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Saturday 17 April 2010

Just Be Yourself: Fri Apr 16, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Mark Burt (7:30) and Martin Allen (8:30), directed by Ian Bevitt

Tyrone has been busy online and has gotten his baby’s scan video on YouTube. Molly is shocked, since like any woman probably doesn’t want her uterus on the internet. Molly is still adamant about keeping their baby a secret, since her dad doesn’t even know. Tyrone says that Diggory can just go online now. Great way to find out about a grandbaby. How long can Molly keep it a secret for? She’s almost in maternity wear! Plus, at some point if you don’t tell people everyone’s going to think you’ve just gone fat. Molly lets him off for the video, as long as there’s no word to anyone. Of course, Tyrone has selective listening problems and tells Kev immediately and shows him the scan causing some awkward feelings for Kev. Later, Tyrone confides in Molly that he thinks Kev’s strange behaviour is April-16-2010-Kev-Tyronejealousy since Tyrone is getting a boy and Kev only had two girls – it’s a man thing. He thinks that it’d help if they named Kev the baby’s godfather. Molly says the baby’s not even born yet, and they can wait.

Meanwhile, Bill meets with Kev who tells him all about the scan. Bill sets it straight to Kev: “she’s having that kid, end of story.” Kev’s not so sure how he feels since the baby’s on the internet now. Bill tells him that it’s not his problem and to focus on his own life.

Tyrone brings up the idea of Kev being his baby’s godfather sending Kev over the deep-end. Kev says he’s sick of hearing about Tyrone’s baby and doesn’t want to be the baby’s godfather as Tyrone suggested. In fact, Kev wants to dissolve their entire partnership – he wants Tyrone out. Molly comes by and finds out about their row and says she warned Tyrone not to press Kev about it right now. Molly blames the row on Kev having a lot on his plate. Tyrone’s upset and Molly cheers him up by telling him that he can tell all and sundry about their baby now. This immediately turns Tyrone’s frown upside down. Kev can’t get away from this baby now that even the Rover’s isn’t safe since Tyrone is gushing about his baby in there to everyone. Kev can’t help himself and goes into Dev’s to chew Molly out and ask her to have an abortion – again. Seriously? I’d get a restraining order from him at this point. Kev thinks it’s drastic, but he can’t think of a better option. How about a DNA test? The baby COULD be Tyrone’s, then there’s no worries. Molly tells Kev she’s having the baby – end of.

Stapid is excited about his first day at work and figures he should dress “smart but casual” – who cares. Stapid tells a worried Fiz that as long as they stick to their story everything will be fine. Didn’t David say that to Gail not too long ago? That worked out swell. They lie to folk that John’s found an admin job in a furniture factory. Fiz’s situation doesn’t get any better when the factory girls find out about John’s new job from Hayley and she’s put on the spot with everyone asking about furniture employee discounts and all.

Stapid goes into Roy’s to tell Roy about his new job opportunity and how he’ll be ceasing his employment in the cafe. When John tells Roy about his admin job Roy recognizes that it’s a clear departure – career wise, but wishes him every success.

April-16-2010-Fiz-JohnJohn shows up on the school property and looks scarily at the front entrance. A few boys out front mistake his scared look for a pervy leer and accuse him of being just that: a perv. Bryan, John’s colleague, comes by and informs the boy that that weirdo is their new English teacher, Mr. Fishwick and tells the boys to apologize then “do one.” You’ve got to love someone with passion for their work – it’s all about fostering the youth of today. Bryan’s advice for John’s first day: “just be yourself.”

