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Tuesday 27 April 2010

Special Friend: Mon Apr 26, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Chris Fewtrell (7:30) and Simon Crowther (8:30), directed by Durno Johnston

Tyrone is anxiously packing Molly’s suitcase at the hospital awaiting their return home. Molly tells Tyrone she wants to leave Coronation Street because of all the bad memories it holds. She wants a fresh start for their family. Tyrone, for the second time ‘round, isn’t happy about a move. Tyrone tells Molly that they’reApril-26-2010-Moly staying put, then puts his feet up. Tyrone tells Kev how Molly wants to move to Chester again. Kev says if he could choose, he knows where he’d go. Tyrone tells him he should move then. Yeah, why doesn’t he? Kevin basically does all he can to encourage Tyrone to move with Molly to Chester. Later, Tyrone tells Molly how Kev seemed like he couldn’t just wait for him to go and that he must want him rid. Molly tells Ty to stuff Kev, all they need is what they’ve got. Tyrone begins to change his opinion on them moving and looks at Vera’s old chair reckoning that it’d be depressing if they died there, and Molly notes it’d be depressing if they lived there. Tyrone fantasizes about his new home: it’ll have a white door, grass in front, and a neighbour named Brian who comes ‘round all the time cause they’re mates. Yeah, just don’t introduce Molly to this Brian. I know he’s just made-up, but I wouldn’t put it past her.

April-26-2010-David-Natasha David’s finally back at work sweeping up hair. He’s not doing a very good job since Audrey reckons she can see a “clump” of Emily Bishop and she’s not been in for a week. Audrey cuts hair in clumps? Something was rather funny yet eerily gross about that exaggeration. Natasha comes in and wants to know if Nick mentions her, but Audrey says he hasn’t. David finds Lewis’ little black book and Audrey immediately snatches it back leaving Natasha and David to tease her over her “special friend.” Rita arrives for her appointment and Audrey shushes out Natasha and David so they can talk about Lewis in private for some peace and quiet. Lewis calls and Rita’s got a face on her. Rita asks Audrey if she’s still seeing Lewis and Audrey tells her yes. Audrey defends Lewis but Rita tries to warn her again so they agree to differ.

Alone in the salon later, Audrey spies Lewis’ black book and her curiosity gets the best of her. She looks at notes for otherApril-26-2010-Audrey-Book clients, items like likes and dislikes and what kind of tippers they are. She then begins to look very grave as she’s probably reading her own page. They didn’t show it, but it probably goes something like this: “Audrey Roberts: One Hot Mess.” Lewis comes a knockin’ and isn’t welcomed with a smile. Lewis suggest they get a drink at the Rovers since he has time, and Audrey asks how much that’ll set her back. It appears he’s noted that she’s only an “average tipper.” Ouch! She hands him his book and gives him the boot telling him she’s going to end their little arrangement. Lewis does his best win Audrey back but she’s resigned. He won’t leave her distressed ignoring her pleas to leave and kisses her passionately winning her back like *that.* Lewis makes it out that he’s also falling for Audrey and he doesn’t want her to be a client anymore. Now that that’s sorted, Audrey is making fun of all the other pathetic women in Lewis’ diary including Rita. Audrey wants to go for a drink to celebrate their coming together, but Lewis reminds her he’s got an “appointment.” She requests that he come by for a booty call coffee at hers later to which he agrees to. Audrey meets Rita later who inquires about the smile plastered across her face.

April-26-2010-Audrey-Lewis-kiss Lewis is on his next date with a divorcee complaining about her husband and nattering at the waitress over her dirty glass of wine. I suppose he’d rather be with Audrey right now. He arrives at Audrey and tells her how insufferable his appointment was. Audrey exclaims, “I am a gigolo, get me out of here” to which Lewis corrects her and says “escort.” You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

Norris is biding time shuffling the magazine rack around when he should be packing for his trip to Bronte Country. Norris even tries to use leaving Rita in the shop as an excuse not to go on holiday with Mary. Emily reminds him that he can’t cancel a trip on Mary TWICE. Norris tells them how Mary is a dear friend but lets her emotions get away with her and he doesn’t want to become the victim of said emotions. Emily and Rita encourage Norris to enjoy the free holiday and the beautiful country with it’s fresh air. Norris points out that fresh air did nothing for the Bronte sisters who were all dead by forty. He makes a good point – not.

