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Wednesday 14 April 2010

John Stape - aggressive narcissist

I know I'm one of a tiny handful on the planet/solar system, but I always liked John Stape. Which is why the present storyline is really gutting me. It's going further West than the Lone Ranger and Tonto. And it's got more holes than Stan Ogden's vest. (boom boom). It's even got more holes than the Joe-fakes-own-death storyline, and THAT'S a heckuvva lorra holes.

Others have already mentioned the National Insurance number hole, and the Coronation Street address hole. And there's the overwhelming, 'why on earth would John shoot himself in the foot like this anyway?', hole. He's risking his own and Fiz's liberty.
Is John, with his Keats obsession, his uni. education and his PG teaching diploma that he keeps banging on about, so dreadfully, mind-numbingly thick, that he really, truly believes that using a fake ID to teach along the road in Rochdale or Barnsley is a foolproof plan? Give us a break. For one thing, it's hardly any distance away, and for another, teachers have to attend training days and conferences, etc.. He MUST know that he will inevitably be spotted. What are you going to do John? Grow a massive Fishwick-style 'tache, and wear sunglasses? How about a balaclava? Better to do a TEFL course and try Outer Mongolia, John.
Also, before he even gets NEAR the Rochdale/Barnsley stage, isn't it likely that Fishwick will notice that all his personal papers have been half-inched, and just maybe report it to the cops?
Personally, I don't think that John IS thick. I don't tend to think he's pushing the old self destruct button, either. No. I think it is blindingly obvious that he has a serious personality disorder. He seems to tick all the boxes for the diagnosis "aggressive narcissist". Plus, his eyes have developed a creepy, disturbing glint behind those specs. Things can only get worse.
Maybe a way forward for his character would be for him to go into therapy? After he's nicked, that is. Whatever - Fiz and Chesney need to get out of there, fast.


Rosie said...

Not to mention his atrocious short-term memory, resulting in an entire episode which must have consisted of the following script -
John: I just don't see where it could go wrong.
Fiz: I can think of lots of reasons.
John: Seriously, can you give me one reason why not?
Fiz: yes. You'll go to prison.
John: But it can't go wrong.
Fiz: Yes it can.
John: I've thought about it from every possible angle.
Fiz: Illegal... prison... zzzzzzz
John: Well... it'll all be fine. I've applied anyway to who cares what you think.

And continue, ad infinitum.

Anonymous said...

John's storyline is absolutely dire IMO, so many flaws and the tedious going round in circles scenes with Fiz reminded me of all the Steve/Becky 'drama' we have had recently.

I really dislike Stape, but I think I could have liked him if they hadn't given him such stupid storylines which make him look about as intelligent as Kirk. Maybe he is mentally ill, at least that would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Mental illness - even on this level can be overlooked. Why? Because they can be so subtle, you don't know they're doing it. How do I know? I'm the second hand victim of someone with complex histrionic narcissistic personality... it's only when the damage has been done do you look back and put the pieces together to realise whats actually happened. Stape will trap Fizz mentally so that she'll see his plan as 'ok' and she's just as much a victim as he is guilty for allowing his consuming passion for teaching to overwhelm him.
John Stape will do *anything* to teach and if that means stealing identities, hurting peoples feelings and going behind backs, then he'll do that. No other job is worthy of him doing... he only tolerates the cafe because it's a place to think.
Eventually, it will all crash and burn around him and he'll see the damage thats been done, but, it's way too early in the storyline...

abbyk said...

I agree with the mental illness idea. It's the only way out of this convoluted mess.

I like John. I like the way John and Fiz delight in each other's company. I liked the way Ches and Sophie adored him as a teacher, and how Ches has come back around to respecting his sister's choice. I like having an professional on the street to give a bit of flavor to the mix of shop keepers and laborers.

We were led to believe that John had reformed, but this plan is completely irrational and illogical. I hope there is a good explanation, such as the onset of illness, and that John gets help soon. He's too smart to be this stupid.

I hate when they suddenly drop a storyline, like Hayley's son Christian, but in this case, I hope they find a magic pill and make it go away.

Dilly Daydream said...

Seapenguin, you're not alone, I like John Stape too - at least I did but I don't like this storyline at all.

Why couldn't they just let him be "normal"? He's such a nice bloke when he's just "normal".

Walzing Matilda said...

I like John too, but I think he may be slightly autistic, that is the only explanation of this mad behaviour. Fiz did an amazing u turn as well (rather like Rita's over Lewis), one minute she said it like it was a totally impossible feat - the next after a bit of whistfullness from Diedre in the Rovers, she is happy to go along with it - dah! John is bound to be caught as sure as night follows day and then I suppose he will be written out - shame, I would have like to see him in other stores - joining Trev on the dustcart for example.

Sea Penguin said...

I would have liked to see a normal John as well, Dilly. I think it could have been interesting to see if he ever found life beyond the teaching profession, whether working on the bins or as a writer - whatever. But it's too late for that now. Sniff!

Glenda Young said...

I hate John Stape, me. Get rid, Fiz!

Tvor said...

I don't think Fiz is happy to go along with it, but she's convinced he'll never be happy if he doesn't teach. They've totally ruined Fiz imo, and i hate Stape, always did. If he's got a mental illness, he's certainly always shown symptoms. First jumping in the sack with Rosie and then blaming *her* for all his problems and sticking her in an attic for 5 weeks. After all, what could go wrong? Doh.

I hope for once, Fiz gets a backbone and outs John to the police and gets rid for good. She's so much better than this.


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