John returns home from his first day in the best mood he’s been in since seeing Rosie on the side back in the day. Fiz tells him how terrible she felt having to lie to people, but John cares nowt for her feelings. He cleary must have some kind of mental illness, as our blogger Seanpenguin suggested. The phone rings and it’s Bryan calling to say that “Colin” has forgotten his mobile and he’s coming by their house in 20 minutes to drop it off – just as Chesney walks in the door from school and plops himself down on the couch. John and Fiz panic until John gives Chesney twenty quid to get out of the house. When Chesney leaves, John says, “right, let’s get rid of John Stape.” I hope the writers say the same thing at some point. Bryan arrives and suggest that they chat about school matters at the cosy little pub at the end of the row. Stapid panics and suggests a bottle of wine at home instead. The bottle’s over, and Julie arrives with a bottle of white wanting to have a drink with the Stapes, only Fiz grabs the bottle from her hastily and slams the door in order to hide her from Bryan. Ouch! Bryan overextends his visit further and indulges in the bottle of white as well. Bryan finally leaves and Fiz can breathe out. John says immediately that that will never happy again. Oh, we’ll see about that. Just how far can Fiz go? April-16-2010-Gary-Anna

Gary Windass is back and surprises an ecstatic Anna in Roy’s. What’s he doing back so early? Anna’s surprised too, and says he could have called since she was planning a soldier’s homecoming for him. Gary tells her they switched their leave days around because of a new intake. Anna is excited that the army has taken her boy and brought back a man. Maybe the army is what MY man needs in that case. Something’s very fishy about Gary’s premature arrival back home. Chesney comes to visit Gary since he’s heard he’s back and Gary looks suspiciously outside when he lets Chesney in. What is he up to?

In the salon, Natasha is nervous for her little hair-date with NuNick. Audrey warns her about trying to change a man (she should know) and Natasha says you don’t April-16-2010-Natasha-NuNickchange men but you can improve them. No, you can’t. Men are “as is.” (so are women, heh) Lewis waltzes into the salon requesting Audrey’s company but Audrey says she’s already got plans with an old “she” friend in town. Lewis figures he’ll just have to pay for her company then and helps himself to her salon chair. Lewis oozes his charm all over Natasha as well as Audrey. Lewis doles out some advice and tells the ladies that “settling down is easy, it’s finding the right woman who’s willing to settle for you.” Oh, I’m not sure all men see it that way. Lewis’s trim is over, so Natasha suggests he have Audrey give him a manicure for a nice therapeutic touch. Lewis extends his mitts and asks Audrey to “transport me to heaven!” Audrey asks him what he’s playing at. NuNick comes in and gets introduced to Lewis. Lewis goes on about the “good ole day's” when he used to manage a Gentleman’s Club but he tells all that he is now semi-retired. NuNick thinks Lewis is a smashing gent. Always takes one fool to fool another. Lewis pays Audrey for her services and they agree to meet again – where no money changes hands. Wow, Lewis must be having a bad month for business or something.

NuNick’s finished with his NuHair, which is exactly the same just a little spikier. The sparks fly between he and Natasha. Literally, she got a shock dusting off a piece of errant hair from his shirt. She ends up charging him anyway, and gives her a tip. She suggests that he could have bought her a drink as a tip and he agrees to be in touch.April-16-2010-Lads-Stunned

Rosie comes into the salon to get her hair did, and her and Natasha talk about boys. They share notes about how Graeme hit on them both and realize that he’s been using the same pick-up lines on the both of them. They decide that Graeme needs to be taught a lesson.

In the Rovers, Kirk is happy he’s gotten a result with Jason’s photo. Izzy, the girl he met online, is coming into the pub soon to meet him. He tells the lads that she thinks she’ll be seeing Jason, and when he doesn’t show up, he’ll go in for April-16-2010-Grame-Rosie-Natashathe kill when she’s all vulnerable. What an idiot. Graeme gets a call from Natasha asking to meet him there for a drink and he’s shocked but tells the lad that he’s a “master” since he thinks his plan worked. Natasha arrives all gussied up and asks Graeme if they shouldn’t sit someone more – intimate and the lads are shocked. Natasha asks Graeme about Rosie and how she’s seen him talking to her. He puts his foot in his mouth by insulting Rosie’s intelligence as she overhears. The girls confront him and as Natasha takes off his cap, Rosie pours a pint over his head.

