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Tuesday 27 April 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, April 26 2010

Ahoy me hearties and welcome aboard the good ship Weekly Update. If you start to feel sea-sick, just put your head between your knees and whistle up your gang plank. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

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The big story this week has been Molly and Tyrone’s car crash. There they were, in the middle of nowhere on a country lane, upside down in a smashed up car and before you know it, two fire engines and an ambulance arrive quick-sharp after Tyrone struggles out of the car and flags down a woman who calls 999. Molly’s rushed to hospital where she and the baby are going to be fine and Kevin hangs around the ward like an unwashed bedpan that’s due in the sluice. When Molly gets discharged from th’ospital (and does anyone else miss Nurse Martin Platt?) she tells Tyrone she wants to move away from Weatherfield. Go on then, Molly, shift yerself. Just leave our Tyrone where he is.

For a middle-aged fella in a cardigan, Lloyd does a decent job of chatting up Cheryl the stripper. That is, until Teresa the girlfriend comes into the cab office and puts a dampner on things, asking about the whereabouts and thereabouts of the missing Fat Brenda.

Oh, come on Corrie, we HAVE to meet this woman. I bet she’s really thin; it’s like Curly, who wasn’t.

Big “Eugh!” moment of the week came when Eddie Windass appeared at the foot of his stairs in his y-fronts and vest. At least they looked clean. He and Anna are fretting over Gary who’s gone AWOL but what they don’t know yet is that Gary’s in the shed. David finds him hiding and the two of them share a beer and crisps in the Platt kitchen where talk turns to mothers and which one of the two lads is the most grown-up, or not. “You’d still be on the breast if she let yer,” Gary tells David. There’s a disturbing truth in that statement that hits David hard and he lays into Gary before throwing him out to go AWOL back in the SHED.

Big “Haha!” of the week came from the Barlows where Deirdre’s made hummus. Hummus! I know! Deirdre! “I’ve gone all sophisticated and continental,” she tells Liz before finding out they’ve got mice in the hice. And that was the cue for comedy trouser time as Deirdre put elastic bands around the bottom of her trousers to stop the mice running up her trouser leg. Ken just laid traps and poison which was much less fun to watch.

Big “Aww!” moment of the week came when Sian and Sophie made up and decided they were going out with each other even if it felt weird and they didn’t know whether to make their relationship public, or not. It’s sweet, it really us.

Another couple of female friends back on track are Rita and Audrey, where in a lovely moment Rita came into the salon to see her friend and book an ‘air appointment. The camera angle was such that we saw Rita in the salon mirror so it appeared Audrey had her back to her friend as Rita delivered her apology. Magical stuff. Mind you, Audrey’s fluffy head has been turned by Lewis who tells her she’s the special one and he’s off the meter with her from now on, she no longer has to pay for his attention and time. Rita’s wise to Lewis’ game, she knows he’s a bad ‘un but will Audrey listen? Like as not, no.

And finally this week, Norris and Mary go to Bronte Country in the motorhome with Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights singing them off the Street. Once they’re cosied up in their cottage on the moors, they set to comping but first there’s dinner and Mary cooks up a storm for Norris to eat with spicy chorizo sausage ‘Toad in the Ol√©!’ She confuses Norris when she tells him she had to do a spot of laundry while cooking dinner because “my brassiere got soaked right through.” She’s a marvel, is Mary, but Norris doesn’t seem to have noticed that yet.

Coronation Street writers this week were Joe Turner, Julie Jones, Stephen Russell, Chris Fewtrell and Simon Crowther. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team.

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Anonymous said...

On the subject of Sophie/Sian,

on the digital spy message board, I found a link to a hilarious 'outsider's' view of coronation street & re-cap of Sophie's recent storyline:


Best lines: "they go inside and probably have tea, because there is an inordinate amount of tea on this show."


"In Weatherfield, when people need to talk about their feelings, they sit outside on park benches, so Sophie and Sian do that."

Yoork said...

I can't stand how they're going to make Mary crazy. I liked her slightly off-white attitude. Alas.


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