who’d come on to Sophie and tried to kiss her. When Sophie told Sian, Sian didn’t believe that Ryan would do such a thing and so the friends stopped speaking to each other and then they made up and hugged a bit and then hugged a bit more and Sophie thought a kiss on the lips would be a good idea but Sian wasn’t keen and scarpered off to Southport. Sophie follows her and Sian tells her she wants nothing to do with Sophie and her kisses and hugs and Sophie returns home in tears. Kev’s at a loss to understand his daughters, especially Rosie, who’s taken up with the fella who works on the Weatherfield County burger van, and isn’t, as Rosie thought and hoped, a Weatherfield County footballing star. It’s his fallen arches to blame, they’ve a lot to answer for.

And finally this week, Steve and Becky go to a meeting to learn more about adoption. Anna and Eddie Windass are there too and both couples wonder if they’d be allowed to adopt. Can you adopt if you smoke? (Becky), live in a pub? (Steve) or are an older lady? (Anna). The answers to all questions were yes, you can.

Coronation Street writers this week were Damon Rochefort, Jonathan Harvey, Debbie Oates and Peter Whalley. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team.

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Anonymous said...

I find it really hard to believe that someone who has served time in prison (Steve) more than once would be allowed to adopt.


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