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Friday 30 April 2010

Living Dangerously: Thu Apr 29, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by David Lane, directed by Durno Johnston

Well, Lewis has spent the night on Grassmere as expected and Audrey couldn’t be happier.  Audrey asks if he’d like butter or spread on his toast, and he pulls the  butter from the fridge suggesting they live dangerously to which Audrey replies that she already is to her standards.  With their bellies full of butter, Lewis kisses Audrey and heads of but only after agreeing to meet in in the Rovers later that day for a drink.  Audrey comes in late to work with a smile on her face andApril-29-1010-Audrey-Lewis Natasha immediately notices.  Audrey accuses Natasha, and Michelle who’s in the chair, of being “man mad” and that she’s not like that.  Just as she does Lewis walks on in to tell Audrey she has to “work.”  They agree to go for lunch instead and Lewis is hesitant about being so public with their relationship and Audrey can’t figure why since “everybody knows.”  Perhaps because it hurts his business?  Or they might see Rita in there and she might tell a different story of why her she doesn’t use Lewis’ services anymore?  Nick joins them for a pint and asks how her and Lewis met and Audrey answers that they met at a ‘do.  Well, it’s not a lie.  Rita lets it slip that Lewis had accompanied another woman to said ‘do and Nick thinks it’s interesting that Audrey stole someone else’s boyfriend and wants to hear more.  Audrey and Lewis talk later and Audrey realizes she doesn’t even know where Lewis lives and he says his life is all very boring and lonely.  He leaves and Rita sidles up and tells Audrey she’s fooling everyone but her including herself.  Audrey tells her how Lewis spent the night and Rita reminds her that the man’s a professional.  Audrey insists it’s a normal romantic relationship but Rita tells her she’s a meal ticket.  Rita wonders how Audrey can live with the fact that Lewis is always going to be a gigolo and it’s only a matter of time before a woman who’s younger and richer comes along.  Rita tells her she’s making herself a laughing stock and that they both know this’ll all end in tears. 

Norris awakens in his bed in the cottage to Mary tugging on his ear to awaken him.  Norris tells her of a dream he had of him being Indiana Jones where he’s April-29-2010-Mary-Norris almost going to get crushed to death by a boulder.  And they say dreams don’t mean anything.  Mary brings Norris breakfast in bed and she tells Norris she can see the resemblance between he and Indiana Jones – especially in his new jim-jams. *shudder* Once fully awake Norris gets on the phone to Rita about how obsessed Mary is and how he’s beginning to think she doesn’t sleep at all.  He complains about how Mary kept him up all evening with competitions.  Mary walks in plops down a pile of competitions but Norris tries to avoid it by suggesting a walk but Mary insists that they need to finish their competition entries.  Norris gets ready for his walk and asks if Mary has a map of the area – to which she says she doesn’t.  Norris fears he might get lost on foot so suggest a run out in the motor home instead.  Mary ignores his pleas to leave the cottage and continues dreaming on about potential contest winnings picturing her and Norris travelling the world on free holidays. 

Oh my.  It seems that Norris has fallen on the sleep covered in competitions and Mary slides in and rests his head on her bosom!  The gall – ech.  She wiggles his ear again and he awakens to find himself where he lay and he was having that bad dream again.  Mary tells him that he was being a very naughty boy since it’s been a while since a man has ventured “there” and points to her bosom.  Norris immediately denies venturing there and she calls him silly and offers a sherrApril-29-2010-Anna-Royy.  Norris wants a bath and an early night and hopes for a brand new day tomorrow. 

Anna’s in a state at Roy’s and can’t even manage to toast bread to it’s full golden-browness so Roy asks what’s wrong but Anna only says “sorry” and leaves to cry  in the loo.  Roy suggests she go home and take the day off to have a lie down.  David sees how upset Anna is and calls Gary.  Gary meets up with David in some back alley somewhere when David tells him how upset his mum is.  Since when does David care?  Gary says Len is coming back from holiday so he can’t hide out at his place anymore and needs to move on.  David insists that Gary let his mum know he’s alright but he says he can’t and asks David to keep an eye out for her.

Back on the street David knocks into Anna and she’s in a mood thinking he bumped into her on purpose.  Anna tells him how Gary’s gone missing and and David’s feigns surprise.  Anna can’t understand what goes through young lad’s heads.  

April-29-2010-Natasha NuNick has hired a new barrister for his mum’s case and David snarkily tells him that everyone will give him his credit due for it.  Graeme is there and overhears that Nick is going out with Natasha and is mildly upset at his loss.  The boys try to scare Nick over Natasha reckoning she’s a bunny-boiler that could turn *like that.*  Carla’s got Nick running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off and it looks like he’ll have to cancel his social plans for a second night in a row now.  Looks like he’ll have to cancel on Natasha again.  Natasha’s gutted when Audrey is the one to tell her that Nick can’t make it because of work after she’s waited for him and he never showed.  She better not give him another change or I won’t feel sorry for her anymore.  Natasha goes to Underworld, presumably to see if Nick really is working, or to ask why he stood her up.  She sees him sat in his office with a bottle staring at the ceiling and walks in saying she gets the message figuring he’s hiding away from her.  Natasha can’t understand why he doesn’t want to go on a date with her and admonishes him for how he treated her.  You can’t change a man – don’t try!  She then realizes that he was on speaker phone with a customer after her rant and eats her words then apologizes.  Before she leaves he kisses her and promises to make it up to her. 


- Natasha and Michelle holding in their *gasps* when Lewis comes in and thanks Audrey for “last night” under his breath – to which they heard.

- Graeme jealously warding Nick away from Natasha.  

- Mary telling Norris he’s been a naughty boy since it’s been a while since a man has ventured to her bosom.  Pattie Claire is great!

- NuNick referring to Carla has “wonder woman.”

- Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” playing in the pub as a disappointed Natasha walks in after Nick has cancelled on her again.

- Poor Audrey for letting herself get swept up in Lewis.   


- Mary saying she can see the resemblance between he and Indiana Jones – especially in his new jim-jams.  Yeah, Indiana Jones in one of those fun-house mirrors maybe.

- Norris noting that Chianti sets off his irritable bowel syndrome like none else.  Ugh, more TMI.  Maybe he and Mary were made for each other after all. 

- That smarmy NuNick and the way he treats Natasha.  He’s so slimy!

Overall Episode Rating: 6/10

Drama: 7/10, Humour: 6/10, Classic Corrie: 6/10, Wow Factor: 5/10


Tvor said...

If Gary is staying at Len's, what's he doing skulking around his own house, hiding in the shed and stealing cheese out of the refrig?

How many "One more chances" is Natasha going to give Nick? If he really, really wanted to be with her, he'd make more of an effort.

Has Nick actually been to visit Gail yet? We've not seen it but he could have gone behind the scenes. Off piste as it were.

Sea Penguin said...

Off piste - I like it! Natasha is humiliating herself with nuNick. She needs to get a grip. Mary is in fabulous bonkers form, Norris is coping as manfully as Norris probably can, and I can't wait to see how tonight's episode turns out.

Yoork said...

I can't wait to see what happens to Norris either!

gadgee said...

I'm always sticking up for David, so I love it when he's good. Maybe he feels sorry for Anna because he feels bad about everything he's put his own mother through in the past.

Old Ena said...

The scenes in snowy Bronte Country with Mary and Norris are hilarious, what a couple of fab characters they are. Where is Norris's state of the art mobile that he was quick to take the picture of Audreh and Lewis on? See little Miss Rude Macintire is back, I must be the only one that doesnt like her at all.


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