As Graeme’s is scrubbing the floor clean of ale, Izzy rolls in on her electric wheelchair looking for Kirk/Jason. Kirk sees herApril-16-2010-Izzy and waits for her to realize Jason’s not coming and of course, Jason walks right into the pub. Izzy greets Jason and it’s soon clear that he’s not the man she was supposed to meet. Jason thinks she’s there after the cap that was for sale on eBay. Oh, what a mess. Izzy tells a stammering Kirk that she would have met him since he made her laugh – nothing to do with looks. She thanks him for the wasted journey and tells him to have a nice life as she wheels out of the Rovers. As she rolls out, she almost runs over Gary and they get into a spat. Later, she sees him when she’s waiting for a cab outside Streetcars and they have an amiable chat and it’s clear that there’s something between the two – at least for Izzy.

- Gary’s back! (little yay!)
- I loved Julie’s hairstyle today, also it looks like Janice had been to the salon also. Both ladies looking lovely.
- After Tyrone puts his baby’s scan online Molly asks him what he was thinking. He replies, ‘I weren’t really.” To which she utters, “That’s a surprise.”
- The school boys out front John’s new school calling him a perv for leering at them. Haha, the irony.
- Lewis getting ready for his manicure with Audrey and extending his hands exclaiming, “transport me to heaven!”
- The young men of Coronation Street for not smoking! Yay, it’s such a dirty habit.

- Helen Flanagan’s acting skills as Rosie. How did it get so bad? I know her character of Rosie is supposed to be vapid, but ech.
- The two-bottle turmoil that Stapid put Fiz through with his new colleague coming to visit.
- Kevin requesting that Molly abort her 4.5 month old baby half-way through her pregnancy? Is he nuts?
- Tyrone putting Molly’s womb on the internet? That’s a bit much!
- Natasha fawning over NuNick. Too bad Graeme tried to swindle her and Rosie or she should have given him a chance.
- Kirk’s whole dumb idea for getting Izzy to fall for him backfiring. Gee, didn’t see that coming.
- There really are a lot of idiots on the street this week! As our blogger TVOR analyzes in good detail.
- Eddie and his rude predjudice about a “bird in a wheelchair.” Ugh, that man is so repulsive.

Overall Episode Rating: 6.75/10
Drama: 9/10, Humour: 7/10, Classic Corrie: 5/10, Wow Factor: 6/10


Natalie said...

Ha I loved the "Transport me to heaven!" line :D

Anonymous said...

"Tyrone putting Molly’s womb on the uterus?"
Does anyone proof read these before they post them? They're always so full of typos and spelling mistakes!
Bad form chaps!

Yoork said...

@ Natalie - I know, it was hilarious! Lewis is a snake, but Nigel Havers is great!

@ Anon - I usually do these posts at about 2-3am so sorry if you see any typos. Thanks for the polite reminder, chap.

gadgee said...

Another good episode. I don't like Molly, but I did think 'good on you' when she said "The baby might not be yours, and it might not be Tyrone's, but it IS mine, and I'm keeping it!"
Poor Graeme. He didn't deserve that! Ah well, the lads will have those looks on their faces again before too long, when Graeme actually does start going out with a stunner.

Tvor said...

Agree with gadgee. I don't like Molly any more than i like Kevin these days but Kevin has no right to badger her into getting rid of a baby that might even hold it's own if it was born now.

Glenda Young said...

Anonmyous: yes, the odd typo will slip through now and then and as editor it's my job to stop them, but I'm only human. We all are. Honest.

Anonymous said...

thought izzy was great!A corrie legend in the making.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loving this site and so glad I just happened upon it; really made me laugh out loud at the comments, which I totally agree with, by the way - particularly the ones about Stapid Stape and Helen Flannagan's lack of acting skills as Rosie... my niece cannot stand to watch her trying to act (Rosie is supposed to be a selfish, promiscuous wannabe WAG but that really doesn't come across in Helen's acting... shame, as the character could have been SO much more convincingly conniving in the hands of a better actress...


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