They’re packing up the RV and Mary regales Emily and Norris with tales of the workings and non-workings of the RV April-26-2010-Scary-Marylavatory. Just delightful. Emily sees the pair off as Norris tries to dig his heels in. As they get in the car, Mary turns on the music and somewhat sings along to a song with the lyrics, “possess you.” They arrive at the cottage and Mary just revels in the splendid isolation, and we all know how Norris feels about that. Oh, I could do for a week away in a country cottage myself – even if I have to wake up to Scary Mary. I might be completely out of line here, but why doesn’t Norris just come out and tell Mary he has no romantic inclinations towards her? Norris is upset to find that he has no phone reception on his mobile and the nearest phone is a pay-phone down the road quite a bit. Mary surprises him with a romantic candlelit supper which doesn’t alleviate any of his anxiety. Finally, Norris relaxes when Mary produces the competitions she’s brought for them to complete on their holiday. They share memories by the wood stove and Norris feels it’s time for bed and wishes her goodnight and he’ll see her in the morning. Mary tries to keep him awake, but Norris is off.

April-26-2010-Sophie Good news for Dev and Sunita – Maria’s house is theirs! Sophie comes in and asks Dev if he’s hiring since she needs a job. Sunita offers stocking shelves for a couple of nights a week. Sophie breaks the news to her dad that she’s got a part-time job since she doesn’t want to sponge off her parents for everything. Kev allows her to take the job as long as her grades don’t slip. At work later, Sunita asks Sophie if everything’s alright now after that “boy” that she got upset over. Sophie says that everything is, eventhough she’s not back with any boy. Sunita is confused and Sophie attributes her recent lift in mood to the fact that she’s seeing her friend, Sian, this weekend.

Well, it looks like Gary’s still AWOL, but he’s definitely not far from home. In fact, he’s jumping fences into his backyard asApril-26-2010-Creepy-David his arch-nemesis, David Platt, reveals himself from behind the clothes-hanger in his own backyard. David asks him what the story is. In Darryl’s old shed, which is now Gary’s fugitive hideout, and the two of them can’t figure out what AWOL really means or what an acronym is. They decide to forget it and have some cans and crisps. It’s not long that David and Gary go from amicable to hostile. They’re both accusing each other of being mummy’s boys and it doesn’t end there. Gary then asks David for his word that he won’t say anything to anyone about him seeing him.

In other news, NuNick manages to blow of Natasha again and she claims he’s got one more chance with her, then he’s blown it. Yeah, we believe her.


- Sophie’s conversation with Sian about what they ate for breakfast. When you’re in love every conversation is a good one.
- Natasha and David rubbing their bodies and “oohing” teasing Audrey over her “special friend.”
- Mary and her “possess you” song moment as they hop into the RV for the off. Creepy, but funny.
- Watching Molly hobble around on her crutches. It just seems so forced that it’s funny.
- Tyrone saying he likes curly fries, since they look like little shock absorbers.
- Molly telling Tyrone that there’s a record on the internet of every webpage he’s ever viewed on there and the guilty look on his face as he tries to blame Kirk
- David creepily swinging the clothes-hanger in the backyard to reveal himself as he catches Gary hiding out in his yard.
- The conversation Becky has with Rita over adoption was quite nice.

- Audrey saying she could see a clump of Emily Bishop on the floor when David was sweeping up in the hair salon. Eww….
- Audrey shoving Rita’s head forward in the stylist chair when she mentions “romantic figures.” That was a bit much, no?
- Mary complaining about the lav in her RV, hand-rinsing her brassiere - this woman needs to tattoo TMI (too much information) across her forehead.
- I felt bad for poor old Audrey realizing she’d fooled herself into a relationship with someone only after her money as a client.
- Mary thinking she looks like Nigella Lawson. On what planet?

Overall Episode Rating: 8/10
Drama: 7/10, Humour: 9/10, Classic Corrie: 9/10, Wow Factor: 7/10


Aimee said...

What a great write - up of tonight's episodes!! You had me laughing all over again. Thanks :)

Old Ena said...

Great episodes yesterday but how cringe making was Audrey and Lewis -yeukk. Is he really after her money, she only has a back street hairdresser and a modest semi, hardly one of the rich list.

Anonymous said...

The song was Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush - a good piece of irony. What's RV?

Rebecca said...

Recreational vehicle. AKA a camper van.

It was Wuthering Heights because they were off to Bronte country!

Llifon said...

Great episodes, featuring Rita heavily. Touched by the scene between Rita and Becky and the ment of Len. Also between Audrey and Lewis when mentioning who she misses: Alf, Alma and Fred. Can I say did Rita's hair look different after it was done?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was cute how Sophie totally overdressed for stacking shelves!

Clare said...

Felt so sorry for Audrey, i have a horrid feeling it's all going to end in tears. Kate Bush in the Camper van made me lol. As did the Nigella and Bra comments.


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